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  1. I didnt speak of a red label but again this devalues the yellow label. They would be agreeing to recognize and verify another service's signature.
  2. This will never happen (in the near future) because they would cannibalize their own market share on signature slabs. Once they open that door then they would have to do it for all signatures. At that point, is there any reason to pay the yellow label premium when you can just get them verified later? Honestly, who needs a witness? Signatures have been verified and authenticated in every other market. Only in comics do we need to walk together to the booth so the artist knows to charge you more.
  3. Ive bought from him (his store) at a couple shows. He doesnt deal with comics, he strictly sticks to his art for the most part. The comic dealer is a guy named Connelly and I havent had any issues with him at all. I will say that Anthony generally maintains a certain style of dealing. Its aggressive and can definitely rub people the wrong way. You just have to know how to deal with those types of sellers. Connelly always priced books fair and would usually give me fair trade for my issues. Ive never bought any raw books from him but honestly, 99% of the raw books on ebay are overgraded.
  4. MadJimJaspers

    PGM Tomb of Dracula 10

    Like I said, as long as those creases are just my imagination (which is easy when looking at scans) you should have no problem getting 9.0-9.2. I have a couple 9.6s that look worse than this book so it definitely fits the criteria for a 9.4 depending on the grader.
  5. You're right. I forgot the purpose of this thread.
  6. MadJimJaspers

    Asm 101

    6.5. I think there are too many corner creases. back, top left and front, bottom right.
  7. MadJimJaspers

    X-Men 1, a risky buy?

    I always compare X-men 1 to ASM 1. If that book can hit the prices it has, then X-men can easily top it. ASM 1 is not a first appearance yet kills the market. The CGC census shows roughly the same amount of copies graded as X-men 1 (X1 has slightly more 4300 vs 3800).
  8. MadJimJaspers

    PGM Avengers 4

    4.0-5.0. I dont know what they will do with the split. PLEASE dont press this book. It looks great with the white cover.
  9. Can anyone answer this? Older CGC slabs have shown letters embossed on the back panel with some variation to the inner well (small notch on the seal that extends out to the edge of the slab). I remember reading about this a long time ago, but can't seem to track down a thread. What's strange is that other than these two examples, I can't find a single letter on any of my older slabs. Bronze age: Golden Age:
  10. MadJimJaspers

    MadJimJaspers' Kudos Thread

    I appreciate everyone's feedback and hope to buy/sell again with you in the future. Thank you!