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  1. I think he just spaced out, then tried to decode the message without a translator, spaced out again, then Googled "list of languages" to decipher which language I posted, and then spaced out again for a grand total of 3 hours he'll never get back...
  2. You made the mistake of not ordering Szechuan Seafood Lo-Mein.
  3. "Kav not to mock Hollywood who doesn't understand that Cal thinks he's being mocked."
  4. Or, and stick with me for a moment here, you can be like Bob from Page 1 and respond with: " off."
  5. You're obviously the winner with that much of a grade bump!
  6. Did you have it pressed? It doesn't appear to have the same amount of spine flaws as the OP from February...
  7. Now that I know what it means... Good one.
  8. Obviously undisclosed restoration is a concern, but for some reason that I can't put my finger on, the front cover just doesn't look right. I honestly have no idea what it is. If it's complete and not restored, I could see it getting a CGC 9.0, maybe. The foxing on back cover leads me to believe it wouldn't receive WHITE PQ from CGC as I suspect the pages have also aged to an extent. $4k could be worth the gamble. I would personally crack it and bag/board if you go for it.