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  1. $7.6MM estimated 3rd weekend, this is disappearing faster than the polar ice cap.
  2. And there's no chance they got this in 4300 theaters and spent $50mm on P&A. Using Deadline's numbers on the low budget CB movies, $90MM would be on the low side. Venom $100MM, Joker $120MM, DP $100MM, DP2 $110MM. P&A is much more a fixed than variable cost when you are trying to launch one of these on 4000+ screens. BOP could break even at $250MM given that there won't be any China in there but spending $175MM and maybe breaking even is a wasted opportunity.
  3. DCExcusesUnlimited GL- Ryan Reynolds mis-cast as a superhero; Geoff Johns, knows comics, should have been more involved; Geoff Johns, doesn't know movies, should have been less involved. Result: critical bomb (27 Metacritic), box office bomb. BOP- the rating, the title, the release date, the marketing. Result: critical (60 Metacritic), box office bomb. Shazam- the release date, the marketing, too dark for kiddies. Result: critical hit, box office dud. BvS- rushed to catch MCU, director's cut better. Result: critical bomb, box office JL- generic villain, Snyder cut unwatchable, release the Snyder cut. Result: critical , box office bomb. Suicide Squad- didn't realize there was film in the camera. Result: critical bomb, box office smash.
  4. Forbes followed up the Mendelson stooge that was worse at math than the dead Herbalife guy with Mr. Bean, whose box office predictions are more hilarious than his movies. BOP can top WW Even after the thing flopped opening weekend he was saying it could pass Batman's $411MM worldwide.
  5. Ben Affleck Dropped Out Of ‘The Batman’ Amid Fears He’d “Drink Himself To Death” Takeaway: the -script is good
  6. BOP 11 day US $62MM, slightly lags R rated CB movies by: Logan $94.5MM, Joker $139MM, Deadpool 2 $156.5MM, Deapool $175MM #releasethePG13Snydercut
  7. shotgunned by Sonic after 4 days
  8. it's the holiday, look at the other weekend drops: BB2 -6%, 1917 -11%, Jumanji flat; in 2014 when V-Day was on Friday and Prez day was Monday, Lego was down 28%.
  9. racing Dark Phoenix to the bottom, will need a big Japan or China release to get to $250MM WW