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  1. This buffoon bid several times over a period of 4 days on my X-Men 94 auction, won, and then immediately messaged me asking me to sell to next highest bidder. I responded asking why, and reminded him a bid is a binding contract, and he just responded with exactly the same comment "please sell to next bidder"..didn't even bother with an excuse. Block this tool, user name is: brandopeet_0
  2. Truth. October is being modest, Andy was the KING of finding incredible eBay bargains...these whippersnappers have no idea! My 2 best ever: 1) Late at night about 9 years ago I was looking at auctions ending and saw an auction with a fuzzy pic of a Star Wars #1 with the title simply stating "old Star Wars comic" from a seller with almost no feedback. There were like 2 minutes left and I zoomed in and saw it was the 35-cent variant, couldn't tell condition at all from fuzzy pic but I thought what the was at like $12.00 so nobody else had figured it out...I bid $1,000 with 10 seconds left and was high bidder at under $20...then with 1 second left somebody else figured it out and jacked my bid up to $700 but I still won. Wasn't quite the huge steal I thought I was going to get but even if it was beat up, still a solid buy. When I got it I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually really nice despite a bunch of dents and bends. Gave it to Joeypost to press and it came back a 9.0 which I sold for $3,900. 2) Also about 10 years ago I found another fuzzy late-night auction with a beat-up looking Hulk #1 listed in modern comics. Took a chance and won at $800, received it and it looked pretty decent. After Joeypost once again worked his magic it came back a 3.0 and it's sitting in my collection today!
  3. I hate liars like this dirtbag seller. Spent a few minutes looking at the books he has sold...every single one was VERY recently purchased on eBay. Not all were slabbed, found this one. When he bought it: When he sold it: I love how he turns up the lightness so high on the back scan that you can scarcely see the tear on the upper right and that was so obvious in the pics from the auction he bought it from. What a tool...I think we should bombard him with annoying messages about his "original owner collection"
  4. We should all bombard him with questions... 1) If I have the missing piece, do I still have to pay you $25K for the comic? 2) I'm a representative for JC Lee, what questions would you like to ask? 3) If I give you the missing piece, how much will you pay ME? The possibilities are endless
  5. Don't know what to say about this $25K listing on eBay for a Hulk 181 with a large piece missing from back cover...not sure if he's trying to sell, or wants to fix it as if it's a puzzle? A lot going on here...enjoy!
  6. I read them, but anything debating my price or the validity of their generous offer is ignored. I will, however, sometimes lean towards accepting a borderline offer if they say something like I had this issue as a kid, I need it to fill a hole in a run and don't plan on reselling it, etc...
  7. I remember the thread...I'm thinking 10+ years ago. At that time, I am pretty sure he said he had recently came across the boxes in a gas station out in the desert somewhere. I remember lots and lots of pictures of minty FF48's and other 1966 Marvels. We all went nuts. He did sell a bunch on eBay, like others I bid on several and lost every time. I also remember he got crazy and had blow-ups with a few boardies, I believe he made some threats or something. Is that thread too old to find?
  8. much fun looking through all these, thanks for taking the time to upload all the pics! Just curious, why so many multiples on some issues?
  9. Loved it back in the 80's when it was the "eBay" of the time. Sold most of my original collection with a series of ads when I was a sophomore in college...actually have a copy of the last ad I placed, and a pic of that issue of Comic Buyers Guide!
  10. Hilarious. He's also listed it twice, with two different BIN prices But for more entertainment, check out his other listings at bargain prices...including a painting with a BIN of $1.5 million that he claims was the inspiration for the Disney "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride. Here's an awesome quote from the listing: " I have studied Thurl Ravens face from this I’ve determined that he was the model for this first Captain Jack Painting! He was also used as a model in the talking head in the Haunted Mansion which was verified by a him admitting this on a Disney movie video! This is a one of a kind theme park prop painting of what i " "believed" to be the first "Captain jack Sparrow" titled " Captain one eyed Jack" what appears to be from the first Disneyland 1967 Pirates of the Caribbean ride!,
  11. WOW!!!! Always a thrill to set GPA record lows with your purchases...sadly I've set more as a seller!