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  1. The problem with the 94 is how many horribly centered copies there are on the market. For every 2400 sale on a 9.4 there are 2-3 1800 sales on ugly looking copies. I always felt this was the reason why that book was held back over the years (besides the obvious popularity of GSX1).
  2. Sony/Marvel is a win win and I doubt it will change. Marvel fills the seats for Sony and Sony sells the toys for Marvel. You guys put too much weight in the movie rights when the real money comes from merchandising.
  3. Is this the metropolis issue they had listed for a while? I almost bought this book at Big Apple. Great looking copy!
  4. While I agree that you can associate stock bubbles and crashes to this market, you aren't including the collector and fan aspects of these purchases. A person purchases stock to see gains, while a person who enjoys comic books might actually enjoy the books they are buying. When someone buys a GSX1, is it not out of the question to assume some of those purchases were made strictly out of personal attachment to the characters? No one buys 5 shares of Facebook and says, "I just really love Mark Zuckerberg. I think I will be happier as a person if I support that feeling."
  5. I'm not agreeing with the "herd". I'm agreeing with aggregate sales trends. On your suggestion of trying and disagreeing, are you implying that you purchased a GSX1 in the past and have concluded that it is now less valuable? I don't understand your point.
  6. You think these prices are based on people's emotions? A rational person would see current prices of similar key books and make a logical conclusion that the GSX1 would follow a similar trend.
  7. This, if someone can't read between the lines and still makes a 10k+ purchase is it still in the hands of person who said "nice price"?
  8. I can agree with this, but as connoisseur said (and it is something that I didn't even consider when voting) it really is the first black superhero in mainstream comics. This issue came out in 1966. Clearly, Marvel was taking a stance in the growing civil rights movement and the cultural impact of this issue (not necessarily at the time) takes it above a three part story ripoff of "The Day the Earth Stood Still". Again, my opinion.
  9. I think the eagles are going to finally stop Brady, 4 rings is too many!
  10. I hadn't heard, but I assume Stan Lee will have something to say about this!