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  1. That Cole cover is rare. I have a solid VG or so copy, but they don't pop up very often. It's one of the harder of that run to find. Congrats!
  2. Also a classic cover! One of the earliest I picked up. Love it!
  3. This isn't my copy but I do have one. Got this in Philly years ago for like $2. He's not crying although he looks it. It's even better, he's HAMMERED!!! He shows up to the church and slurs his speech and leaves her there. Hysterical! Do we have more drunk covers???
  4. Oh totally. Other than what I already posted, there's this: Whatever training he got, it paid off!!!
  5. That's awesome! I have a Rebecca insert, a Birds Australian insert, a Notorious re-release poster all framed hanging and a few others. I also just got this one and it's on the wall (not my copy, but it's just as sweet):
  6. The CGC 8.5 THRILLING CRIME #49 on heritage is doing well and I'm sure will be one to watch.
  7. Ok, I've been buying some trashy pulps from the 50-60's. Want to bump this thread and see if this kind of stuff would work here. I have some in hand and more on the way!
  8. So what would you grade this? 2.0? 2.5? Always hard to tell, but that's a hefty chunk. If that's going for $4k and a CGC 6.0 goes for $14k, maybe a 4.0 goes for $8k? May the force be with you my friend!
  9. 5 days to go, hard to tell. I'm guessing around 5k, give or take. Which makes the ones that just sold on CC a bargain. This book is out of control!
  10. This should be interesting.....
  11. Dayum, that's a shame. I'm in Mass, so the Boston show would be a better option. I know the venue too, as there have been comic shows there in the past.