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  1. I think you should hit refresh. Try $3,840!!!! The CL book is at $550 at the moment....
  2. Whoa... that one had a jump at the end! I'm curious what the very nice looking restored 3.0 on CL does with 2 weeks left to go. This one has always been popular and hasn't gotten quite to the Mask Comics / Catman 28 level but it's well on it's way.
  3. Cole could really draw some some flannel! He pulled that trick out of his bag a few times. Great book!
  4. Not sure this was his wife... but you can find his models on line for a bunch...
  5. No kidding! I have a few other Taschen books, some smaller but I also have this one on magic posters from the early 1900's. This one is also about 500+ pages. I have it on display in a room at all times (for the moment, my daughter is only 16 months so there is a time coming...) using one of the Taschen display stands. Oh, it's got info from Ricky Jay if you know who he his. If you don't google him and look at his videos. It'll blow your mind! He owns a bunch of the images pictured in this book. If you dig anything "pulp" you'd totally love this! There are also smaller volumes of this book broken up into 2 parts.
  6. I agree! If anyone out there is interested in this stuff, I suggest this one. There are other Elvgren books but this has 'em all. You can find it cheaper elsewhere, but this book is amazing: Hardcover, clothbound with jacket, ribbon bookmark, 11.4 x 15.6 in., 546 pages, in cardboard box with handle
  7. Yep! It's kind of a spin-off from Riverdale. In fact Katy appeared in last night's Riverdale episode. Josie (from the Pussycats) moved from Riverdale to NYC and will be in this show (she's the one to Katy's right).
  8. Update: The volumes have been pulled from auction...
  9. Here's some more info:
  10. Thanks - great copy! Although, I gotta say it's a bit odd when you look down at the shirt when wearing it that she's looking up at you. However I love it! My friends got a kick out of it too.
  11. The Ghostly Weird Tales 122 has been hot too. the 4.0 on CL is up in a few days and about to hit 2K...
  12. Ah, you're speaking my language! 3 of LB Cole's covers. He did a ton of pulps, but not all are signed and they have varying styles. Nice pickups! Cool skull cover too!