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  1. Anyone know whether AT&T's spinoff of Warner Communications (to be combined with Discovery's content offerings to form a new company) will included DC Comics?
  2. I can’t say I have ever been treated “rudely” by a rep, but there have been rep’s with poor communication skills, who are clearly stressed due to too much going on in front of them (which can happen to anyone), or who don’t follow up as quickly as I would like. And of course, they don’t make the final decision on pricing.
  3. There have also been a lot of bad forgeries on eBay in the past, and you are correct, his stuff does deserve a premium (not the point of my maligned comment). He is very, very good.
  4. By the way, I like having commissions done, and a full commission would be good to get. But not BIT's head shots.
  5. Something to think about: if Timm’s art is easy to forge, which is apparently the case, then why buy a head shot (or other similar drawing) at all? If the forger is good, then you are paying a heavy premium for the name, because the art is as good as Timm’s. And no one will know the difference. Seems to me that they are a waste of money.
  6. I agree; CL's descriptions are often poor, and sometimes are too busy trying to tout a piece. With that said, you can usually spot any significant problems by looking at something carefully. Or, if something is questionable, try asking (I haven't done that with CL, but Heritage has been good on that score). In my opinion, minor defects in art are not significant to affect the price of a piece, at least not to the extent they are in comic books. So, unless there is a paste-up of a stat, or a piece is missing, or some kid tried to color in the image with his/her Crayola or scribbled on it,
  7. Thank you. Adam's work more typically looks like this free sketch he sent me:
  8. As I have said before, so much skill, so little talent. A pretty stupid pose.
  9. The most important thing is you like it, unless you bought it with the intention to flip or sell it. Similarly, I know another artist who will recreate a digital published work in original pencil, and mark it as a 1 of 1 copy. I also have a piece which I had thought was the original published version— until a version by a different artist showed up on Heritage. Your piece is nice, and ultimately, that’s all you need.
  10. In other words, they do a recreation of the original, since it is never part of the publishing process, and pretend it’s the original to sell.
  11. Still and all, he did remember you, and his effort should be appreciated. I have some standing requests with artists to the effect that if they find “such and such”, please let me know. Tom Mandrake did that with me, and I was able to pick up two of his pages that way. Another artist also did that with me, too, but the art didn’t fit my needs. So, I left it with a thanks.
  12. I enjoy contacting artists when I can find them, particularly with newer or unappreciated art. In my never-ending quest to add Phantom Stranger art to my collection, and cartoony art in particular, I had been trying for years to find something from "Scribblenauts Unmasked", a mini-series based, apparently, on a video game or games. The only thing I heard from collectors/dealers was that it was digital, which took it off my plate. Then, I learned that the artist Adam Archer, had a Facebook page. So, I sent him an inquiry. It turned out that he had all the art I could ever want from the series,
  13. Value is based on your preferences, and the absence of pencils is not a dealbreaker. I will buy simple inks on blue lines without pencils, even if I know they exist, so their absence doesn’t bother me much. The question is how much is what you are being expected to pay without the pencils, who is the artist and what is the subject? In this case, I don’t think it matters, but if you are a completist, perhaps the artist can tell you who bought the pencils or contact the person for you to see if they would sell it. Bottom line: if you like it, buy it. You are not getting a three-legged dog.