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  1. Afaik he's always been digital with the exception of covers and select pages. He'll do digital layouts of those and finish traditionally with inks, time permitting I would assume
  2. I bought this Defenders #10 cover from David not long after i saw it solicited. Between then and the release, Bendis had announced his departure for DC. The series was wrapped early and this cover was replaced with what would've been the cover for an issue #11. So the lesson here is, the early bird may get the worm, but he might end up overpaying for it 😆. Still, love the image of Daredevil, and the cover has been archived so hopefully it may end up published elsewhere someday.
  3. Some recent Spidey purchases...
  4. If you really need help making some room, I'd be happy to take that Mcguinness splash off your hands
  5. The link is embedded in "ebay". Worked for me when i double checked it. Lmk if it's broken please
  6. The top panel from an ASM #19 page i have was used (among others) on the 2nd printing cover.
  7. They'll be lucky if tracking is provided. I dropped nearly all $8k on several pieces months back, explicitly pointing out for tracking to be provided as i work nights and they'd been neglecting to do so in the past. What happens? I nearly trip over the package on my step on the way out the door to work one day. Been sitting out there for hours. Frustratingly they ship priority so tracking is included, but actually providing it us a whole other matter apparently. *I will point out this is when i pay f&f, so tracking isn't provided by PP automatically when postage is purchased (we worked out a deal, so i felt slighty obligated to cut out the fees) **Also they aren't exclusive to this. There's another well known rep I've purchased several times from who ships priority & doesn't provide tracking. Why??
  8. Could be an homage to larsen's ASM 346 cover... Or just something that's familiar having been done elsewhere