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  1. pmpknface

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    Man... I own over 400 (I think closer to 450, I forget) so that's a tough one to even think about. I don't think funny animal would make it but I'd also count adventure as a category (or a misc.), such as the early Blue Bolts or Young King Cole, as he did plenty of other stuff. What is Jeep Comics with a dinosaur, for example? This could take weeks if not months... but could be worth it...
  2. pmpknface

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    Gotcha. From the pic it looked a bit nicer than some of the others, but it's a busy cover and it's hard to tell. I have 2, both VG or less. I think I picked up a LB Cole lot on Heritage just for that book. I may have needed a few others in the bunch, I don't remember as it was 4.5 years ago: That image is my copy, which was an upgrade. Side note - I just checked the census and there's only 1 graded, and it's a 4.5! I try to stay away from those lumped auctions now though, because I got kinda burned on another one. 2 books, Cole's BBWT 111 & 113. I could tell the 111 (the werewolf cover) was a reader and listed as GD- but I couldn't see the whole cover. When I got it there was a 2" piece out of the cover. It''s ok tho, as I've upgraded since and could likely now sell the under for what that auction ran me or more. Keep up with the Cole crime books! As his romance and horror books go thru the roof it's only a matter of time before the rest catch up, even if they don't reach the heights of those 2 genres. Thrilling Crime is a good one!
  3. pmpknface

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    Awesome! Is you #13 (the 3D one) in nice shape? I've found that to be the toughest of the bunch.
  4. pmpknface

    Baker Romance

    You guys should start a petition thread, like a post is a signature to not submit until it's fixed. Just a thought.... I don't really submit much, but I was thinking of subbing some Cole books I have doubles of, but I'm re-thinking it for now...
  5. pmpknface

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    Congrats! Now, the GROUP SHOT!
  6. pmpknface

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    I love this cover. I tracked down one myself not too long ago. Nice pickup!
  7. $12,250 with almost 2 weeks to go!!!!
  8. NOW YOU'RE ONE OF US.... Welcome to the madness. Nice one to start you off. That issue was the last one I got to complete my run on that title.
  9. Is that a bound book of the whole Terros ot Jungle run or a bunch of other comics too? Looks to be a lot of books in there... Either way it's bad@$$!