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  1. NICE!!! Very bright. Still need this one, and of course the #28. Let me know if you get tired of looking at this one!
  2. Very true. The sale of the 3.0 may set the table for the 4.0. Love this cover, so much I put it on a t-shirt!
  3. Nice score! Not my fav Cole book, but has the hidden yellow hood dude in the background which is cool. I finally scored one of these off the boards a few years back. WELL DONE! His Target covers are often overlooked.
  4. This #2 is tracking well, with over 2 weeks left! Not a Mask book, but this Cole cover is hot:
  5. I'm not missing many, but this was one of them. Not anymore....
  6. Nice! Supposedly (I read somewhere) that's Cole's daughter. Nice pickup on the Patches #1 too! Fantastic under the radar cover.
  7. These are all fantastic but I'm in love with this one. I'm putting this on a t-shirt.
  8. This one's an LB Cole cover too, also different colors and title.
  9. Great cover! And the story title, "Should Brides be Virgins?" is awesome! I'd love to read that!
  10. OMG look at the colors on that copy! You'll be making someone else very happy when that goes up for grabs. I expect PM's flying into your in-box in 3...2....1......
  11. This is what I get for shopping around ebay in other sections, you become $20 poorer....
  12. Some of the AP reprints are very different with different color schemes but for the most part other than the logo they are identical. Popular Teen-Agers #6 has a pink instead of blue version. Not sure about the interiors though. I have the AP version of the issue above, but I still am looking for a Star version. I also have an AP version of a D i c k Cole book that is either trimmed or more narrow than standard GA issues.