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  1. BDaddyDogg

    Looking For Help For Fan X Salt Lake

    Try contacting @Kevlar he’s got this listed as one of the shows he’s attending.
  2. BDaddyDogg

    John Byrne Coming To Fan Expo Canada

    Kevin, thanks for working so hard on this and keeping us up to date!
  3. BDaddyDogg

    John Byrne in Boston

    At the moment, there are still a lot of details being worked out. There’s a strong chance John Byrne won’t allow for grading, @Kevin Boyd is the man in the know about the actual show. Currently, I believe @dscott is listed as attending/facilitating the convention. Hope that helps.
  4. At the moment, I’m not aware of anyone going as I was curious too. @Kevlar is tentatively planning to go, but not official yet.
  5. Try Scott’s Collectables out of the UK. They seem to be pretty legit, though I’ve never personally used them... yet. They have a Facebook page, and a website so you can check them out. Their email is They may not be attending the show, but may have partners or know who is. Good Luck.
  6. Check with @Kevlar. Mark Ruffalo was supposed to attend Rhode Island Comicon last year, but ultimately cancelled. I get the impression Kevlar has been trying to schedule a potential signing, but things like Avengers Infinity War & Avengers 4 filming have made that difficult.
  7. Check with @Par2ch about the Raleigh Supercon. The others, no idea.
  8. Try @dscott. Terrificon isn’t on his thread/schedule of shows that ComicSketchArt is attending this year. However on the CSA website, Terrificon is listed as a show for which they will be accepting submissions.
  9. BDaddyDogg


    Looks like she cancelled her appearance at All-Star Comic Con.
  10. BDaddyDogg


    Link doesn’t seem to work.
  11. BDaddyDogg


    Is anyone facilitating this one?
  12. If it’s signed, then you’re out of luck. If you need it signed, try contacting One Stop Comic Shop (online). They are heading to the Raleigh Supercon (late July) where Alice will be attending. I’m not sure if they have contact in the CGC forums, but I emailed them from their website, got a prompt reply. Good Luck.
  13. BDaddyDogg

    Comicpalooza -- May 25-27, 2018 (Houston, TX)

    Looks like Joe Manganiello canceled.