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  1. I've mentioned this in another thread in the past, but the most impressive art imo is coming internationally, Brazil and Spain in particular. Both have a great mix of OG's and up-and-comers getting a lot of exposure, especially at the big 2
  2. Inker Richard Friend was live streaming on YouTube some the last couple days. Jump to 15 min mark for some of Albert's booth followed by some Coipel pages at Kwan's link
  3. Idk...I've been high bidder twice recently going down the stretch on items and been outbid in the end both times. I've heard rumor of this "dead action" but it seems to only occur when I'm not involved
  4. Probably last piece for the foreseeable future (yeah right ) ASM page (via Camscanner ) by Gerardo Sandoval. I dig his style. Marvel ended up using the second panel as part of the montage for the 2nd printing cover.
  5. Thanks! I use camscanner for my CAF posts (Link if interested) but usually just snap a quick pic for the boards
  6. Big art day for me. Got in the previously alluded to Land pages; UXM 2 & 8 covers & a Symbiote Spider-man half splash... ...and i got a good deal on this Dodson X-men 12 cover from Anthony
  7. As a relatively new collector, I've generally stayed away from Land's work in the past because of his infamous "reputation". However, i came across his table at Heroes this past weekend and decided to stop and browse. He and his wife were both very cordial, and I came away really impressed with a lot of his work. Sure there were examples of images that people love to point out (and that i didn't care for), but he's definitely not the hack some people make him out to be. He's a very skilled artist. I ended up purchasing a few pieces that I'll post in the near future. This one was from his rep at fanfare right before he shut down the site.
  8. Got my first commission back from Heroes today. Am not really a fan of commissions in general, but Matteo is one of the best in the business. Had a great experience with him and am happy with the result. Highly recommend.
  9. I normally only buy more modern stuff, but this isn't that old ('97). Plus, it's DOOM! so i couldn't refuse. Pencils by a young Benes Inks by Regla *anyone know how to remove photos?!
  10. Thanks for pointing that out. I'd started following him on social media hoping to catch any updates. Now I know why i haven't
  11. X-force #9 cover by Valerio Schiti. Rachel Summers!! (Or is it Grey now?)
  12. I agree with you on this. I don't mind subtle blue lines, but this distracts from the finished image imo. I've noticed this about Hawthorne's work on Alberts site, for example. Seems to be 2 schools of thought I've noticed. Some appreciate the piece for the process and others by the finished product. I personally find myself in the latter based off my preferences
  13. Some "insiders" may be familiar with this already, but it's my first time and thought it was interesting
  14. Two Philip Tan Venom pieces came in today. Philip is probably in my top 5 for Venom, and since I'll never own a Mcfarlane or early Bagley piece, i had to grab one when i saw he was doing these. Problem is i liked these pieces for different reasons, so i did the only sensible thing an purchased them both!