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  1. If there is no published scale then how can strict quality be adheared to? This puts it more of an opinioned lottery then quality
  2. I emply it’s $$$ because of the recent increase in hiring just to turn a book quicker. Quicker turn time does not equal quality if the inspector is not proficient. And small runs absolutely mean better quality books. Coffin books are one of the of the few that frequently turn 10.0’s. One of my books was blatantly autographed across the cover and was returned as a universal grade so you tell me it was “inspected” by 2 graders. I call BS not to mention it was returned as a 9.0. And not to mention the 9.4 I submitted was a 20 year old dollar bin book with severe wear and dog eared rear cover. So again you tell me there is any quality control
  3. I think it’s more of a $$$ in their eyes. Supposedly they hired a bunch more people to speed up the grading process but the last 5 books I have turned In all received subpar grades 2 books were exclusive variants that were out of a run of 300 books and I’ve yet to see higher than a 9.4 these books never out of Mylar from manufacturer only handled by CGC
  4. I feel cgc is now on the fence of being completely inconsistent in their grading.
  5. Received my other 2 books back both with subpar grades that are completely inconsistent. I am done! Not only with my LCS but with CGC and their total inconsistency in graded.
  6. The quality of CGC has gone down so much in the last few months that I’m sorry to say once I get my books back that are out now one of which is a huge grading dispute I will never use them again. Which is unfortunate for me and them because I plan to document my 5 book submission experience and broadcast it to the world. Sorry buddy but your book isn’t a 9.6 I would call it an 8.5. I turned in 2 con exclusive books with low print runs distributed in Mylar and only removed to be signed. One came back a 9.0 other came back a 9.2 I also submitted a dollar bin 20 year old book with off white pages and a color break dog ear and it came back as a 9.4 not to mention all these books were damaged and shipment to cgc due to poor packaging by LCS. LCS tried to cover their and have CGC press the books. Too bad they only ordered a “quick press” which is a dry press and very noticeable That all 4 have the same corner damage. CGC will not take responsibility and neither will the LCS that claims the books are insured by CGC during shipping. Which is obviously false. So sorry but my 2000 books are going elsewhere to be graded and I will be shipping not a LCS. So word to the wise DO NOT put trust in a LCS to submit on your behalf even if they are SS witness authorized. Sorry didn’t mean to rant on your post but I was just trying to express my concern about inconsistent grading and the risks involved with using a subpar company that now cares more about the bottom dollar then it does the customer or the hobby.
  7. Pretty sure if that was the case they would have been upfront about the situation to begin with.
  8. chances are I’m screwed. I searched eBay to see what the going rate for a signed replacement to retry all over again and it’s not worth it. Same goes for the UK edition Star Wars #1
  9. I wanted to say thank you for the information from everyone that contributed. Looks like I’m going to be taking my concerns on what to do next up with the LCS here is a picture of my other book. The before picture isn’t very clear but there wasn’t a “bend” in the upper left corner like there is now. I really thought it would have came back a 9.0 9.2 but due to the bend with color break it resulted in 8.0 I also contact cgc and they pulled the invoice notice and the shipment was damaged hence the reason why the “free” press and it was probably “quick pressed” meaning no steam and that’s why it never flattened out completely.
  10. You can see in the pictures how tight and square all the corners are except the damaged one.
  11. So .8 downgrade on the signature even though it technically should have been a green label? Was this from the way the lcs filed the paperwork or from cgc error? I tried 20 different angles to catch the bend from a side view it’s more noticeable
  12. I know it’s hard to see in the photos but that “color break” you see is not an actual color break it was printed that way and the bend in the same corner I’m referring to actually doesn’t have a crease either just a slight bend. I think I have came to the conclusion of what happens and that’s my LCS screwed my book up either A) poor packing or B) prior to packing. Reason I believe this is my other book I sent in also has a corner bend of the same size. Not to mention why would the LcS call cgc and add on pressing from ccs. Unless cgc possibly notified my Lcs that the shipment was damaged. Not to mention my lcs said there was some mixup and ccs shipped the books back ungraded. So somewhere along These lines my books got screwed up. Maybe upon return shipping from ccs or back to cgc for grading.