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  1. pmpknface

    Bill Everett thread

    The 1 Everett cover I will get before I die...
  2. WBN #34 VG/F -- $5 WBN #35 VF -- $12 WBN #36 VF/VF+ -- $14 WBN #38 VF -- $13 WBN #39 VF-/VF -- $10 WBN #40 VG -- $4 WBN #41 VF+ -- $15 WBN #42 F -- $6 WBN #43 F/F+ -- $7 @ 25% off And thus will complete my WWBN run!
  3. Nice! That romance book doesn't pop up often.
  4. Thanks! Just arrived a few minutes ago. Jumped on this when I saw that one went for 2x this on Heritage. Thanks Bedrock!
  5. Here's my copy for comparison....
  6. I have a few cover proofs, but not of that issue. I think there were at least 2-3 produced of most of the issues, but then how many survived? Great proof! In many ways they are superior to the comic itself.
  7. Great SPOOK 28! Congrats! That one is still on my want list of that run (27, 28, & yes the 30 too).
  8. pmpknface

    Fiction house anyone?

  9. Those HOLIDAY COMICS are cool, especially because Cole did some of the inside cover art too.
  10. Great stuff! The Spook 30 is actually Disbrow, but we'll let it slide. Plus: 2 Power 3s?!?!?! And that 8.0 Terrific 6?!?!?!
  11. pmpknface


    I'm looking forward to this one!
  12. I'll have to take some soon, but let's wait until last night's purchase arrives. Hopefully it'll get here by Friday, as I'm off to Disney on Saturday, and then I'll be able to post a pic of the latest LB Cole cover run that I just completed! And it's neither of the 2 previously mentioned runs either!
  13. pmpknface

    Fight Comics #32 Cover Hommage

    There have been a ton of Crossed "Horrific Homage" variants, this is the latest. I read this stuff and have been picking up these versions for a while. GOOD STUFF!
  14. Congrats! This is an amazing run, and you have a bunch of really bright reds on some of those issues! I'd have "liked" every one of those covers, so consider this post a like for them all. Ok, now... what's next!
  15. pmpknface

    'PLANET COMICS' (is deserving of its own thread)

    Congrats! Hope your wallet survives the experience.