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  1. I would call it Spider-Man: Home on the Range, and have Peter Parker go west like like in Back to the Future and then he and Kraven could have a good old fashioned western showdown in the streets of Las Vegas.
  2. And Jordan Peele personally picked her to direct his new Candyman film. Of course the Russo Brothers had sparse feature film directing experience either, and James Gunn had made a couple of low budget horror flicks before Guardians, but that doesn’t fit his propaganda or get YouTube views.
  3. I didn’t look at the whole tweet from Quartering, he was being sarcastic. Well Nia DaCosta’s Little Woods has a 95% Rotten Tomatoes critics score. So yet again these propaganda pushing haters pick and choose their “data” to fit their ComicsGate anti-diversity agenda of hate driven arguments. Screw the Quartering.
  4. No contradiction on my part there. First, I'm just being a messenger and an observer on both points. I theorized a while back that Captain Marvel's sequel (once we all learned it would take place in the present) would act like a mini-Avengers movie (like Civil War or to a lesser degree Winter Soldier) that fits more into the larger MCU narrative as opposed to being a story outside that, like Thor's sequels. I also theorized that Captain Marvel would probably fill the void of leadership left by Captain America after his departure. That remains to be seen. That was the end of it for my Captain Marvel-Captain America comparison. That doesn't contradict with my observation that Captain Marvel's plot lines up more with the first Thor movie rather than Captain America First Avenger.
  5. Of course, the Quartering, Geeks n Gamers, etc were all forecasting box office disaster for Captain Marvel chapter one and that blew up in their faces. But I guess they already got what they want, which was views, because Captain Marvel is a news maker and a world shaker.
  6. Not sure if you're being sarcastic, but the Quartering is a HQ for Captain Marvel hate on YouTube.
  7. Wrinkle in Time is a Disney movie, not WB, but not sure if that's what you're referring to. I've been wanting to see it on Disney+. If you're referring to New Gods, well I don't even know if that movie's going to get made now. Maybe WB will wait to see how Eternals does. But of course, Eternals being a MCU film, it will do great, which is kind of a trap for other studios. "We can do that, too!" only to crash and burn...
  8. I'm merely repeating what Kevin Feige said of the Marvel process. They set a goal(including more specifically a finish date) and reach that goal by any means necessary. This was obvious to me when I watched Iron Man the first time. Narratively, it seemed a bit of a mess to me and I thought, "did they just make this movie up as they went along?" Kevin Feige confirms that they did. And legend building? Marvel Studios' record speaks for itself. I just state the obvious. I'm fully aware some directors like Favreau walked away from helming MCU sequels. But there were just as many switch ups when a change of tone or style was needed. And it doesn't have to be planned 10 years in advance as you sarcastically suggest I or the article writer is saying. Joe Johnston wasn't brought back for Winter Soldier for a reason, even though he had one more film on his contract. The switch to Taika Waititi for Thor Ragnarok was done because boring Thor needed a fresh perspective. And if a filmmaker walks away of their own accord, then it's an opportunity to change things up and experiment with a new direction, like where the Russo Brothers took Avengers after Joss Whedon left. Scott Derrickson himself "walked away" because he didn't agree with the different perspective Marvel wanted to take Stephen Strange. "Keeping it fresh" can take many forms. And regarding Captain Marvel, since that's what we're here to talk about, switching director duties to a fresh talent like Nia DaCosta confirms to me that Marvel wants to take Carol Danvers' modern journey to a more complex place than her more light hearted adventure we saw from 30 years ago. Not unlike what Marvel Studios did with Captain America.
  9. Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios have created, improvised, and adapted as they went along. That applied to the making of Iron Man, and it applied to the building of the MCU. If that meant switching up directors for whatever reason, including fresh perspectives or a change of direction, then they did it and still do it.
  10. So in other words Marvel is known for switching up its directors?
  11. Interesting choice, Nia Dacosta. Along with filmmakers like Chloe Zhao and Destin Daniel Cretin, Marvel Studios's Phase Four is being helmed in part by uber-talented indie directors who have made more thought-provoking films in the past. Is it a decision to get quality storytelling cheap, or is Marvel Studios trying to make their films go a little deeper going forward? I haven't seen Little Woods and none of us have seen the new Candyman, but from the trailers, DaCosta's style seems to have a darker more serious tone.
  12. I thought Dr Strange was a so-so movie with a great cast. I didn't really become a fan of MCU Stephen Strange until his showing in Infinity Game. Sam Raimi is an upgrade for the sequel.
  13. I loved Captain Marvel. For me, the casting was spot on and I found the "road movie to self-discovery" story compelling. But equally, I loved how Marvel Studios used so much Captain Marvel and Carol Danvers lore from the comics. We saw bits of the Mar-Vell vs Yonn Rogg story, the Kree device explosion which transforms Carol, and a secret desert military base housing Kree alien technology from the original Stan Lee/Roy Thomas stories (I guess that's the "Witch Mountain" part you're referring to). The movie used the history of comic book Carol's repeated bouts of memory loss, long disappearances from Earth, and depowering. The movie used more recent story elements from Kelly Sue DeConnick's take on the character. It was great, for me, watching the movie and seeing so many of these comic elements used in the movie, especially as Carol's origins aren't as fleshed out as her male co-stars. Marvel Studios did a great job tying the comic book elements together into something new.