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  1. Yep. Took this pic when the spider-verse movie launched.
  2. Excellent communication and my book was packed very well. It arrived just as described. Top notch seller here, folks!
  3. First full appearance of the Batwang.
  4. Quick and easy transaction. A real pleasure to work with. Thanks for the book!
  5. Howdy. I’m looking for a raw copy of Monstress #1. I need the second printing as pictured. Looking for a nice raw copy. Please pm me if you have one for sale. Thanks!
  6. Awesome packaging and super quick shipping. Absolute pleasure to do business with. Thanks! ~Casey
  7. I purchased it from Insanity and it arrived today Thanks, Insanity. It was packaged very well!
  8. Agreed. Going to give this a shot and keeping my fingers crossed. I'm an ASM fan, but I have my limits.
  9. Encapsulate, no. Kick? Absolutely. When you open up a sure fire 9.8 and see 9.6...
  10. I’ve got lots of Gwen and very little Miles but I’m slowly buying up more Miles. It helps that my son like the series. I seem to find Gwen more than the others in the wild so maybe that’s why I have so much of her.
  11. I’m holding Morales, Gwen, and Kamala. I’m selling Silk. I’m not sold on Silk and the movie hype may just be that, hype. If they start hiring people then I’ll change my tune on Silk.