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  1. I also remembered a shop here in Winnipeg that had about 40 or 50 copies for sale all for $5.00 each within a few weeks of it getting out.
  2. My story about this comic. Amazing Spiderman was one of the books I arranged to have put away for me on a monthly basis. I never did keep track of what came out each month and I never did get a copy of 252 put away. I didn't realize it until 253 came out. When I asked for my copy, there were none to be had. That really rubbed me the wrong way. To date, I have an in complete run from 191 - 514. I'm missing about 4 different, and I never did get that Amazing Spiderman 252. Someone out there still has my copy. Let this be an opportunity for that individual (whomever he may be) to come clean.I'll send you my mailing address ... no questions asked.
  3. The series has morphed into something that takes its storylines a bit more serious; especially the current episode. As a result, I like it even better than the earlier ones. Great show.
  4. Since this thread has started, I've recently discovered they are making a cartoon series involving Dazzler. It would be interesting to see how that would affect the 200 copies of #1 I have. At least with her I won't have to chase copies. (In a related gut reality check, I'm not holding my breath). But again, can Amethyst be that far behind?
  5. I personally enjoyed the run but my only criticism (and it's a minor thing) is that Dracula complains several times about being "interrupted" in his work by the individuals that would like to see him gone but you never really know what he's up to, other than trying to avoid being spiked. Colan at his best. I do not think you'll regret it.
  6. No price jumps for double covers. Whatever guide is for a 6.5/7.0 grade.
  7. We probably are. If I was interested in finding him, I know Doug Sulipa would be able to help me get in touch with him. I have a Fantastic Four #1 I bought from Doug years ago that he restored and the work was absolutely perfect.
  8. I guessed Star Wars 1 only because it was the only one on the list I had 20 copies of. Not all 9.6...but all higher grades.
  9. Maybe there's someone local who is capable of restoring it? Talk to some local comic shop owners as they might know someone. I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of it probably being less stressful having someone local do it rather than mailing or shipping it out to someone out of town. I live in Winnipeg and know we have a local guy that's very capable and would pick him over anyone out of town. Another advantage is you would be able to see some samples of his work before you decide on whether you will be happy with his/her work.
  10. He is referring to the magazine, not the comic and in answer to his question, they are extremely common I do believe. I know I have one. Not sure, but was the violation how much he was asking for it?
  11. I'm no expert on restoration, but do you not think that restored VF sold for $1200 because of a couple of the edges being trimmed. I'm thinking if it was only the color touch and tea seal, it would have went for way more.
  12. It's there...underneath the cape. All you have to do is look!
  13. without the crease upper right 6.0. with the crease 5.5. Sorry to the seller, no way close to an 8.5.
  14. Cool, if you're right. I still have my minty copy bought at cover. It's very hi grade. Thank you also for the tip.