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  1. So, I finally started watching this today (Episode 4 is on TV as I type this). 90% of the acting is god-awful. Half of the dialogue makes me vomit in my mouth. Batwoman is insufferable. Supergirl is so freaking emo/annoying. Lois Lane is terrible. Lex Luthor is okay. Weird actor choice, though. Kinda worked. Overall - simply garbage. Underwhelmed. Sad about the very short cameo for Welling.
  2. Grandfather. I can see how that wasn't conveyed very clearly. My father is alive and 'well'.
  3. Did you vote!? Summary of tallies submitted by now: 2 people care, 1 person doesn't, another likes me but also doesn't care, Marwood is lookin' for a whoopin', someone wants me to pound sand, another is a joker, and 40% of us wondered if 10 people would even tune-in to this garbage. With all that said - let's get into something that has to do with comics... These are my inane thoughts, so there may be no rhyme or reason for anything composed here. I might talk about my childhood for a paragraph, doldrums of adolescence for a sentence or two, and then completely tail-off into demented ramblings to close it out. Reader beware. Ah, yes - comic books. I still remember the 1st time my dad took me to that spaced-named joint in Fraser. Cosmic Comics, I think? I was about 10, so my dumb-ace picked out a Cable #1 and Magneto #0 because of their foil covers. I feel shame (sometimes) for being a product of the 1990's. The Magneto was more than just for the purple-foil cover, though. He was my favorite X-Men character. I think I got a beat-up X-Force #1 on that day, too. Sometime circa 1999. Fast-forward a couple years. My brothers and I, with my mom and her boyfriend, attend a parking garage sale that's probably 5 stories. On the 5th (and final) level, I finally find a table that intrigues me. Tons of comic books. Probably 25 long boxes-worth. Nothing catches my attention until I find the full 4-issue run of X-Men vs The Avengers (the 1980's series). I was a "run collector" as a kid because I didn't know jack-all about how comic stories were constructed outside of these types of limited series. I wasn't a hardcore comic book fan, back then. I was brought-up on the cartoon series (mostly) by my dad. Another year-or-so goes by... The dreaded flood. My grandfather had issues of Superman #1 and Batman #1. I never knew this. Only after the dreaded flood does my dad tell me that these 2 precious books existed in my grandparent's home. Completely destroyed. What's worse? My grandfather was gonna gift them to me as a graduation present. Were there any other treasures down there? My dad has always been into comics, but his knowledge was little. Could there have been an early Wonder Woman? Captain Marvel? I'll never know, since he passed away in 2005. Now I'm sad again. /fin
  4. Well, , 10 people saw this (including myself). Better get to journalism...
  5. "ran across" aka was looking for a hooking...