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  1. Isn't America Chavez rumored to be in Multiverse of Madness? If she is indeed in the movie, then Gomez is most likely playing her.
  2. Homesick is an awful name, btw. Especially in these uncertain times.
  3. I think there's been stronger rumors of casting Red Dagger, whose first app is this book...
  4. I think the MCU Disney+ shows, beginning with WandaVision, will blow expectations out of the water. I think they're going to be more than just the same ol' MCU (which is fine), I think they'll raise the standard.
  5. Oh, I see that. I saw AoS and thought Age of Ultron because of my minor dyslexia. Never mind then. I probably shouldn't type in a fan forum while I'm on a zoom meeting.
  6. I think you could have said the same about Thor Dark World, but then that movie came back big time in Avengers Endgame. I wouldn't be surprised if Ultron comes back in some way. In the comics, Ultron is a major part of the Annihilation event storyline. But AoS did have an affect. It's where the seeds of Civil War began, particularly the Iron Man/Cap rift and the Sokovia Accords, which then led to the Avengers splintered in Infinity War. Hulk's rampage in the movie is what prompted Hulk to leave the planet. And it introduced Natasha.
  7. I presume much differently. I look at the interesting filmmakers Marvel has brought in, like Chloe Zhao, Daniel Destin Cretin, Nia DaCosta, and veterans like Ryan Coogler, Sam Raimi, and James Gunn, and I think that Kevin Feige is actually looking to up the dramatic quality of the MCU films. And the multiverse has been part of Marvel stories since the early Fantastic Four stories, including the Quantum Realm and the Negative Zone. Endgame was so great, in part, because it explored the multiverse. It's fun and the dramatic possibilities could be awesome.
  8. https://theweek.com/articles/939403/nomadland-could-win-oscar-weird-year Chloe Zhao's film Nomadland is an early favorite for 2020 Oscar Best Picture. Apparently, she is a very good filmmaker. Could Eternals be another Best Picture contender for Marvel?
  9. For us MCU fans, that's cool for the smaller character pieces we'll see on Disney+. But if we want to keep getting the bigger solo adventures and Avengers level films, the theaters have to come back. Those huge box office returns are what really fuel the MCU. We as a society need to get this virus thing under control so the economy and the movie theaters can return. This isn't good for anybody.