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  1. Got this back from CGC recently. Signed by Jon Bernthal. Thanks to @Triston Pence for helping me get this book!
  2. There was clearly an ink color theme going with the signatures on your book... sorry dude.
  3. I have got a Thor blank sketch that I have been wondering who I should get a sketch from - I think one from Freddie is a great idea!
  4. That is crazy cool! I like Freddie's work. Congrats brother!
  5. Hi all. I sent in 4 books - all to be pressed (not fast tracked). 1 book was on a separate invoice because it was slabbed and needed to be cracked open by CGC. All 4 books were logged as received on 12/10/19 (yes - I totally waited till the last minute to mail them in!). I figured since I sent them in last minute that my books were literally at the bottom of the stack. The 3 non-slabbed books are still pending in house signing status (expected). But, interestingly, the 1 book that was slabbed has moved to scheduled for grading as of 01/28/20. Maybe it was one of the McElbow fast tracked pressed books?
  6. Hmm... wonder why I didn't get grader's notes then on an 8.0 book that I got back 3 months ago.
  7. Thanks brother! Ron was real easy to work with! Totally worth it if you get a chance!
  8. Another one back from CGC. Sketch by Ron Wilson! At the time - his only He-Man vs Thing sketch ever!
  9. Another sketch by Ben Bishop also signed by Kevin Eastman. Once again - no Eastman head sketch - opted for the "Cowabunga Dude!" quote instead!
  10. i believe you got one of those Todd McElbowPress™!
  11. I have noticed the slight shifting too in a couple slabs that I have received recently. On the plus side - no Newton Rings with the shifting. Nice book btw!
  12. Another one that came back from CGC. By Kerry Gammill.