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  1. Recent find. Looking back through the thread this may be the second mention of this one with a sticker.
  2. Thank you very much for the reply KCOComics!!! This is why I need a second set of eyes. The spin wear seems fairly typical for the era, I've got similar on a few that were released in the last month. Here are some edge photos. The contrast between the black front cover and the white back cover is making it tough to get representative photos.
  3. I'll level with everyone that I've never submitted before. Recently came into a few issues that I need a second set of eyes on, this being the top of the list. I'll keep it to one a day at most. For now I'm planning on keeping this issue. I do have three CGC slabs (9.2, 9.4, 9.8), and the differences in the condition just on those three boggle my mind.
  4. Just curious if there was a way to identify the error version without sending to CGC. Honestly mostly just curious if my copy is one or not. I had asked Cpt Kirk a year or so back, he looked at his copies, side by side one of them was duller. Not really much of a tell, just curious if anyone had noticed anything more.
  5. Regular and Variant cover newsstand... Mind Blown.
  6. ...And so he says to me, he says, you got style baby! but if you're going to be a real villain you gotta get a gimmick... And so I go, I says, a gimmick, that's it, HIGH EXPLOSIVES!!!!
  7. No passes for me yet either. I respect everyone who's still going. Our plan was I'd get my comic book fix on Thursday and then make a family outing of it Saturday. We've got a 6 year old and twin 4 year olds, there's just no way we can consider it with this going on.
  8. Reedpop is offering a refund to anyone not wishing to go due to the virus. Looks like part of the conditions is returning badges that had been mailed out (makes sense). I have not yet received my badges, has anyone else? Note that the Seattle Times does sometimes use a paywall.
  9. Dark Horse and Random House have officially pulled out. Based on the way Warner Bros. is acting I'll be surprised if DC shows. We just called it, but we're local, so no travel expenses to factor in. UPDATE: The Seattle Times is now reporting that DC Comics has pulled out.
  10. Happened to me a few months ago too. A poorly listed three book auction. I had been watching the price drop every time it was re-listed for months, finally got to a price I was willing to pay, and then boom instead of a tracking number an 'it's out of stock' notice. I was un-able to leave feedback. A month or two later guess what popped up from the same seller, with a 10x price and much more professional listing.
  11. Man of Steel Mini 1-6 World of Krypton 1-4 World of Smallville 1-4 World of Metropolis 1-2
  12. Finished off my post-Crisis Superman set about a month ago. It's been on my list for around 10 years, though more than half of these have been from the last two years. I'll try fitting it in four posts. Adventures of Superman 424-444, Ann 1