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  1. Reminds of an incident many years ago where someone used the word "niggardly" and was jeered for using a racist term. I guess a lot of people are parsimonious with their time when it comes to using a dictionary.
  2. Inks. It's like getting both for the same price. But, if it is a different penciller, probably the pencils.
  3. I think you are indirectly confusing OA with fine art. OA is quite literally production art, and you are seeing the artist doing his production. When you are invested in this kind of art, that's a benefit (Although, I don't care for paste-ups used to modify the original drawing, which are an analagous subject, and don't seem to affect the value either). Fine art is "finished art", so you shouldn't see it.
  4. For all it’s worth, I have reason to believe the AF project is dead.
  5. Thanks, but the real prize doesn't come until next month. I was asked to keep it a secret, so I will.
  6. I think the value of money hasn't gone up quite as much as this stuff. I did pick up an inexpensive page from him yesterday from one of his books. I bought it mostly for the bottom panel. THAT is a kiss.
  7. I saw Howard at the East Coast Comicon yesterday and told him what AF 1 went for. He had heard it, but his general reaction was amazement people would spend that kind of money for this stuff. I agree.
  8. In Coletta’s defense, the Kirby biography mentioned that to meet deadlines, he sometimes churned out as many as three pages per day. If Coletta was expected to keep pace with anything like that, no wonder he had some less than great product out there.
  9. Agreed. If you like cheap entertainment, go to a bankruptcy auction for higher end furniture, or rugs—the stuff they couldn’t sell at their 65% mark-up at retail. A good auctioneer trying desperately to get bids is fun. Also, a good way to get nice stuff for the office or home. I ended up with more Persian/oriental rugs than I can almost count.
  10. No. The art itself was not stolen, so the buyer would have "good title". But the money the embezzler made, as well as the value of the money originally stolen, may be a fruit of the theft and reachable either as part of the penalty in a criminal action or in a private action.
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    Did we pass?
  12. Someone really worked hard for you. Would it be impolite to ask what you paid for it?
  13. Depends who used it and if the barf could be authenticated. Collectibles are a tough market.