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  1. TwoPiece

    *IMPORTANT* CGC 1st Appearance Stan Lee

    Apparently because I disagree with the premise of grading video games. The removed post doesn't violate any guidelines, and it was more than 3 weeks old when I was suspended for it. CGC customer service claims that moderation isn't punishing/targeting me (for requesting review of warnings that do not merit warning points), but actions speak louder than words. I'm free now. For how long - we'll see.
  2. TwoPiece

    New Years Resolutions

    Somehow stop getting suspended for posts that are 4+ weeks old (srsly). Watch Infinity War 10 more times before Endgame comes out. Upgrade Spawn Origins TPB #1 to 1st Edition. Make my MtG decks more OP. Sell most of my playing cards. I think that's a good start.
  3. I don't think Stan Lee had anything to do with Harry Potter.
  4. Stan, himself, denied these allegations.
  5. I have no idea what's going on here... Did someone say this?
  6. TwoPiece

    Give me your top 10 favorite comic artists

    Alphabetical Order: Adams, Neal Bolland, Brian Ditko, Steve Eisner, Will Jurgens, Dan Lee, Jim Lim, Ron McFarlane, Todd Miller, Frank Ross, Alex
  7. Welcome to the boards, Justin. Superman and Batman are at the top of my list, too.
  8. TwoPiece

    To Slab or not to Slab?

    You paid about $7.50 too much.
  9. TwoPiece

    This guy!

    I like cats and all, but...
  10. I couldn't care less about someone's 'first' or 'last' book signed. If some dunce wants to pay extra for it, then all the power to the seller. I won't pay more for it, though.
  11. TwoPiece

    Please grade my Iron Man 1

    This really, really, really hurts to look at. 1.0 IMO.
  12. This would be considered "Marvel Chipping", and neither a missing piece nor color break, right..?
  13. TwoPiece

    Strange Adventures #180

    It looks worse this morning than it did yesterday afternoon. 4.5-5.0 is what I'm thinking now.
  14. TwoPiece

    *IMPORTANT* CGC 1st Appearance Stan Lee

    No. It's just not as fun to read the boards on suspension, because I can't post. I spent much, much, more time on playing card and hockey forums than just reading around here. It would be like going to a party, standing around a few friends talking, but being unable to interject an opinion. I also spent time looking at sales listings, etc. I want to be immersed in an experience; not just read a bunch of jabroni drivel.