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  1. Got my books today from Jason,,,,,well graded,,,, well sent,,,,,and well done! Thank you very much! Why is it so hard for Eddie to stop using commas? AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!
  2. "Why is it so hard for jbud73 to think"? ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGH!
  3. Fantastic Four 26 around 2.5-3.0 Off-White to light tan pages,,,,,solid spine $100
  4. Hey there! My first sales thread here so take it easy on me, I'm a long time lurker and have purchased some books during the past three years on occasion. I've sold on the Bay for 20 years now,,,but I thought I would give you guys the chance to see some of the books I have. I will gladly accept returns up to 10 days after you receive the book. I will ship it to you free. I've sold many valuable books over the years and I ship quickly and securely. I will not sell to anyone who is on the Probation or Hall of Shame here. I gladly accept Paypal, a money order or a check. If you are international, shipping will be the responsibility of the buyer. The U.S. postal service has been slow lately,,,,,,,just a heads up,,,,,you probably are already aware of this. Ok,,,,,here goes,,,sorry, I don't own a scanner so I use my trusty camera for images,,,,, I try to take the best photos I can,,, First "Take" gets it,,,,,, I welcome offers but a "take" trumps all negotiations,,,,, Thank you for looking and let me know how I did Strange Tales 158 6.5 Off-White pages $250
  5. Great books Jimjum,,,I love your sales threads,,,,, I'll try to help with your Christmas funds!