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  1. I've had good dealings with Paolo and Cadence in the past. But I'm tired of making excuses for them recently. Their customer service has gradually gotten worse over the last year or two. The last 3 times I've ordered with them there has been an extended delay and lack of communication for one reason or another. Frankly it's tiresome and bad for business. The latest instance takes the cake so far. It's been over 7 weeks now since purchase, and after being verbally put on the back burner during nycc (disappointing, but also expected sadly) there has been zero response to my weekly "check ins". The last i heard was they were waiting on the artist to send the art. Then i got a tracking notification via PP (4 weeks ago) that has never actually made it to the post office. I've since opened up a case though PP to handle this because I'm fed up. I've spent more money with them than any other art source. Seriously considering not doing business with them anymore, but they rep a couple of my favorite artists (and I'm weak). I'll definitely limit what i buy in the future though for sure.
  2. Don't let them hand cuff your business. There's other reliable options now for transferring money/making payments (Zelle, Venmo, etc). If Paypal wants to change policy and draw a hard line (especially with a longtime user), i say screw them and move on. *Obligatory "always double check before you send money" lol. Especially 15k
  3. Invincible Iron Man #2 David Marquez
  4. I reached out to Albert and he was kind enough to point out that the piece in question is in fact of Miraclewoman. It's a Miracleman cover by Adam Hughes
  5. Yep, that's the one. I thought that was too modern for kane lol. Thanks for the response anyways
  6. Ty. Is that the one next to the crime illus. piece? I would've never expected g. kane
  7. Any info on that Captain Marvel piece at Albert's in the first pic?
  8. Those Miyazawa pages are great. Missed the drop by one day and most the stuff i was interested in was gone
  9. Glad to gear you had such a great experience. Probably half of mine are frustrating in some manner. (In fact, I'm waiting on a response as we speak on a few pieces i inquired about last week) Feel like i have to beg reps to take my money at times. It can really sap the fun out of the hobby, so it's nice to be reminded there's still some good out there
  10. Did you buy direct from Ron? I follow his Instagram but haven't seen who/where to contact about OA/commisions