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  1. Appreciate the advice. I might go ahead and start the hunt now and get it done. Prices are in a decent spot for me and I think you're right. It's never going to bottom out, so I might as well grab it while it's in a range I am happy with.
  2. Hey, I am game. I am actually looking to pick up a TWD #1 and would love some opinions on if I should be looking to buy now, in 6 months, or even further down the road. It's a book on my " I must have it" list, even if the series is done. I too am passing on Captain Marvel 8 unless I see one tomorrow morning at cover just sitting on the shelves. I am not going out of my way to find this book as I have my doubts about the "internet generated buzz" based off what appears to be more rumors. Reaver 1 was a solid read and I actually look forward to seeing how this series pans out long term.
  3. Damn that Walking Dead is tempting. I have a couple books I'm trying to move and if they do, I will be in touch!
  4. Yep. Took this pic when the spider-verse movie launched.
  5. Excellent communication and my book was packed very well. It arrived just as described. Top notch seller here, folks!
  6. First full appearance of the Batwang.
  7. Quick and easy transaction. A real pleasure to work with. Thanks for the book!
  8. Howdy. I’m looking for a raw copy of Monstress #1. I need the second printing as pictured. Looking for a nice raw copy. Please pm me if you have one for sale. Thanks!
  9. Awesome packaging and super quick shipping. Absolute pleasure to do business with. Thanks! ~Casey
  10. I purchased it from Insanity and it arrived today Thanks, Insanity. It was packaged very well!