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  1. Avatar 2 20th Century Fox James Cameron's long-awaited sequel to his groundbreaking 3D film will finally arrive in cinemas on 17 December, 2021 UNTITLED DISNEY LIVE ACTION December 22, 2021 UNTITLED STAR WARS December 16, 2022 Avatar 3, December 22, 2023 UNTITLED STAR WARS December 20, 2024 Avatar 4, December 19, 2025 UNTITLED STAR WARS December 18, 2026 Avatar 5, December 19, 2027
  2. some bonehead had this in a 50 ct box that was ready to go for an upcoming mini-con at the local library; oh, the bonehead was me
  3. China run is over; did $900K on its last day (Thursday); lack of extension probably cost $7MM+ in add'l BO
  4. Taika Waititi’s ‘Akira’ Will Take Off In Summer 2021 Warner Bros. has unveiled that the WB event film that was hanging around May 14, 2021 is now moving to May 21, 2021 and will be Taika Waititi’s take on famed cult manga Akira.
  5. Dental Surgery Delays ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’; Release Date Moves To 2020
  6. the Atom run trumps the Aquaman run on the trash-o-meter
  7. Blade Runner #1 NM+, #2 NM DD #227 NM, #228 NM+, #229 NM, #230 NM+, #232 NM-, #232 NM+, #233 NM Marvel No Prize NM, NM+ Marvel Super Special NM+ PPSSM #107 NM, #108 VF/NM, #109 NM, #110 NM+ WW #7 NM+, #9 NM
  8. Movie review engine Rotten Tomatoes is adding a level of verification to demonstrate that audience reviews come from actual ticket buyers. and thus endeth the lesson