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  1. No passes for me yet either. I respect everyone who's still going. Our plan was I'd get my comic book fix on Thursday and then make a family outing of it Saturday. We've got a 6 year old and twin 4 year olds, there's just no way we can consider it with this going on.
  2. Reedpop is offering a refund to anyone not wishing to go due to the virus. Looks like part of the conditions is returning badges that had been mailed out (makes sense). I have not yet received my badges, has anyone else? Note that the Seattle Times does sometimes use a paywall.
  3. Dark Horse and Random House have officially pulled out. Based on the way Warner Bros. is acting I'll be surprised if DC shows. We just called it, but we're local, so no travel expenses to factor in. UPDATE: The Seattle Times is now reporting that DC Comics has pulled out.
  4. Happened to me a few months ago too. A poorly listed three book auction. I had been watching the price drop every time it was re-listed for months, finally got to a price I was willing to pay, and then boom instead of a tracking number an 'it's out of stock' notice. I was un-able to leave feedback. A month or two later guess what popped up from the same seller, with a 10x price and much more professional listing.
  5. Man of Steel Mini 1-6 World of Krypton 1-4 World of Smallville 1-4 World of Metropolis 1-2
  6. Finished off my post-Crisis Superman set about a month ago. It's been on my list for around 10 years, though more than half of these have been from the last two years. I'll try fitting it in four posts. Adventures of Superman 424-444, Ann 1
  7. Hi all, this is a long overdue post here. My real name's Kevin, I collected as a in the late eighties/early nineties, regular Superman reader/collector a year or two before the death. Had to stop collecting for college, a few years after college I started filling in my gaps, and going completest on the Superman titles. That's changed over the years to completest Crisis thru Flashpoint Superman. Still missing quite a few newsstands and DCU's ( I have most of the ones I care about, including all the DCU DoS set, only passively chasing the rest). Did just finish the Superman Canadian price variant set of that era about a month ago, and will post that to the copper age forum later today. I've got all the variant covers, and very close to all the higher printings. It's been a MANY year project, and will probably continue to be. I'm an engineer living in one of the Seattle suburbs. I'm Dad to a six year old and identical twin 4 year olds. My six year old is really into DC Superhero Girls, and Disney Ducks. I've been enjoying reading those to her, and shes starting to read them on her own now!! Don't look for a high post count from me, but I will chime in from time to time.
  8. I'm finding myself in a similar boat, also over a cell phone case. High volume seller, 1.8 million sales (with 99.1% positive). Item location is the UK, it shipped from.....Orlando Florida!?!?!?!?!? Anyway the case gets here, and the box is marked with my phone model. Put the case on the phone and....half the holes are in the wrong place (headphone jack on the wrong side entirely). Seller responded to my return request (wasn't expecting that), and is saying it's 'clearly my fault' for ordering the wrong item (I did send photo's, including my phone displaying its model ID). Seller is saying I'm to pay for shipping back to......the UK. Expecting to escalate to ebay when I'm able on the 1st, but fingers still crossed.... I'm in Washington State, no word yet on what it'll cost to ship to the UK, seller is saying it'll be deducted from my refund. Case was only $15, not a huge loss. Very tempting to just drop the matter and leave a negative (my first in 22ish years using ebay ). I don't think the seller is a scammer (more likely under-staffed), but I am mad.
  9. I haven't seen this one mentioned yet. I don't know if it belongs on the list as I believe the 2nd print is only available in newsstand. Superman(1987) #12 I only have a Canadian price variant handy for comparison, that one has a black stripe, the 2nd print has no stripe. The ads are completely different inside and out, back cover on the Canadian is for TSR, on the 2nd print it's for Acclaim Wrestle Mania. Additionally the first page of the letters is replaced by and ad.
  10. I remember seeing that image of the 3rd print on the back of a TPB or multi-pack years ago. I can't for the life of me remember which one though. Likewise I don't think it was actually published, but DC did seem to at least make up cover image for it though.
  11. I thought this would be of interest to the followers of this thread. Found an ebay auction (not mine) that includes two letters that are fully readable from the auction page. One from DC states specifically that platinum Superman 75 has a print run of 10,000 with the numbering not starting at 1, it also says that the platinum TPB had a print run of under 5,000. The other letter from Diamond says that the platinum TPB had a print run of 4,500, and this retailer got his copies by completing a survey by a certain date. Don't know if this is common knowledge or not, I know I've read speculation.
  12. Jet City in Tacoma, WA has been very kind to me over the years. I'm mostly looking to buy at cons, and this one has been much more fun to me than Emerald City over the past few years. It's not a huge con, they do have movie stars, but they usually top out at B-level.