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  1. Ha ha! WB must be gun shy and may actually be waivering on the Pattinson decision because of all the misguided backlash from fanboys who think they know everything.
  2. Lookit Brie Larson doing her own wire work! #dedication #actorswhodotheirownstunts
  3. I also think fan folks historically have taken the casting of Batman way too seriously. I mean, it actually doesn't take that much to play Batman. Just play brooding and gloomy, lighten up a bit when play acting as Bruce Wayne and you've got it. The actor who put the most nuance into his performance as Batman is actually Adam West, with Michael Keaton a close second. The villains are the ones who actually need more thought with casting, imo. With Batman movies, I think it's all about who is making the movie.
  4. Like a lot of other people, I've been over movie Batman for a while, so I don't care that much. But I think Robert Pattinson is actually a decent choice. He gets too much unfair flack for the awful Twilight series which he himself hated. Apparently he's better in his other movies which I've never seen. He looks the part, anyway, whatever that is.
  5. Cool, if we can get the old school Mandarin AND Fu Manchu into one movie together we can double up on the Asian villain stereotype from days of old. Who knows, maybe they can pull the Yellow Claw from the dustbin and make it a triple threat!
  6. "Captain Marvel is about to take the lead and be at the forefront of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe." - Kevin Feige
  7. I think it's a more reliable rumor/leak that the High Evolutionary, Moondragon, Lady Llyra, and Adam Warlock make their debut in GOTG3. I think to add Beta Ray Bill to that mix would overstuff the movie. I know Thor leaves with the Guardians at the end of Endgame, but I think that just may be a way for Thor to get off Earth. I don't think he'll really play a large role in GOTG3, and it makes more sense for Beta Ray Bill to debut in a Thor 4 or Disney Plus show.
  8. That's interesting. Maybe that's a big reason for Feige's success (among many other things). As I see it, Sam Raimi, Bryan Singer, and Christopher Nolan's successful hero flicks followed Tim Burton's method. Raimi's Spider-Man especially was very similar to Burton's Batman. Like Batman, Spiderman lived in a quirky almost-horror movie world created by the filmmaker. Raimi even borrowed Danny Elfman for the music. Like Batman, the SInger's X-Men were dressed in black leather soldier-esque garb instead of "yellow spandex," and most of the movie's scenes took place at night. But maybe more important, Christopher Nolan and Bryan Singer cared less for their comic book characters than they did for their movie hero's metaphor. Basically, their heroes served the movie, rather than the movie serving the hero. Tim Burton himself said he was less concerned with Batman and more with the duality metaphor of Batman and Joker. For Bryan Singer, the X-Men followed Stan Lee's Civil Rights model as his heroes were a metaphor for gay rights. For Christopher Nolan, Batman was a metaphor for fear in Begins, and then a metaphor for the hated hero in Dark Knight. Kevin Feige seemed to say "Screw all that dark serious film-auteur metaphor stuff! I just want to make a movie about Iron Man from the comics!" Go back to 1978 Superman, and that's what Richard Donner did. He just made a movie about Superman. Not a metaphor. Feige followed this model. As opposed to Burton and Nolan whose Batman served the film's metaphor, Feige's first Marvel Studios movie was in complete service to Tony Stark and Iron Man. The character came first. Food for my thoughts.
  9. I think 1989 Batman laid that foundation down. At least Tim Burton showed everyone how you do it, that is, make a super-hero comic book movie post-Christopher Reeve Superman that isn't equal parts cheesy.
  10. The perception of the time by both the star and the media of Iron Man. Marvel Studios and RDJ saw themselves as making an independent movie with a lesser known comic character, and in some ways they were. But I'm actually more interested now in just looking back and seeing how far we've come with comic book moviemaking since this movie. Spider-Man, X-Men, and The Dark Knight were great, but it was Iron Man that truly opened up translating comic books into cinema.
  11. Another blast from the past. The 2007 Iron Man Comic Con Panel while IM was still in production. Incredible how far Marvel Studios and RDJ have come in 10 years. Here, they talk about Robert Downey Jr being given a chance to play the role and Kevin Feige refers to Iron Man as a lesser known character (Avi Arad agrees Iron Man has always been a Marvel top tier character). Amazing.
  12. Just to beat a dying horse, here's an interview from 2007 before the release of Iron Man to the world, where Robert Downey Jr and the interviewer both refer to Iron Man as a B-list character ready to jump to A-list with this movie.