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  1. Okay guys, are you sitting down? I've got all these in my collection so I decided to look up some recent action. All have sold on e-bay quite recently. Star Wars Tales 5 (Lando) $399.00 9.8 Star Wars Jedi vs Sith 1 (1st Darth Bane and Darth Zannah) $1599.99 9.8 Star Wars Jedi vs Sith 6 (Darth Zannah) $299.00 9.8 Star Wars 7 (Aura Sing & A'Sharad Hett) $259.99 in 9.6, $499.99 in 9.8 Star Wars 10 $472.50 9.6 Star Wars 17 (1st appearance of Quinlan Vos) $510.00 9.8 Star Wars 19 (1st Aayla Secura) $600.00 Star Wars 23 (1st Ros Lai & Queen Zalem)
  2. Thanks guys. I will bow to your better judgement and not bother. I'll be be happy with the fact I still have one.
  3. Really? That's only 1/32" of an inch.
  4. Glad it turned out okay for you. I've never sold a book that I didn't later regret. This I'm sure would have bothered you big time had you sold them prior to covid.
  5. Thanks for the tip; I didn't know that and I very much appreciate that. Top and bottom are perfect. White on the right is 3/32" and on the left 1/8". So, in that respect .... no, it's not perfectly centered left to right. Best I could get then would be a 9.5? Sorry, for not knowing how to put up a scan.
  6. Been a comic collector for the most part, but back in the early '90's I purchased some 1990's Marvel cards for my son with the intention of keeping any hologram inside the packages. I came across the Magneto foil card and immediately put it in a 9 up card holder with the 1990 Score hockey set I purchased. So based on that, pretty sure it's a 10.0 Gem Mint as it's been sitting there for 31 years but has not been graded. So someone on ebay purchases a Gem Mint 10.0 of this card for $10,000.00 US. I'm not sure what I should do???? On the surface, it seems insane. I don't think this card or any of
  7. Great, I was sure I had a couple trimmed because they were there's at least some hope they aren't. When a book is trimmed, do they just trim the cover or do they usually trim the entire side...including the pages. Sorry for the dumb question, but with all my years in this hobby, I always wondered about that but never asked.
  8. Not sure. I seem to remember a CGC 9.6 Bronze Age comic on sale on e-bay with a small circle on it drawn with a black marker. Wish I could remember which one it was as it was awhile ago. I remember it because I have a 100 page Weird Mystery Tales in similar condition...with a small black circle on it. Made me feel pretty good when I saw it. Just not 100% sure how that compares with a line through the UPC code.
  9. Is measuring the width of the book by comparing it to what you know is an untrimmed comic from the same time period (i.e. 2 Silver Age Comics) an accurate way of detecting possible trimming? What I"m thinking is if it's trimmed, it's gotta' be narrower, no?
  10. Hey, glad those worked out. Had a feeling there were some interesting stories out there. Someone told me (quite recently actually), time heals many not so good decisions and/or situations you run into collecting, and both experiences just goes to show...he was right.
  11. I don't know, it might be nice to hear some experiences you've had with the hobby that while at first weren't positive, but turned out okay in the end. I was thinking about the time I was going to sell someone on the forum a group of Star Wars Comics maybe 10 years ago. Had them all boarded and packaged ready to go, when he innocently commented on his admiration for punishment bids. He got roasted by a lot of people on the forum that didn't agree. I foolishly got involved and because he didn't like my comments he cancelled the sale. So I thought, it's okay. There will come a time when I'll be
  12. Time is your best friend in this hobby.
  13. E-Bay CGC 8.0 copies are going for as much as $400.00 on BIN.
  14. Yeah, but face it...who's or the forum?
  15. The main reason for this (if your interested) is it's difficult for pressing to be detected when grading.