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  2. I don't follow this artist. What should it be?
  3. If I were bidding and could tolerate the pricing, I would have gone with wedding. I have a soft spot for scenes like that over typical action scenes. Do you have any idea how rare romantic Phantom Stranger pages are?
  4. It wasn't just the JLA page with the Phantom Stranger on it. It was also $3,840 for the Adam Strange wedding page--a character so lacking in current appeal that DC just cancelled the planned two volume reprint of his Strange Adventure stories. I would be surprised if this happens again for a long time.
  5. It ended higher at $1,380 with BP. Higher than previous market but not insanely higher. I could see that as the result of regular bidders. If that price holds, well, I hope the owners enjoy their wins.
  6. Something else to consider are the power of words posted here. Since my lively debate with Vodou on Friday evening, I have been monitoring another Dillin piece on Heritage. It was moving up nicely, and as the discussion ended, no more bidding—leaving it exactly within your predicted range. While bidding is still open as I write this, it leads me to think people are paying attention to what we write, and we are contributing to setting prices.
  7. If it were in my wheelhouse, I could see how the Adam Strange wedding page could have gone for a little over $1,000.00. Hell, it could have been drawn by anyone and generated some money. But $3,500+? Sekowsky, IMO, was a better artist. His art is addressed to children, which may become evident if you look at how he displays anatomy and character poses. Showy and not necessarily realistic.
  8. I hope you are right. It is Saturday morning and the current JLA Dillin piece is at $700 already with about 36 hours to go.
  9. I’m all for that. Not everyone does, however. Some of my favorite things were cheap. Look at some of the suggestions to newbies about how to gauge market prices. “Oh, wow, I scored a Dillin. Only $3,000!”
  10. That’s the role Heritage fulfills. It’s final sales prices on auctions becomes a standard. Who doesn’t look at past auctions to gain a sense of cost for things?
  11. Here is an example you will never see, but it came up with a client of mine. A public body decided to go out for public bidding for a particular system. It set very high standards for the various components. Under the legal rules in place, the public body could amend the specifications so long as there were 5 days left before bidding closed. Now these are not off the shelf systems—it takes time to design components into a system. On the 5th day before bid closing, the public body radically cheapened the component requirements. When bids were opened only one bidder was able to submit a bid with the cheaper components, knocking out all the other higher bidders. Why? They didn’t have the time to redesign everything to be able to compete. The one winning bidder must have been told in advance by the public body of the cheaper system which could be substituted. No proof, so no one could go fight it in court.
  12. It isn’t a market corner type of manipulation. It an expectancy manipulation. There are lots of ways to play games.
  13. Let me add that I am not making that claim about the run up in Aparo art where I think a scarcity of good material for a long time was only remedied earlier this year and which led to aggressive buying. I bought one as well, and it was definitely more than what looked like market. Dillin is not the same.
  14. The world is not out to get me, and Lee already mentioned what he thinks the range ought to be. Price is not set in an auction like in a private deal. Bidders set it based on expectancies of what might carry the day. That’s a little different. In my line of work, I’ve seen how forms of price manipulation can be done, including bidding. Some of the stuff is pretty creative. Let’s see what happens in the next three weeks and whether a new, surprising price level is set. I could be wrong, and I hope I am.
  15. Your responses are inconsistent. Earlier, you wrote "They've got it and you want it, so it's "hot" to you even if no one else. As long as everybody has other sufficient sources of income or savings, they will set the price not you" That's exactly right. Which is why a fictitious pair of bidders is a great way to reset the market price by using Heritage. By the way, I'm not whining, just warning this looks suspicious to me. Dillin's art is, as someone earlier wrote about some other art... "mundane".