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  1. Thanks! Super excited! And getting my next submission ready. Lol
  2. Really? But I have notes on the asm300 9.6. Just not on the other two 9.6s
  3. my submissions shipped today! ASM300 Sent 9.4 + came back 9.6!!!! Spawn 1 = one 9.8 and one 9.6 Spawn 300 coverA = 9.8 Spawn 300 cover J = 9.6 why do some of the 9.6s not have grader notes? is it cause I have a free account?
  4. can i send a cgc ss book with stan's sig on it to add romita's? would i be able to keep the cgc yellow label?
  5. Too bad I won’t qualify to participate in this one. Only recently joined the board. Looks fun and hope I can be a part of it next year. Happy holidays everyone
  6. hey emailed with Sharon a few time about the details and pricing on a few sigs. she was supposed to get me but have not heard back for about 2 weeks now. is there another person/email I should be trying? I would like to submit a few books for Todd and your Legends. thank you