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  1. Ok, cool. Lemme know if it names any other towns. A quick google search and Hart's Island isn't on the Hudson by in Long Island Sound. I'm from the Beacon / Fishkill / Poughkeepsie / Newburgh area, about 60 miles north of NYC.
  2. pmpknface

    Fiction house anyone?

    From the one above...
  3. pmpknface

    Fiction house anyone?

    Great stuff! Some of these look like other FH covers too. Maybe at least partial swipes.... Hhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm.............
  4. This is very cool!!! Does it say where or what town on the Hudson? It's where I'm from.
  5. pmpknface

    What are the rarest romance comics?

    Side note, I DID score a copy of this one!
  6. pmpknface

    What are the rarest romance comics?

    I had to track down a copy of this one too! NICE!!!
  7. Fantastic pickup! Overstreet has it as a classic cover too.
  8. Well, they did use the cover.... just under another title. And it's contents too, as the stories are the same:
  9. No it's all Disbrow's art. By swipe instead of copying it I meant they literally took a 2/3 splash panel and used it for the cover of Spook 30. So it's one of the few Star Pub books Cole didn't do. I don't think I have any undercopies of any horror covers. Maybe a few romances ones....
  10. Yep, it's one of Cole's. Is the other one you are thinking of Spook #30? That cover is a swipe of a Disbrow interior. There's a pic of it in the golden age splash pages thread.
  11. Nice! I got a copy ages ago, but have always wanted to upgrade. Mine has a minor chunk out of the top. Of course like all Cole books it seems like a harder task then it did a few years ago... Also if you dig this cover you gotta love Power Comics #4! (not my copy)
  12. This one is killer. I'm not sure there should be a gun on the nose of the plane, but who cares. The only way this gets better is if there's a dude riding the eagle firing a machine gun and carrying an american flag.
  13. This is a fun one. Cole LOVED horses and drew them very well. Add in a rainbow bag and a green hat and it's a winner! Plus, notice the background where there's a horse totally biting it upside down.