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  1. Thank you so much...my friend and I found a computer print out where my son had written numbers by each series name...we think that is the ones he owned but not sure.
  2. I am need of advice from all of y'all. My only child, my son, died in car accident 19 years ago at 18yrs. Old. I am just now able to go through his comic book collection, which was his life until his death. They have been stored in an extra bedroom in my home so they have been kept safe with climate control. It appears they are dc and marvel collections, mostly Spider-Man, x-men, captain America and the like. He was a huge spider-man collector...his hero! All, I mean ALL his comic books he had in plastic sleeves with the backer board stuff...sorry I'm not savvy with comic book info. And all in those long cardboard boxes with lids for comics. There must be 1000s of comics, comic book cards in notebooks, action figures in boxes unopened....help? I'm quite sure I could be taken advantage of due to my ignorance so I prayed and here I am. I started buying my son comic books when he was 4 and thus it began. On special occasions I would purchase a SPECIAL comic book..always spider-man. I think the most I paid was $100.00 in the 80s and that was from working extra jobs...yea I was not wealthy by any means...what am I saying? I'm still not! Any advice would be greatly appreciated and please be gentle as this is soooo difficult for me. Thank you.