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  1. I remember seeing that image of the 3rd print on the back of a TPB or multi-pack years ago. I can't for the life of me remember which one though. Likewise I don't think it was actually published, but DC did seem to at least make up cover image for it though.
  2. I thought this would be of interest to the followers of this thread. Found an ebay auction (not mine) that includes two letters that are fully readable from the auction page. One from DC states specifically that platinum Superman 75 has a print run of 10,000 with the numbering not starting at 1, it also says that the platinum TPB had a print run of under 5,000. The other letter from Diamond says that the platinum TPB had a print run of 4,500, and this retailer got his copies by completing a survey by a certain date. Don't know if this is common knowledge or not, I know I've read speculation.
  3. Jet City in Tacoma, WA has been very kind to me over the years. I'm mostly looking to buy at cons, and this one has been much more fun to me than Emerald City over the past few years. It's not a huge con, they do have movie stars, but they usually top out at B-level.
  4. It's really fickle which ones are worth something. There are a couple of threads over in Copper and Modern covering it. Also keep in mind that it's a limited buyer pool, so prices can be all over the place. I had a dastardly time with Action 686 2nd and MOS 20 2nd
  5. That Action 686 2nd print should fetch at least $50, outside chance at triple digits. Those are RARE and sometimes in demand. It's looks to be a in really good shape from the photo. The DCU DoS higher printings are VERY TOUGH in higher grade, that's one of the super rares.
  6. I'll confirm that it has started in Washington State, just got dinged for it earlier today. Paypal doesn't seem to have followed suit as I had a non-ebay Paypal transaction the 2nd that didn't charge tax.
  7. My 5 year old is VERY into Wonder Woman right now thanks to DC super-Hero Girls. We got her a set of graphic novels for Christmas and she has wanted them read to her just about every night. The FCBD floppies have been popular with her too. Time will tell how long it lasts, but props to DC for trying, the art is decent and the stories are coherent.
  8. There are several around my area and I've made some pretty crazy finds there (Action #1 Black boarder RRP for $0.25, rolled up into a ball, but a couple of heavy books got it looking better than I thought possible). The ones around here will occasionally price the whole store at BV, regardless of grade every so often, it usually doesn't last too long. I think things just start piling up and they need to make room. They'll have a locked bin for the pricier stuff, which is half 'about right' and half 'amusingly priced drek'. It's very hit and miss, even within the same store. For the price stickers, if you catch them early they can be removed (they usually use the small general store type around here). I'll carefully peel them, then dab the book with the sticker to try and get as much gum as I can without ripping anything. Then I'll use a gummy eraser and/or a 'magic rub' (or similar) eraser to very gingerly to clean it up as well as possible. Given 2-10 minutes I can usually get it to the point where I can't tell.
  9. That's actually the gold foil RRP version, correct me if I'm wrong, but possibly the very first RRP (may even be where the 'RRP' abbreviation comes from as it's printed on the back cover). The one I got isn't exactly a CGC candidate, but the front cover looks great, and I'm very happy with it. Like most variants, I've found that the DF's just don't hold their value, unless the stars are aligned just so. I generally see 1-2 a year at HPB, sometimes even for $0.25. Back on topic, there are also pretty wild price swings on the DOS set. Usually on one of the DCU higher printings. It'll just be HOT for a little bit, then another one will get HOT.
  10. My experience on the difficult ones was that they seem to come in waves on ebay (where I found most of them). I'm not talking about one high sale driving more people to sell either (though that does happen too). I've noticed that with a number of other issues I just couldn't find for years sometimes, then inside of a month there's several. Hidden auctions do happen with these if you have the time to search for it. I got my Action 686 2nd in a BIN bulk lot about an hour after it was posted (I got lucky on that one). Then this happened.....but that's not part of this set. I've been after that for a VERY long time , always out of reach.
  11. Welcome to the area!!! I haven't seen many silver/bronze in my hunts. I'm mostly after copper oddball stuff myself. Full disclaimer I don't really hit up shops for back-issues anymore, and I'm usually a bargain hunter. I'd suggest Comics Dungeon on the north end of Seattle first, smaller shop but the owner knows his stuff. Bel-Kirk east of the lake is ok, but higher priced and pretty dis-organized, I hit there for FCBD this year and didn't find much, don't think I saw any slabs. I'm in the suburbs north of Seattle, Everett Comics is probably the largest shop between Seattle and Marysville, but not really much from that era. There are a number of HPB's in the area and they occasionally have older stuff. They unfortunately closed the two Seattle locations a few years ago, those were honey-holes. The remaining stores will occasionally mark everything at NM book value regardless of actual grade, but it never lasts for very long. They will have several warehouse sales in the summers which I've enjoyed. Very hit and miss. I'd definitely hit the Jet City show in November. The Belingham show this month is quite the drive and usually pretty small, I will be going though. Emerald City was a complete disappointment to me last year, if you're going to try it, get tickets as soon as they go on sale, and don't expect to get a multi-day pass. ECC does generally have a lot of slabs from the era you're looking for, but fewer local shops and deals every year. Wish I had something specific to offer, almost all the stores around here are just stocked with what didn't sell new.
  12. Superman 82, is half chromium (back cover is paper). Edit, sorry reading closer I don't think this is one you're looking for. These had a chrom 'direct', and a paper 'regular'.
  13. Here are most of the ones from that list that I have (and are handy). Sup 12 is a newstand and labeled 'MULTI-PACK REPRINT EDITION COPY RIGHT 1989 DC COMICS, INC.' in the incedecia with the issue date being 1987. The rest of what I'm showing here is just stamped '2nd Print' If memory serves Sup 2 & 3 have a '50 Years' logo in the UPC box, where the 1st print is something else. Personally the biggest shock on this list to me is the Superboy's. One trick I'm willing to share is that you can sometimes check the color variations on the edge of the spine on most of these if they are bagged/boarded or just a cover shot on ebay. That doesn't work with the 'Dark Knight over Metropolis' issues though.
  14. Comicbookrealm is claiming that it's a 1978 reprint. Bear in mind that they are not always accurate.
  15. I'm all for bringing new people in, great to hear that DC is at least trying things out. When out doing general grocery shopping all I ever see are Archie Digests. Might be time for a return of the digest format. The smaller size may convince more retailers to give it a shot. Both Marvel and DC certainly have a collection of stories to cherry pick from to attract new readers.