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  1. Sold via PM! Thank you all for the interest, great group of folks here.
  2. More pics of the book. Dropped price to 19,000 but open to reasonable offers.
  3. Just checked the grader's notes - just says "moderate spine roll" but nothing about length. What are your thoughts as far as getting this remedied Bob? Any ideas/suggestions?
  4. I used a mylar bag and properly sealed the top with tape. Then, the book inside the mylar bag w/ backing board were taped securely to one of the rigid pieces of cardboard, exactly like the first pic of step 3 in your post. Next, I placed another rigid sheet on top of that and taped them tight, sandwiching the comic/backing board together between the rigid sheets.The two rigid sheets of cardboard were VERY tightly taped using packing tape - I did this to ensure the book wouldn't be floating around between the cardboard sheets. I knew the box would likely get tossed around during shipment, therefore I made absolutely sure the book would not be shifting around at all. Should have taken pictures for documentation as I packed it up, but hindsight is 20/20. I extensively researched how to ship valuable comics to make sure I properly prepared the book for shipping
  5. Appreciate the advice, will be calling them Monday morning to see about getting this resolved. As for shipping, I carefully followed CGC's shipping tutorial - mylar bag with backing board, sandwiched between two rigid sheets of cardboard, then with enough bubble wrap to keep a Faberge egg safe and secure. Shipped in a fairly large box with about 4" of space around all sides of the book to account for bubble wrap. The spine roll/alignment seen in the ungraded pic is how it was packaged - based on the preparation, I do not see how the alignment could have been affected during transit.
  6. Thanks for the input guys, first time dealing with something like this. Should I contact CGC and sent it back to be re-slabbed? Not sure if that was something I could do myself or if CGC would have to do it.
  7. Hi folks, Selling an unrestored Amazing Fantasy #15 CGC 3.0. Cream to off-white pages, no blemishes/scratches on the case as I just received it back from CGC this afternoon. Asking 16,500 but will consider reasonable offers. "I'll take it" in this thread or PM gets first dibs and multiple claims will be decided by the time stamp when I received them. Payment by PayPal and buyer is to cover any additional paypal fees associated with the purchase. Free shipping to the US only and I will be using registered mail. I will accept returns if the comic is not as described in this thread. Thanks for looking!
  8. Well folks, finally received the comic back from CGC today. Graded at 3.0 with cream/off-white pages, thanks to all who helped determine a rough estimate of the grade while waiting on CGC. Will be posting a "for sale" thread here shortly.
  9. $40 for roughly a couple dozen comics from this era, had no idea this comic was in the box nor what it's value would be. Definitely had to thoroughly research what I'm working with; big baseball card collector but never got into comics. I've never won the lottery but I would imagine this is what it feels like.
  10. Appreciate the responses folks, great to be a part of the community here. Bought a box of comics at an estate sale and this happened to be the diamond in the rough. Not a collector by any means but knew that old comics might be worth something, never thought I'd come across something like this. What's the general consensus for the best place to sell this comic assuming it comes back in the 3.0-4.0 grade?
  11. Hi folks, Just sent this comic in for grading at CGC. Looking to get a rough estimate of what I'm looking at here. Meant to take more pictures but aside from the creasing and slight spine roll it is in decent shape. Thanks.