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  1. Wonder Woman is first and foremost an action movie. The deadbeats that Steve Trevor assembled could hardly get out of their own way. As for "character moments", I'm not sure they provided much of that, either. I kept waiting for moments of comraderie between them and Diana but it never really came. Maybe with the Native American smuggler guy she came close but I'm still not sure she got any real friendship or insights into the world of mortals from them. All her learning and feels came from Steve Trevor.
  2. "A new licensed product shows what may be the the super-hero uniform of Monica Rambeau."
  3. Is it though? Don't get me wrong, I really liked Wonder Woman and it had great sections. But I have a hard time getting past the fact that the movie spent a lot of time and energy gathering together a "team" that proved to be 98% useless through the rest of the movie and actually dragged some of the movie down.
  4. Oh, and it was cool seeing a guest appearance of the great Dan Inosanto's daughter, Diana Lee Inosanto, in Ep. XIII.
  5. Mandolorian Episode XIII reminds me how much I appreciate Favreau and Filoni's appreciation of the true roots of Star Wars: samurai cinema. From its obvious inspiration from Lone Wolf and Cub to this latest episode's loose adaptation of Akira Kurosawa's Yojimbo, The Mandolorian has been a nice throwback to a more civilized age.
  6. In the comics, the only real heir to the Panther mantle after T'Challa has been Shuri. 100% it's going to be Shuri taking up the mantle. M'Baku will make a great enforcer for the Wakanda throne, but that's it.
  7. I'm not that familiar with a lot of Black Panther's adventures from the past 15 years. Apparently Christopher Priest created a new version of White Tiger who gains the powers of the Panther through a synthetic version of the heart-shaped herb and also has a vibranium suit. Hmm.
  8. Her powers are subtly different from Reed Richards as she can shape shift and grow in mass, whereas Richards is mostly stretching. But then, Steve Rogers' powerset isn't much different than T'Challa's, either. What will be important is how different Kamala's personality will be in the context of the MCU, and I'm sure it will be quite different. I can see her being a kind of female Peter Parker in the MCU, though.
  9. I've read it's speculated he'll play White Tiger.
  10. It's actually not bad for a cosplay outfit made by a teenager. But in the context of the show, and it's a Disney+ show not a theatrical movie, her costume is supposed to look kind of cheap because she most likely made it herself. I think it's interesting that the color coordination of her cosplay suit isn't exact to Captain Marvel, but is more similar to her Ms. Marvel outfit in the comics. I'm sure Ms. Marvel will be "modeled" on the Disney show for teens model that the MCU Spider-Man movies used. And nobody is better at that model than Disney itself.
  11. The HBO Max came with signing up for AT&T internet service only. I'm done with cable. I did get My AT&T TV streaming service as well, though, but it had nothing to do with whether I got HBO Max or not.
  12. I switched to AT&T last month and they offered me HBO Max for free for life for signing up. It was definitely an incentive for me to switch. I think it's BS that they offer this stuff to new sign-ups but don't throw longtime customers a bone.
  13. Looks like I switched from Comcast to AT&T (along with free HBO Max for the life of the service) at just the right time.
  14. I got the "three years for the price of one" deal, so how could I not sign up early? Plus, I didn't get it just for Star Wars and Marvel. The whole world is frustrated that media and movies in general have been put off at least a year.
  15. A new day, a New Hope that America and the world can finally beat back the coronavirus and open movie theaters again safely...
  16. Of course Shuri can't take Killmonger in Panther mode. And I'm not saying Shuri was Panther ready in the first Panther movie. But since then, since the events of Endgame, she could have been training with Okoye or something. And...oh look...Letitia Wright already understands the dedication it takes to workout for a role... 60 And Wright looks pretty toned in this photo, too. Certainly not much less than Zoe Saldana, whose character we've accepted as the most dangerous woman in the MCU galaxy.
  17. I know how much it takes to train. And in Hollywood, they have professional trainers that can whip these million dollar actors into shape for a role relatively quickly. It's really just dedication and protein shakes. I wouldn't be suprised if Wright is light duty training already if she's past mourning.
  18. Letitia Wright looks like she has more than enough combative spirit here. It wouldn't take much, maybe a few months of working out, for Wright to be as muscle toned as Zoe Saldana/Gamora. We don't really know if Shuri has never trained. She could have been training in secret, like Princess Diana did away from the eyes of the Queen. You're right, the Panther is more than herb and suit. It's combat skills, yes, but also mind. Shuri has one of the biggest minds in the MCU. Shuri has been the Panther multiple times in the comics. I think Marvel Studios will make it happen.
  19. Secret stash of Heart shaped herb and a little Shuri tech = problem solved.
  20. Marvel Studios won't do it. We might see some further version of an A-Force team (beyond Endgame) in a Captain Marvel movie or She-Hulk Disney+ show, but Disney isn't going to commit an Avengers-level budget to an all-female Avengers event movie. While it would definitely have appeal to a large segment of the audience, it wouldn't necessarily appeal to as large a segment of the audience as possible. Avengers movies have to be a little on the lowest common denominator side to make the big bucks, especially now. I'm not saying the next Avengers movie won't be much more diverse than the first Avengers movies, it's just not going to be all female. It will however be led by a female, namely Captain Marvel.
  21. Oscar Isaac is a much stronger casting choice over Daniel Radcliffe or Keanu Reeves. If this is true, between this and the alleged She-Hulk casting (which Tatiana Maslany or Disney hasn't confirmed), Disney+ MCU ain't messing around.