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  1. Probably the Action #1 since Superman #1 is basically a reprint book. I am a Superman fan but I have never understood why a #1 is worth more than a Batman #1 with it having the first Joker and Catwoman. Superman #1 copies a bunch of previously used images and stories. Action #1 even coverless is still the first appearance so would lean that way and piece together my Superman #1
  2. It is still for sale on comiclink ... and I don't see where it actually sold in completed for Superman #1 on Ebay. $29456 minimum bid on comiclink currently.
  3. I am looking for a centerfold and covers but glad to have what I have. I should have bought all of this coverless stuff 10 years ago when no one wanted it!
  4. Clarkkentdds ... you beat me to it. I think he is referring to that one. I thought that was a pretty strong price for being married and all the doodles on the back and chunky front and that.
  5. Great dealing with Dat. No problems at all. Prompt and safe shipping on an expensive book.
  6. Hmmm yea ... drop of peeled model glue under the cello kind of an easy tell lol.