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  1. Great book! Some of my copies are pictured. I got thanked in the credits. That, for an LB Cole fan was a huge deal.
  2. Consider this post a for every post in this thread. I LOVE that Timm cover above! This quoted cover I loved so much I made it into a T-shirt.
  3. These mags kill me. I just picked up this book which is awesome, it's not full size, more pulp size actually but it's still killer. Gotta love the Taschen books:'s+adventure&qid=1608129636&rnid=2941120011&s=books&sr=1-20
  4. It's a splash page of another issue, but a bit different. Still on my want list!
  5. It's got some writing and some extra staples but nice colors....
  6. I have a bunch of Alfred Hitchcock posters, mainly the insert posters as they are more affordable and I can display them easier. Just snagged 2 more I'm waiting on...
  7. Actually found one I don't have that didn't cost a fortune...
  8. I have over 400 LB Cole covers, I had to vote for him. He's the reason I collect GA books. I can admit that Schomberg was doing more popular stuff and did a TON of great work, but I went with my heart on that one. Plus I had a feeling that Cole would lose and I HAD to have said I voted for him. If Xela wins, I'm ok with it - god knows I wish I had more of his stuff, but I just flat out enjoy Cole more.
  9. FYI, here's the original, not my copy but I do have one - the whole run actually.