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  1. The Great Philadelphia Comic Con

    I’m interested as well, though I need a facilitator more than grading.
  2. Witness at Niagara Falls Comic con?

    I’m curious as well. Need a facilitator more than grading though.
  3. Try Kevlar with Twin Cities for Wizard World Portland. and... stguchi1 with Pioneer Comics for Silicon Valley.
  4. Fan Expo Dallas 2018, April 6-8, Dallas TX

    Famke canceled? That sucks, was hoping to get something signed.
  5. Check with member ’dscott’ ( I just sent him/them a couple books for that show.
  6. Fan Expo Vancouver, November 10-12, 2017

    Anyone taking submissions for this convention? I wouldn’t mind getting a Famke Janssen autograph (raw).
  7. How much is Billy Dee Williams autograph going for?

    You might want to track down New Avengers: Ultron Forever #1. There’s a Hulk variant being swarmed by Ultron.

    Is that with your fee included?
  10. CLOSED

    ...and now... Mark Ruffalo...
  11. CLOSED

    Looks like Sebastian Stan was added, then Elizabeth Olsen dropped out... which is disappointing. Today's big news was they added Andy Serkis. I wonder what his fee is.