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  1. Some of DC's most successful movies have involved the Joker. Maybe the Clown Prince of Crime should be the new face of DC at the movies.
  2. Film is a collaborative art. It's the writer, the cinematographer, the director, the actors, set designers, editor, music composer, etc. working together to create something meaningful. The difference is the director is the guiding hand of the whole process. The "Are you talking to me?" scene from Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver was improvised by Robert DeNiro. Joe Pesci improvised the "You think I'm funny?" scene from Goodfellas. Martin Scorsese was the director. Martin Scorsese gets visionary credit for both of those films. But both films are a collaborative art. Without screenwriters Paul Schrader or Nicholas Pileggi or the acting of Robert Deniro or the editing of Thelma Schoonmaker, those movies wouldn't exist as is.
  3. "Improvised" in filmmaking doesn't mean the cinematographer just turns on the camera and the director lets the actors do whatever they want while he/she goes away for coffee and doughnuts. Many filmmakers get more energy and spontaneity in their scenes by "improvising," that is, collaborating with the actors in the moment to achieve a better scene than what's written on paper. That's art. You know who else improvises with his actors a lot on set? Martin Scorsese.
  4. Yeah, but few films are the complete "vision of an individual creator." Even Martin Scorsese films, to a degree. Yes, Scorsese gets final cut of his movies (something very few filmmakers in the industry get), but many of his films are themselves based on books or are written by a separate screenwriter. And just because a particular film is the sole vision of one creator doesn't make it high art. The classic example of that is the "cinema" of Ed Wood. On the other hand, ever since the Creative Committee was removed from the MCU moviemaking process beginning with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, I've noticed the MCU films make a subtle shift towards more visionary films. While some folks prefer GOTG Vol 1, for me, GOTG Vol 2 had more of an artistic cinematic flair to it. Exhibit A of that argument is the Yondu Rocket Groot escape scene set to the song "Come a Little Bit Closer." Though a tad violent, that scene was one of the most artistic in the MCU to date. GOTG could only have been made by James Gunn. Thor Ragnarok is inarguably the sole creative vision of Taika Waititi. Black Panther, with its more brooding themes, was definitely a Ryan Coogler film. The same could be said of the Russo Brothers films. Martin Scorsese says film art must be the vision of an individual creator. He says film art must reflect the emotional and psychological experiences of people. MCU films offer those things. That just drives home the point that Mr Scorsese has probably seen very few if any Marvel movies (maybe he saw the first Avengers movie and just didn't get it).
  5. Even though I think the general public may be moving on from this, some folks closer to it haven’t yet.
  6. Ah, interesting. I'll have to read up on that issue in my Marvel Unlimited. I thought Kit Harrington was confirmed to be Dane Whitman in the Eternals movie. Remember, the MCU tends to change a lot of things from the comics for simplification. Kevin Feige is on record saying he doesn't like complicated confusing storylines. Most likey there will just be one Black Knight, and I do think they leave the character in the past, and make Brian Braddock (or Betsy?) the inheritor of the Sword, which again, I think will be Excalibur as that historical icon is what will resonate with general non-comic book audiences.
  7. I'm not sure why you would think an Ant-Man and the Wasp sequel would have anything to do with the Eternals and the Black Knight other than they're both MCU. I think when Dane Whitman appears in the Eternals movie next year, it will be in medieval Arthurian times, and it will just be Dane Whitman. I think he will only be in it for a small portion of the film in the past, and will serve mostly to help tell Sersi's story. This movie is about the Eternals, not the Black Knight. Also introducing a Nathan Garrett is too much Black Knight. It will probably just be Dane Whitman. I think if the MCU attempts to bring the Black Knight into the modern era, it might be through Captain Britain where Braddock inherits the sword, which may turn out to be Excalibur. Of course that may also be bollocks (love that word). I think Ant-Man 3 may serve better as the way the MCU introduces the Fantastic Four.
  8. I only have room in my brain/schedule for ONE comic book expanded universe franchise. If DC keeps putting out quality one shot movies like Joker, then I can handle that.
  9. Like 10 announced Disney+ MCU series vs two announced Star Wars series. I didn't do any polling but I'm thinking the MCU content is the major draw for Disney+.
  10. I'm thinking everyone who ordered Disney Plus, though, got it mostly because of the Marvel shows. Like myself.