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  1. FTR: My favorite's probably Kingdom Come. The Dark Knight Returns is definitely up there. Watchmen is up there. Marvels is up there.
  2. No wonder no one reads this thread. A bunch of losers circle-ing.
  3. There is literally no way any of us can even attempt to grade these. LQ photos. They're still in bags. No back cover images. ONE BOOK PER TOPIC. Also, the 4 non-blank variants are basically ruined with all of those signatures IMO.
  4. The images aren't great. 7.5ish IMO.
  5. This'll probably be my final change since it might be my favorite cover art.
  6. It's a lot better than your 1st one. No offense to the close-up of your face.
  7. Yup. If you buy what you like/love, then you'll enjoy owning it if you can't sell it.
  8. Nah, it's from 2018, but GM&I posts in it weekly (or something). Named "Top 100 Avatars" or something like that.