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  1. I dunno for sure. Heritage has sold a few. I know I've seen a few elsewhere, but maybe was the same overpriced one on ebay over and over. In completing the run sure the Spider cover was tough but the #12 "White Hand Horror" was a real tough one for me.
  2. I never thought of this one as one of Cole's tougher to get covers, but then I got mine a long time ago (I think from boardie October) at least 15 years ago. Solid mid-grade graded copy too. This whole run of STT covers are classic!
  3. That's one of the tougher ones in the run to find. Great copy too!
  4. Great pickup! And if that Mask 1 on CC is at $6200 now, with 12 days to go it'll end up a lot higher. You got a great book! Congrats! Also, love how I'm wearing my Mask 1 t-shirt while chatting about this right now.
  5. Yeah, those are pretty much the new norms for those 2...
  6. Post a pic of it when it arrives!
  7. I don't think so. I know LB did an inside story though. It is a killer cover wither way! Very unique.
  8. You're the one that snagged this one? Congrats! I think you got a pretty good deal. Not one of the easiest ones to find a decent copy of.
  9. Mask Comics #2 CGC 6.5..... $9,600!!!! Overstreet 2019 FN 6.0 value = $900; VF 8.0 value = $1,980.
  10. My copy is only a reprint, but it's signed by Carmine Infantino!
  11. Speaking of which, WOW! These are awesome, especially the one on the right! So of course I go googling things and the Hank Janson books are fantastic! I came across this website that reprints his old books if anyone wants to check it out. Here's a link and another sample of a cover:
  12. One of my favorites and is on display 24/7 in my house. NICE! @Sampool - Nice copies!!!
  13. NICE!!! Very bright. Still need this one, and of course the #28. Let me know if you get tired of looking at this one!
  14. Very true. The sale of the 3.0 may set the table for the 4.0. Love this cover, so much I put it on a t-shirt!
  15. Nice score! Not my fav Cole book, but has the hidden yellow hood dude in the background which is cool. I finally scored one of these off the boards a few years back. WELL DONE! His Target covers are often overlooked.
  16. This #2 is tracking well, with over 2 weeks left! Not a Mask book, but this Cole cover is hot:
  17. I'm not missing many, but this was one of them. Not anymore....
  18. Nice! Supposedly (I read somewhere) that's Cole's daughter. Nice pickup on the Patches #1 too! Fantastic under the radar cover.
  19. These are all fantastic but I'm in love with this one. I'm putting this on a t-shirt.
  20. This one's an LB Cole cover too, also different colors and title.