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  1. I liked it and will keep watching it but was unimpressed with how...within 24 hours, the batsuit was tailored to fit her and simply by seeing all those wonderful toys in the batcave she knew how to use them without any training or coaching whatsoever. Like someone already said. way too rushed.
  2. I agree....8.0...even with the stain. The key here, is you don't see it on the front cover...only the inside. Makes a difference.
  3. You might want to at least start reading the Spawns...before you decide to sell them. I personally enjoyed the run very much and you might too. Ánd, you may have enjoyed them so much you might decide to keep them? Just a thought. On another matter, if you feel what you purchased was worth the money regardless of condition, then you didn't over-pay.
  4. I'm all in...and thanks again for doing this. Very much appreciated as it's so much fun.
  5. ...If the grade is the same, not as much as my CGC rated Hulk 181. (Shameless plug...I've decided to support my local comic book forum)
  6. Ouch! Good enough reason to hang onto the collection and simply let my kids get rid of it.
  7. Not sure if this works in the US....but I do believe if I sold a comic on e-bay I would legally have to report the difference I paid with the what I sold it for to Revenue Canada. (This would be difficult only because I never kept track of what I paid for the comics when I purchased them) It's my understanding however, when I'm gone and my kids inherit the books, they get to sell them without having to report the income.
  8. If I had to do it all over again from the start, I would have bought nothing but high grade keys. For purely speculation, those tend to go up the most. But then, I wouldn't have been able to have ready all those great runs from the Silver and Bronze age...which to me was more important at the time and still is. I'd stay away from restored if you're interest is pure price escalation.
  9. Just also wanted to mention I do believe this hobby is still growing globally. I do remember threads decades ago mentioning back issues leaving North America, perhaps never to return. That would fuel demand on top of everything else. Now, I don't have anything to back up this statement as I'm not a dealer, but I'm sure some of you out there might? Sellers, are any of your books still going overseas?
  10. We had a similar thread about 10 - 15 years ago about a similar subject, it was mostly are we at the tail end of collecting. This was right around the time when movies based on super heroes initially started. I remember some mentioning after 3 or 4 years it will die off and so will comics. I'll say what I said 10 years ago, there will always be something that drives this hobby. Ten - fifteen years ago, it was the movies that helped kick start the hobby after the '90's crash and now I can say Disney will push it for years to come. I don't think there is anything to worry about back issues being in demand. They'll go up, they'll go down but as long as Disney is driving these characters no worries. How long before DC and Marvel Characters appear in the same movie. So much can be done. And now, Disney has their own channel. They are going to have to fill up the hours with something more than re-runs. How long before we see some of the original Disney characters dress up as Super Heroes on Saturday morning. There's our next generation.