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  1. Idk. I butted into this mid-discussion. Didn't really pay attention to when or why it was brought up, since AFAIK Thor has nothing to do with WandaVision. I think it was pretty clear from the last 2 Avengers movies that Thor has had the toughest emotional journey throughout the MCU so far. I thought it was worth pointing out.
  2. Yeah, Thor only saw someone murder his mother right in front of him, while he had the power to stop it yet was too late... Sound familiar? Wanda signed up to be an Avenger, and decided to date an Avenger. Comes with the same expectations as any other warrior. Clicking yet?
  3. Death is a part of life and humans expect it. Wanda also didn't lose everything as humankind, the people not the Earth, still survives. Wanda got personal closure when she had her little chat with Barton after the climax of Endgame. See how this works? It's pure delusion to pretend that Wanda has experienced more loss than Thor. "Vision wasn't a 2 year fling." Yes, he literally was a 2-year fling. Vision was as much "linked" to Wanda as Ultron, if you're going to make a weak argument like that.