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  1. Ava DuVernay's New Gods

    probably a two-fer, promised she could deliver Oprah as Granny Goodness
  2. +1, BP will be #2 next weekend. will have to find solace in passing Avengers as #1 superhero movie at the US box office.
  3. heading to #3 (until A:IW arrives)
  4. $700MM US feels just out of reach, will have to be content with $685MMish US and $1.3BB WW (#10 all time until A:IW knocks it down a notch)
  5. the downside of March madness: having to watch commercials. who is this movie's target audience? 5 year olds that have no imagination?
  6. On the bright side we have Black Panther which is performing like a summer tentpole during the first quarter of the year, set to hit $607.4M this Sunday, and what many ultimately believe will be an end game of $650M stateside, $1.25 billion worldwide and now per our film finance sources will churn a total estimated profit of $461M after all ancillaries (ironically, a total that’s close to what some analysts believe Disney CEO Bob Iger could earn over four years if he hits all his performance goals in his compensation package). That’s a sizeable chunk of change, one that’s higher than the profits of Avengers: Age of Ultron $382.3M and Captain America: Civil War‘s $193.4M, and we’re informed a lot of that has to do with the fresh face cast of Black Panther. There’s not a lot of heavy participations impacting Black Panther‘s bottom line in the Robert Downey Jr. or Joss Whedon Avengers sense, nor is it at the level of a Fast & Furious cast where its top players reportedly earn $0.40 of every $1 of profit after breakeven. Note Disney did not generate these Black Panther profit estimates for us. Half a billion in profit Oh, and those end game numbers are too low. After a $29MM weekend, this thing is going to do a hell of a lot more than an additional $43MM US. Won't beat but will threaten Pacific Rim next weekend.
  7. an embarrassment of riches
  8. still waiting for the fake Twitter news BO impact #14 after this weekend, 100 spots ahead of this waste of $400MM 114 Justice League WB $657.9 $229.0 34.8% $428.9 65.2% 2017 16 Black Panther BV $1,126.5 $578.4 51.3% $548.1 48.7% 2018
  9. BP buries Tomb Raider (these write themselves): From Deadline: ‘Black Panther’ Still Boss At The B.O. Running Toward $600M+; ‘Tomb Raider’ At $22M-$24M – Midday Update
  10. Ava DuVernay's New Gods

    it's WB, i wouldn't mark my calendar. i'm at the theater waiting for the doors to open for the first showing of The Flash starring Ezra Miller
  11. Ava DuVernay's New Gods

    just a hunch, might want to load up on New Gods #3
  12. worked well for WB the last time they hired a director Marvel had fired
  13. by end of day Friday, w/ no problem. Wed was down 4% from previous week. spring breaks kicking in big time. if weekend is high $20's, then sinking Titanic is practically a given. question then becomes: could it possibly get to $700MM US?
  14. from this post forward: take 20% off all books listed for $50 or less, 10% off everything else