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  1. Sadly, it is the only example of a published Javi Fernandez Phantom Stranger I am likely to find for quite a while. It is the only one he has done so far. As it is, his prices are not exactly low.
  2. No, it's the original. The coloration of the page threw off what I expected in the OA. To be fair, the more I am looking at it, the more I am wondering if I may have over-reacted. It still just doesn't hit it for me.
  3. Here. It actually does look a lot like that in the published version, but the coloration on the page made me think it would look normal.
  4. You buried the lead. I thought that one transaction you mentioned was done? Care to elaborate?
  5. Good point. I saw a page in a comic I liked recently. When I contacted the artist about it and he sent me a copy of the original art, it turned out he was able give a shadow effect to the printed face of the Phantom Stranger by making him look like a minstrel. I am not easily offended, but on that one, I passed.
  6. After seeing that title, I was hoping this thread had something to do with Omaha, the Cat Dancer.
  7. I definitely do not have an unlimited budget; I just don’t treat my hobby as an “investment”. And, I also won’t spend big bucks on it, either. For investing, I am perfectly comfortable with the stock market, thank you, and other non-collectible items. As for art just being “decoration art”, well sure, art is supposed to be decorative. I doubt the first purchaser of the Mona Lisa bought it with the intention to sell in a few years. When I buy art, it is to enjoy a pleasant memory of days gone by; a present day way of meeting like-minded collectors, as well as artists and writers, a way of learning things I did not know before, and a future of anticipated enjoyment of the past. And what the kids do with it, I don’t give a dam’n.
  8. Personally, I have no problem with it, but some people on another thread claimed that for comics, at least, this qualifies as "pressing" and hence, restoration. I don't consider it restoration.
  9. I don't want to get in the middle of this, but if someone wants to go by their board name instead of their real name, I think it should be respected. I don't think Mike ever posted his real name here. Others have; their choice. My real name is Alfred E. Neuman. I used to be a cover model for a famous magazine, but now, the magazine mostly just sells reprints of old material and I primarily live off my royalties.
  10. I have copies of most of the books in which I have the original art for reference, but in some cases, even relatively new books can be hard to find. Ever try to find copies in the dollar bins of Scribblenauts? (Double cover, including PS).
  11. Can someone please fill in some dealer’s names in the “underpriced” quadrants?
  12. I would just run an x/y table of Good Business Practices v. Good Ethical Practices. For the ....overly serious....you can also include a weighted table of values, say: 15% speedy sending of purchased items; 20% accurate description; 20% untampered product, 10% well packaged shipping; 10% deep inventory, 15% quality of communications, 10% accurate and available pricing. I wouldn't include level of pricing; that's a business decision. But, fair disclosure about it is different.
  13. From Phantom Stranger (Second Series), No. 5. I have wanted this one for a very long time, but didn't expect to find it for sale. The pencils were by Mike Sekowsky while the inks were by Murphy Anderson (filling two gaps in my collection). I am told that Sekowsky used to complain that his pencils weren't inked well by others; personally, I think this one was. You can see some of the pencil lines from the sound effects, and from the ones that are visible, it looks like Anderson improved their proportions. In terms of content, the text strongly supports a theory that the Phantom Stranger was always an agent of God, who can eventually return, when his "mission is over". This runs contrary to the idea in the New 52, pushed by DiDio, that PS was doomed to walk the earth as punishment until he paid his price for betraying Jesus. Given DiDio's new un-job status, one might conclude that it is never a good idea to mess around with the Phantom Stranger (who has been known to "break the fourth wall" in his stories). Sound effects on the half splash were by Tala, his chief nemesis for the time. While called a "temptress", or just evil, she was basically created in the image of Freud's Id (lustful, impulsive, animalistic) to PS's Superego (conscience, rationality and good). Eventually, that theme ran out of gas, and she just became a high level demoness. Shame, I liked her better the way she was created. Id can be a force of good, too, unless you live in that period of time at the end of the 1960's/early 1970's, and want to keep children's desires still wedged into the 1950's.