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  1. Thanks for all of the responses. A lot of good feedback to chew on here.
  2. With all the people walking around, sometimes in a very congested room, it seems like the notion of bumping into random people could be a concern and that books you may be carrying around, may be prone to some damage, primary corner bends and such. I was thinking of like a 10 comic box holder inside of a backpack or something. I'm not sure what to do with a CGC book situation though I'm boycotting the product for now (due to the Newton Rings issue) but what do you folks do with them when you buy CGC books being that even a few of them is quite bulky?
  3. Really surprised this is still available. I don't collect CGC books as I sold off my 9.8 last year but best of luck with the sale!
  4. I don't see any reason why not. comics4less is also a good ebay seller though the seller's name is rather ironic.
  5. I hadn't consider that but I somewhat peruse a fair amount of that material and what you say makes good sense.
  6. I'm in front of a computer typing. It takes a lot less energy for me to post on the internet than just about anything else I have to do.
  7. I'm not at all aggressive toward anyone. If anything, you seem very aggressive toward me on various threads but that's fine. I play along on whatever level anyone wants. I already stated that I don't think it's that big of a deal. That's why the age old saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover" was invented and will stand the test of time for the rest of humanity, regardless of what the topic is. I think all of your opinions are fine and I have no problem with your comments. In fact, your comment about how you think the art is good or whatever but that it plays more like a postcard is exactly the type of opinion I was trying to elicit. The only issue I have with your comments is that the cover not tying to the story is an entirely different issue. One worthy of discussion to be sure but it's not because this new style of art came along that we're seeing what frustrates you so much. So once again, I'm not sure why you keep wanting to beat that dead horse.
  8. You're the one making comments about how "ludicrous" it is because YOU don't like even though the market seems just fine with it and somehow I'm the one who thinks my opinion is the only one that matters. Get a clue.
  9. I think you need the education. What I stated is complete fact. It's not even debatable if you are referring to the use of captions. If you are referring to the part about focusing on stories, I'm talking about for the purposes of this thread and not the medium itself. Of course comic books need stories. Otherwise, they'd just be prints for viewing.
  10. This is what I was wondering about. Beyond whether one likes it or not, Is it even fair or appropriate to think of these covers as "comic art?" Because once again, this is not about the stories inside the book. That issue exists whether we want to talk about these realistic covers or the endless amount of traditional comic art covers so once again, the conflating of these matters is pretty confusing. One issue has nothing to do with the other as I see it.
  11. The answer is up to the respondent and is entirely an opinion based situation so I still don't know why it's so difficult to express one's opinion on the matter.