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  1. Signed by Alan Oppenheimer on back - wraparound cover.
  2. Signed, character name & movie quote by Michael Carter!
  3. Signed & quote by Alan Oppenheimer (voice actor for Skeletor).
  4. Got another batch of my books from Albuquerque Comic Con 2019. This one is signed by Michael Biehn - "Stay Frosty!"
  5. Here is another sketch Siya Oum did at Amazing Comic Con Aloha 2019.
  6. Hi all. Here is a sketch by Siya Oum - done at Amazing Comic Con Aloha 2019.
  7. Thanks! Michael Bell was very nice - glad to have met him. He was talkative and had a great sense of humor! He was also very accommodating in signing the books however I wanted which I was grateful for. If you do Peter Mayhew at Dallas - I would suggest not asking Peter Mayhew to also sign "Chewbacca." Or at least do it at your own risk. I will submit a picture of a book later showing what that could look like.
  8. Sketched and colored! Win-win! Very nice! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Michael Bell... voice actor for Duke in GI Joe cartoons. Signed "Duke" and quote "Yo Joe!"
  10. Ok - here's a few more from Albuquerque Comic Con. Peter Mayhew...
  11. Well... thanks to the post office (long story) it only took 5+ weeks for the first batch to finally arrived. But arrived they did - safe and sound at least. Here is a picture of one of the books that was done (I will post more later this week). This one was signed by Michael Biehn and he added the quote "Stay Frosty."
  12. That is definitely one deserving to be framed! I like the subtle color accents.