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  1. What the hell..? This is just awful.
  2. TwoPiece

    Bill Maher on comics and Stan.

    He has some moments.
  3. TwoPiece

    Bill Maher on comics and Stan.

    Oh, technique? I was thinking For Throwing Poo vs Against Throwing Poo. I'm all for it. I find a 'curve ball' technique can really throw someone aloof and off-balance, both physically and psychologically.
  4. TwoPiece

    Bill Maher on comics and Stan.

    This is an important debate, though.
  5. TwoPiece

    Decoupage! And Other Things Made With Comics

    That is %^&*ing awesome.
  6. Full disclosure: I'm 100% an amateur at grading.
  7. Did you see the 2nd trailer (~5 mins)? That one tipped the scales in the "must-see" direction for me. It looks well-directed from a visual standpoint. Something Zack Snyder brought to the films that cannot be ignored. Comic books are strictly optical and he brought panels to life on the big screen. Idk if I've ever seen a James Wan film before, but his style looks very good from the Aquaman trailers. It's nice to see some content of Vulko from the final trailer. He was supposed to debut in Justice League (among other supporting characters for the new team members...) and I was sorely disappointed in his absence from the Theatrical Cut (again, same for those other supporting characters). Idk if I'll see this at the 7 PM pre-release, but I'll be seeing it a couple of times during opening weekend for sure.
  8. Received my recognition PM. Officially in.
  9. TwoPiece

    CGC vs CBCS

    "Not my diagnosis."
  10. I'd go with Copy B. Better face appeal. Roughly the same grade.