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  1. Well... those different forms of art were done on actual blank sketch covers so they do qualify for this thread.
  2. Hmm... so, taking a sharpie (i.e. signature) to a comic is ok though? One could argue that's damage. Art is in the eye of the beholder. And in this case, CGC is the beholder. And if you disagree with the beholder... that's ok. But this isn't the thread for those debates. I agree with @ivdyer.... this thread is for posting sketch covers for all to appreciate.
  3. @ivdyer My understanding is that because this is the artist's technique then it qualifies for Signature Series and is not dinged in grade because of the artist's method. Much like the artist who burns his art into the cover. That is technically damaging the cover as well but because that is the method of art it is not downgraded. I hope this makes sense.
  4. Thanks for posting these books in this thread! You can never go wrong with Jeremy Bulloch sigs! Outside of Stan Lee, I believe Jeremy Bulloch is my second most SS books that I have. I have met Jeremy and his lovely wife Maureen several times at cons and they have always been pleasant to talk to. Probably some of the nicer con guests I have ever met. I was at a Star Wars Celebration and picked up my ticket at the convention center a day early. As I walked out, I saw Maureen with a small entourage walking in front of me. My first thought was where was Jeremy? Well, I turned around and there he was walking alone behind me. I intentionally slowed down for him to catch up to me and we shared a simple chat / stroll for a while - definitely a highlight to my experience at that con.
  5. I love it when artists take time to do a quality detailed remark - like these! Congrats!
  6. Personally... that is one of the best Darth Vader Sketches I have ever seen!
  7. A recent purchase. By Dave Dorman!
  8. Congrats on another awesome Scooby sketch!
  9. USPS has left a couple of my CGC shipments (registered mail right?) in a mailbox locker - no signature.