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  1. I have a Captain Britain 1 that has a broken CGC case. I wanted to get it resubmit it but I wanted to have it pressed at the same time. My concern is whether or not the mask is still inside cause I don't want to get a GLOD. Does CGC usually leave these masks or take them out prior too grading?
  2. I feel like I see this kind of crease on many silver age books. I don’t see it as much on Bronze Age and newer? What’s causes it? It’s less of a crunch and more just a uniform colorbreaking line. It seems to always be in the top left.
  3. Book grade is in! Will post later tonight if more people want to guess
  4. WTB Green Lantern 87 in 9.6 grade. Preferably OW/W or White pages. Looking to pay FMV
  5. Looking to buy Savage Tales #1 1971 in very high grade raw or graded
  6. 9.6 I feel like the pictures don't show the recession all that well.
  7. Just bought this high grade MM4 off eBay. When I got it the first thing I noticed was both staples seemed to be recessed and the paper around them is tearing. They're not completely pulled through to where you can't see them. There's also some wear in the bottom corner. Thinking about returning the book but not sure if my overreacting. Thanks.
  8. Would love opinions on this grade. Also, if you think a press would help. Thanks!
  9. Hey everyone. Thanks for the help. This book is recently back from a press.
  10. Looking to purchase a copy of Green Lantern 87 in the NM range. Would prefer it to be a raw copy, but also considering slabbed 9.2+ copies. Thanks!
  11. Looking to buy a Moon Knight #1 Adi Granov variant. Would prefer a very high grade raw copy. Would consider a graded 9.6-9.8 of the price is right. Thanks!
  12. Looks nicer than a 4.5 to me. I'd say around 6.0 or so
  13. Looking for a grade estimate on this. I'm really not good with judging spines on these thicker books. Small quarter inch tear at the top that can be seen in one of the pics. It's between the front cover and the fullness of the spine, not through the center. Really just one obvious spine tic on the spine that I see. Also has pretty significant bindery wholes on the front and back covers. My main uncertainties lie with the damage to the lower edge of the book resulting from the production process. Also, I’m not sure how these thick spines grade out or how the staple indentations in the thick books affect grade.