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  1. LB Cole died in 1995 The book that came out with all of his covers has helped a bit. I think it's possible that other covers that people chase may have gone up and people started looking elsewhere, found Cole covers, and now it's a thing that has snowballed to what we're seeing now. Just a thought. That said, I'm pretty sure you could get over a grand for your copy. That above copy on HA went for $4320. There's a 3.0 on CL that starts later this month that may be a good baseline for you:
  2. Great book! One of the 2 BB's I'm still hunting for. Congrats!
  3. Congrats on the cool pickup! Does it have the LB Cole story in it?
  4. I dunno for sure. Heritage has sold a few. I know I've seen a few elsewhere, but maybe was the same overpriced one on ebay over and over. In completing the run sure the Spider cover was tough but the #12 "White Hand Horror" was a real tough one for me.
  5. I never thought of this one as one of Cole's tougher to get covers, but then I got mine a long time ago (I think from boardie October) at least 15 years ago. Solid mid-grade graded copy too. This whole run of STT covers are classic!
  6. That's one of the tougher ones in the run to find. Great copy too!
  7. Great pickup! And if that Mask 1 on CC is at $6200 now, with 12 days to go it'll end up a lot higher. You got a great book! Congrats! Also, love how I'm wearing my Mask 1 t-shirt while chatting about this right now.
  8. Yeah, those are pretty much the new norms for those 2...
  9. Post a pic of it when it arrives!
  10. I don't think so. I know LB did an inside story though. It is a killer cover wither way! Very unique.
  11. You're the one that snagged this one? Congrats! I think you got a pretty good deal. Not one of the easiest ones to find a decent copy of.