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  1. Be really careful with Bruce Timm art, in general. There are what I consider to be a lot of fakes out there. And that includes a particular Harley Quinn sketch, if it is the one I am thinking of. It doesn't look right. I have been looking for a Bruce Timm Phantom Stranger, which I think is out there, but after seeing a fair number of fake Timm's, I may hold off until I go to Moy and get one commissioned.
  2. Rick2you2

    Lichtenstein's "Whaam!"

    You are very clearly asserting what you consider to be bad art, and one can’t define “bad art” without defining “art”. The idea that “great art” should “connect the viewer, unambiguously, to the emotion or experience of a time and place and share something about the the human experience that isn’t easily communicated”, is nonsense. One of my favorite artists Piet Mondrian, is an acknowledged master artist and father of the Dutch School. Most of his work is as abstract as it gets, but it conveys nothing of the human experience. His classic works are an exploration in the concept of balance between line and color, and his disparate use of seemingly random straight lines and primary colors to achieve it. It is not about beauty or truth, but intellectually stimulating. Great art, I think, is something which impacts a large number of people, for whatever reason, including old covers of the Saturday Evening Post. Even if you consider Lichtenstein’s art to be “one liners”, it is still excellent. It’s like a piece of chocolate in the middle of a dreary workday. That’s always a good thing (unless you are diabetic). But price is not the same as great art, particularly with some high priced stuff today. That is sometimes a reflection of investors or really rich people wanting to show they have style, taste or lots of money. On that point I would agree.
  3. Rick2you2

    Lichtenstein's "Whaam!"

    So, you want to define not just "what is art", but what is "good art", by deciding if you don't like it, then it must be bad and overpriced as well? Seems a little presumptuous to me. Price does not define quality, although a high price means it has a high level of market interest. For example, there are some excellent comic artists whose works are not particularly expensive.
  4. Rick2you2

    Lichtenstein's "Whaam!"

    While I would agree that they are not sophisticated, they are a lot of fun. What's wrong with art that's just fun? Knowing itheir origins makes them better, but not knowing them doesn't change the fact that they are vibrant, colorful and witty commentaries. Honestly, I would rather look at them than Girl With a Pearl Earring. This hobby at its core, involves fun art, A man dressed in a bat costume punching a person dressed in a bad clown outfit is never going to be treated as "fine art" no matter how well it is done. Heath is good, but for the wall, I would take Lichtenstein.
  5. Rick2you2

    Riddle me this, Batman...

    I guess this leaves her out:
  6. Rick2you2

    Lichtenstein's "Whaam!"

    I think he did more than that. He flattened the illustrations to emphasize the simplicity of the basic form which makes them appealing (and commercial). He did so by brightening the colors and changing the shading, but also by simplifying the lines, limiting the dialog, and adding a few things. You knew who the bad guy was because he has a scar on his face (unlike the original). "Torpedo...Los" says it all. Think C.C. Beck vs. Mac Raboy.
  7. Rick2you2

    Thoughts on this Bob Kane drawing?

    If you really bought it, you've already had the "worst."
  8. Rick2you2

    Is Johnny Desjardins on anyones radar?

    Throw in the derivative art style, and lack of personal vibrancy and that pretty much nails it. But, the guy does have good drafting skills. With time, he might become really good if he puts his heart into the work instead of just his skills.
  9. Rick2you2

    Old Announcements

    For those of you who post announcements and ads about upcoming shows, would you please take down old ones when the show is over? I spent the morning driving to a show in East Brunswick and back, but it turned out I was a year late for it. Not appreciated folks. The ad didn't list the year, and I didn't notice the day and date did not match to this year. Thank you for your future anticipated courtesies.
  10. Oops. Nevertheless, collecting the names of others who suffered similarly will increase the likelihood something will really be done.
  11. You should pass on your name and contact information to the OP if he intends to seek a criminal action. Corroboration helps.
  12. That really is awful. Make sure you have proof of what you sent, and hopefully, you have saved copies of any communications. That includes any email, text messages and voicemail (Yes, I know the odds are small that you do, but it never hurts to check). Anyone else dealt with him who can back up the story with a similar incident?
  13. Rick2you2

    Selling advice

    But, the rates are higher.
  14. Rick2you2

    HA February Auction

    Anyone have thoughts on what one of the complete origin stories of the Phantom Stranger by Garcia-Lopez will go for from Secret Origins 10? It has one good image of the main character and everything else is Biblical images. Very nicely done, but still just Biblical images. I do not expect to bid on it. I don't want a whole book.