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  1. And that's why I said it's pointless to tell him anything... I am sorry you got dragged into this...
  2. Says the person with "god" in their name...
  3. Michael J. Fox! I always liked this cover!
  4. Telling you anything seems pointless...
  5. Below is the article in its entirety as written by it's author. Please show us where it says Jonboy received his books after the fact. Jonboy Meyers gets in touch to tell me that he had a few copies of the 1:1000 BRZRKR #1 covers that are not signed by Keanu Reeves but instead are signed by him. He is auctioning them off, with the proceeds going to charity. It turns out that Keanu Reeves signed 670 500 copies of them (400 went to retailers) – the majority of the print run. Those not signed by Keanu Reeves are rarer than those that were. But even rarer are the ten not signed by Kean
  6. The article never said Jonboy received his copies after the fact. Actually, the article never reported when Jonboy received his copies - it just reported that he had some. The point is that you again made an assumption that you are trying to present as fact which is just another example of your conjecture. Again, good luck to you...
  7. And how do you know he got them after the fact? What proof do you have? As @revat was simply trying to warn you about - quit presenting conjecture as fact. There are more information and variables out there than all of us know. If you can't understand that, then there's nothing further I have to say about it. Good luck to you...
  8. I agree with @eee91. Trying to get something worked out with a facilitator during a pandemic most likely will be difficult outside of the private signings that are happening. There are some cons on the horizon though, like Pensacon (which does have some Star Wars guests booked), so hopefully you will find who you are looking for appearing at a future con. And hopefully a facilitator will be there. There is also the site Star Wars Autograph Universe ( Good luck! And hope to see your signatures on future posts here in this thread! Here's just a few facilitators:
  9. I am repeating the facts that were presented to me by people more knowledgeable about the situation than me. If i am wrong.... THEN PROVE IT.... otherwise save YOUR assumptions. Looks like a taunt to me, but that is my opinion. And I do believe Bleeding Cool's article proved you were wrong - not me. I was simply passing on the information...