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  1. Perfect example. You and Chuck (among others) like to make accusations about people, without evidence, when you're backed into a corner. The same old SJW/PC "you're a racist/sexist" without any substance. You're simply 100% incorrect. It's odd that someone tries to be "PC" while being objectively wrong. Bizarre concept if you ask me. Any character can be any race and any gender. Said character will be accepted if s/he is portrayed well and/or within a good story. Black Panther is and was. Captain Marvel isn't and wasn't. And before you try the sexist angle - the first 2 hours of Wonder Woman are great. And massively in-part due to Gal Gadot. It's okay to be wrong. It's okay for other people to have differing opinions. It's okay to recognize that there's garbage in cinema and in this world. Accept the fact, gracefully. Nothing matters - and that's okay.
  2. Surprising? No. However, based on the fact that in Infinity War; 1. Tony Stark hadn't buried the hatchet with Steve, and; 2. Romanoff was clearly working with him, it just seems like an all-around bad idea. I'm also a fan of closure.
  3. If something is priced well, I don't bother negotiating, as has been mentioned. If someone is selling like that, then I'm not gonna make myself look like a b-hole by trying to steal it from them when they're being very fair themselves. When Batman: Damned was going for $60+ on eBay, and a listing popped up for $40 OBO, I just bought it. Fairness should earn fairness.
  4. Welcome to the boards, Nir. What's wrong with New 52!? Or was it because you just didn't like the reboot? I'm personally a big fan of New 52.
  5. If she saw Captain Marvel, then I can't really debate her opinion... Overall, though, she's delusional.