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  1. awayne83

    Any Michael Turner fans?

    That artist edition is great. It also includes all the cover work Turner did for DC (Flash, Supergirl, IC) during that time
  2. awayne83

    The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    He was. On Twitter he mentions how it's been frustrating to be under contract w/DC but not being given any regular work lately.
  3. awayne83

    The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    Nice piece. Always been a fan of Booth's and think he's a little underappreciated. Hope he he gets a full time gig soon
  4. awayne83

    The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    Just got this in, Philip Tan Moon Knight cover. The cape taking the shape of a crescent on his descent is such a nice touch imo.
  5. awayne83

    The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    Finally splurged for a Lee (and Williams!) piece
  6. awayne83

    PSA Potential Ebay Scammer

    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience as well. It was actually a Clay Mann cover. He posted 2 for sale. I've been keeping an eye out for over a year for a piece to add, and probably my 2nd favorite one pops up for sale so i was excited. Was even willing to overpay (imo) to get the deal done. Sucks, but they'll be something else that comes along.
  7. Had a bad experience from a seller on Ebay recently, and wanted to give potential buyers a head's up. ebay ID j**r***a Jorge Osorio Mendez A certain cover went up for sale that I had an eye on last year, and i had initially seen it on CAF. I contacted the guy through CAF email because i wanted to verify it was legit, as he had bad feedback from a previous sale. He insured me he was "well known" and had been dealing in comic art for "years", and seemed insulted I even brought it up. He also had another piece of his from CAF for sale on Ebay, so i figured I'd give it a shot because it was a piece i really wanted. I won't bore you with the negotiations (which were also painfully annoying), but i ended up just BIN, and was told he would ship out the following week. Nothing. No response to emails, no tracking. Radio silence after that. I even waited extra to make sure something didn't happen to the guy. I figure some on here may be familiar with him if he's been in the game awhile, so either this guy is just a real tool, or someone is faking his identity and he should probably be notified (unlikely since i contacted him separately from ebay, and his Paypal account info matched). More upset because I missed out on a favorite piece of mine than the actual headache of the failed purchase tbh.
  9. awayne83

    New to OA Collecting, Advice, tips?

    Thank you! At least i know it's not out there somewhere and i just can't find it. I will keep an eye out for announcements then
  10. awayne83

    New to OA Collecting, Advice, tips?

    Could someone direct me to where to buy Amanda Connor art? Looks like at one point she was with Albert Moy, but i couldn't find any pages
  11. awayne83

    New to OA Collecting, Advice, tips?

    Thanks for the reply!
  12. awayne83

    New to OA Collecting, Advice, tips?

    Didn't really want to start a different thread for this, so I'll ask here. Does Fanfare ever have any sales? I recently came across some Immonen pages I'm interested in, but they are from several years ago and i have other financial obligations atm, so not exactly priority for me right now. Thanks
  13. awayne83

    Mylars for OA

    So i recently moved my modest collection into an itoya. Was i wrong in thinking this alone was sufficient to keep? These comments make me feel like that alone is not adequate
  14. Apologies if this didn't deserve its own thread. Browsing CLink auctions and to my shock i came across this particular cover I loved from my formative years (lol). Been collecting some OA for ~2 years, and this his is the first time I've seen a piece like that at auction (seen plenty in others' collections) so excuse my excitement. My question is, I was a little taken back the original differs pretty significantly from the published image: Original Published In this case, who would be responsible for the changes? Did the colorist just take it upon himself? Or did the artist know in advance the effect he wanted and just sort of wing the bottom half as a result? Seems weird to draw and ink it if that was the case. Does this happen a lot?
  15. awayne83


    Hey guys, first time in this part of the boards. These covers are great. I recently purchased a Star Wars cover sketch by Medina from Court and am having him submit it to cgc directly. Will it be a yellow label since he's his rep? Doesn't really matter honestly, having it cgc'd more for the case/display. Why do you guys prefer the books to just regular commisions? Just curious. I'll post pics down the road!