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  1. I agree. This is a conundrum when you start dealing in things with no physical presence.
  2. I misunderstood what you typed. When I read DRM, I was thinking of disclaimers that discourage copyright infringement. Can't recall the correct acronym they use. I wasn't thinking of actual DRM.
  3. Possibly not applicable to all content I "own", but my understanding is that the digital property is mine, however I am not allowed to distribute/copy it legally without consent from the content's creator. There's a lot of mumbo-jumbo I am neither aware of nor understand.
  4. Oh, I understand. It should be common-sense that the "Buy" doesn't guarantee product will always be available to access.
  5. You never own digital net/cloud-accessed content. Physical copies are king. Edit: You do own digital content on your hard drives.
  6. References: Spider-Ham's comment above mine. Metalocalypse episode "Fatklok".