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  1. Who are these folks anyway? Jeremy Conrad is actually a pretty reliable source of MCU scoop news. He's the guy who broke The Eternals movie news like a year and a half ago when everyone else said it wasn't happening. Unlike the clickbait YouTube channels, MCUCosmic doesn't try to manipulate the news or post fake news to get more revenue. It's one of the few sizeable pure fan sites on the internet. When Conrad said the door was closed on SPider-Man, it was. Tom Holland was the guy who swung in to save the day and keep Spidey in the MCU. Bob Iger himself (in recorded interviews) said that Sony and Disney weren't talking and we can all thank Tom for the deal happening. Jeremy Conrad makes speculations like anybody else, but as far as real leaks and rumors go regarding the MCU, he's one of the few guys on the internet anybody should trust. And it's based on history. Conrad has been right before. MarvelScoopMaster has also been right in the past which is why I believe the scoop about Korvac being the future MCU threat. And now look. Korvac is starting to show up in Marvel Comics the past month. The last panel of Marvel Comics #1000 says Korvac is online. Marvel is going to release a True Believers edition of Korvac's first appearance. With YouTube channels like GeeksGamers and to a lesser degree, 3 Buck Theater, it's the boy who cried wolf. And Chicken Little.
  2. I'm not an insider over at Marvel Studios. I can't directly say what's real or fake in regards to the direction of the MCU's future. But, using my handy rule of thumb regarding YouTube channels as a source of news and rumors, past history has shown that most YouTube channels are clickbait garbage that will say anything in their headlines to get more views and thus more revenue for their channel. In particular, history has shown that comicsgate-friendly YouTube channels like TheQuartering and Geeks'n'Gamers all have an anti-feminist agenda and will twist the facts or jump all over a fake story if it fits their agenda. While 3 Buck Theater is not as extreme as those channels, they still have a bit of an anti-Captain Marvel agenda. While I can't 100% verify if this story that Disney wants to make SPider-Man the full on leader of the Avengers and demote Captain Marvel as just the leader of an all-girls group (where she belongs, according to them I suppose?) is fake, the fact that most of these YouTube sites are like 95% wrong means this story has a 95% chance of being fake. Add to that my intuitive gut feeling about all things Marvel, and I say this little news story has about a 98.76% chance of being fake.
  3. Multiple internet news sites all reporting on the same original fake news story doesn't count, either. So Marvel like a sure thing. Is that why the first Marvel Studios movie was Iron Man? Is that why Marvel Studios threw millions of dollars at a Guardians of the Galaxy movie featuring those beloved characters Star-Lord and Groot who we all grew up with (sarcasm)? Is that why Marvel Studios made an Ant-Man movie? Yes. Spider-Man, in the right hands, is a sure thing (because ASM2 was not good). But nowadays, anything made by Marvel Studios is a sure thing. The MCU is the sure thing.
  4. Fake news. First of all, I think we can all agree that, with the exception of cat videos and a few how-to vids, YouTube is a sea of garbage. Second, as a rule of thumb, any YouTube channel that demonstratively attacked the Captain Marvel movie before it even came out can also be dismissed as trash. Three Buck Theater is one of those YouTube channels. Even if Disney gets the full rights to Spider-Man somehow, he will not be the leader of the Avengers. In the comics, he's barely been a regular member, much less a leader, of Earth's mightiest heroes. Spider-Man works best as his own man in his own adventures, and as a team-up with other Marvel characters. In the MCU, the Avengers are going to go cosmic, and that's not really Peter Parker's world. Carol Danvers will lead that group. And if there's a more Earth-based Avengers group as well, Sam Wilson will lead that group. Spider-Man is a loner and works best that way.
  5. Oh, but he is a "hero", in a sense, in Joker. At the film's beginning, Arthur Fleck is a victim of the violence and callousness of Gotham City. Whether it's his social worker psychologist, random guys on a subway, Thomas Wayne(who possibly abandoned him?), his mother (who doesn't think he's funny), his co-workers (except for Gaggy, the only guy who is nice to him), or talk show host Murray Franklin, in the context of the movie, they all, in one way or another, bully or belittle poor Arthur. In the movie's class warfare angle, does the movie take sides? Kind of. The yuppies on the Subway are jerks (who deserve to get their butts kicked) and Thomas Wayne is portrayed as an uppity callous jerk who possibly abandoned Arthur and his mother (the photo of Arthur's mother with the initials T.W. on the back make me think she was telling the truth). The movie kind of takes the side of the lower class. As we follow Arthur on his hero's journey, he vanquishes these bullies and belittlers (yes, killing his mother was tragic, but at the same time, she didn't believe in his "talent") until he ascends to near god-like status to the working class of Gotham City, not unlike Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver. In the crazy screwed up Gotham City of this movie, Joker is the hero.
  6. Erhm, according to literature, the protagonist of a story isn't excusively a wholesome law abiding person. The protagonist of a story is the main leading character. That'd be Joker. The antagonist is the character or thing that gets in the way of the protagonist's goal. Arthur Curry wants to be a clown, whether at kid's parties or on stage. Gotham City and everyone in Arthur's life is preventing him from doing that.
  7. When I say "hero", it's in extreme broad terms. Call it anti-hero or sympathetic protagonist, or whatever. In the context of the movie, Arthur Fleck is the protagonist and Gotham City is the antagonist. Heck, even Batman's dad comes off looking worse than Joker.
  8. Just saw this thing. I dug it. Martin Scorsese's The King of Comedy and Taxi Driver meets Joker story sums it up for me.. The last fifteen minutes or so when Arthur Fleck goes full Joker up to the end was pretty excellent. I felt the the majority of the movie leading up to that was a bit slow at times even though things definitely happen, maybe I could've used one less scene of Arthur writhing in slow motion. I don't know much about the Gary Glitter thing but I kind of loved Joker dancing on the stairs to Rock and Roll Part 2. I felt like in that one scene, we were finally in Arthur Curry's mind. And contrary to what Todd Philips says, Joker was definitely the hero in this movie. Everyone he killed (except for that one tragic scene) had it coming, in the context of the movie.
  9. Just got this back from CGC. It was previously a CBCS 9.2 but came back a 9.0 from CGC to my extreme disappointment. Looks great though with Captain Marvel holder and the Roy Thomas signature.
  10. Carol Danvers key books are in a price drop right now, so I'd recommend picking up a high grade copy of Marvel Super-Heroes #13. Her character is slowly growing in prominence not just in the movies, but in the comics, too. Once Phase Five of the MCU kicks in, I think we'll finally see Kevin Feige's foretelling of Captain Marvel as the face of the MCU come to fruition. X-Men #10, the 1st SA app of Ka-Zar, Sabu, and the Savage Land, is also an overlooked SA key.
  11. More Eternals stuff... The more I see and hear about The Eternals, the more awesome it looks and sounds. Really looking forward to this movie.
  12. The article I ripped this post from says that basically, that while MCU only characters won't interact with Venomverse only characters, the presence of each will be acknowledged by the other ie Spiderman referencing Stark Industries in Venom 2.
  13. However, if you throw Venom and Carnage into that Sinister Six equation, which I’m sure is what Sony is planning, then they could probably cause the Avengers some problems.
  14. The “write him out” thing is just a news rumor and Feige didn’t say that. Marvel Studios wants Spidey for the long haul. Thor isn’t going anywhere, either. Chris Hemsworth is only worthy as Thor, and I think the actor is starting to realize that. There will be a King Thor in our MCU future. And after the Phase Four experiment is over, Captain Marvel will rule Phase Five and Six, maybe Seven, even.
  15. I think the biggest plus for this deal is that Sony gets to use Spider-Man in its Spidey villain movies like Venom 2 or the Sinister Six aka Venom 3. Morbius is probably being rewritten as we speak to include Spider-Man.
  16. If there’s any substance at all to this “writing him out” news rumor which I think there isn’t, it doesn’t mean the MCU will kill Peter Parker. What it could mean is that Feige and Co. will wrap up Peter’s high school trilogy and end the story such that if we never see Spidey in another MCU movie afterwards it’ll be fine while at the same time leaving the door open for a continuation of the Sony/Disney deal or if Disney gets Spidey back outright if Sony sells their movie division to Apple. Your story idea sounds cool, but historically the Avengers and the Sinister Six don’t mix mostly because Earth’s Mightiest Heroes would obliterate a team composed of Kraven, Vulture, Doc Ock, Mysterio, and whatever Spidey villain you want to throw in who Thor would crush with his hammer in a matter of seconds. Spider-Man’s rogues gallery simply isn’t powerful or cosmic enough to pose a real threat to the Avengers. I think Captain Marvel’s next solo film will most likely play the biggest role in setting up the next Avengers level threat (and thus Avengers 5). I think there’s substance to the rumor that Korvac will debut in Carol Danvers’ next movie ( which I also think takes place in the past similar to Wonder Woman 1984) and will become the next threat along with perhaps other cosmic beings, say Annihilus or Galactus.
  17. I imagine this is the point in The Eternals time journey where Sersi interacts with the Black Knight. Maybe Merlin...
  18. Yes. Believe me, I'd love to see the Silver one on the silver screen. Before Carol Danvers' Captain Marvel stole my heart, I'd go back and forth between Warlock and the Surfer as my favorite Marvel Comics character. I'm just a little skeptical of the Surfer's appeal to general movie audiences. Adam Warlock is a similar character to me. I feel Adam may be better served as a member of the Guardians rather than his own movie. Even if they do his seminal Jim Starlin Magus storyline, it could still be done as a Guardians film. When I took a screenwriting class back in college, for an exercise in adaptation, I wrote a treatment for a Silver Surfer movie and also wrote out a few scenes including an opener. My treatment was the same as the comics, a Herald of Galactus who comes to Earth to herald his master's destruction of the planet. The Surfer befriends a non-powered Fantastic Four and regains his humanity through Alicia, just like in the original FF storyline. My funny scene was the Surfer surfing the internet. My opening scene was the Surfer on a distant water planet at the beginning stages of life. He explores it curiously, observing a little amoeba at the water's surface, then calls Galactus, and the planet is consumed before it had a chance to begin. My treatment story would also flashback to the Surfer's human life on Zenn La to explain his story (just like Surfer #1) and I had Alicia be similar to Shalla Bal as that would have been what attracted the Surfer to her to begin with. It was a hit with the screenwriting class, but I never did anything more with it. Then the not-so-great Rise of the Silver Surfer came out a few years later and crushed my dreams. Though I thought Fishburne's Surfer was okay. So for sure, I'd love to see him at the movies. Like everyone else, I've imagined a Surfer movie all my life and even wrote one on paper. I guess I also have a purist view of the Surfer. I like him as that blank slate philosopher that Stan Lee wrote in the classic stories. Maybe Feige and Co. could finally make that work.
  19. On the other hand, there is a history of successful movies featuring blank slate aliens/drone-type characters, like the Surfer, who learn or remember what it is to be human (which is what the Surfer learns from Alicia Masters in Fantastic Four #50, afterwhich he turns on Galactus). Terminator 2: Judgement Day and Robocop are two examples. Heck, even Captain Marvel featured that storyline in a way (the filmmakers did say that Terminator 2 and Robocop were influences on the movie). I think key to that success is having very human supporting characters. But whether we eventually get a Norrin Radd movie or Disney-Plus how or not, I still think pre-production on a Surfer live action is a bogus story. We're not even done with Phase Four yet and pre-production on FF will surely begin before they even start to consider a Surfer project.
  20. Baloney. If a film is flawed, it's flawed, and I'll point it out whether it's MCU or DC garbage. It's not my fault the DCEU movies have been way more flawed than Marvel Studios movies. And debating over possibly dangerous influences of media on certain susceptable individuals in our society isn't a game. It's a serious debate we can all have. You yourself brought it up in this forum by posting stories about it. But I guess with your DC colored glasses you can't see it any other way other than an attempt to play down a DC movie.
  21. You say that because you just don't like Captain Marvel and it's probably more of a political anti-feminist thing for you. I'm saying what I said about the Surfer because of the nature of the character and the ability to tell a compelling human story that appeals to non-comic book reading moviegoers. It's less about the Surfer's publication and sales history and more about the fact that he's a space-going philosopher with silver reflective skin and no eyeballs who general audiences may not be able to identify with or find compelling. Sure, Carol Danvers or the Guardians of the Galaxy or Ant-Man don't have much of a publication history but they are all still relatable characters with human personalities who can laugh and cry and get angry. Silver Surfer, by his nature, doesn't do that. And that could be problematic for making a movie that appeals to people who don't know who the Silver Surfer is to begin with.