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  1. in my neighborhood, "nice" isn't the word to describe it
  2. time will tell, this website as bullish 2019 Oscars: Early predictions for next year’s nominees by Wesley Lara2 weeks agoFollow @WesLara 5: Black Panther Directed by Ryan Coogler Starring: Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Danai Gurira and Lupita Nyong’O Superhero films don’t have a particularly strong reputation within the ranks of the Academy. The common complaint is that superhero films are nothing more than mindless entertainment, which isn’t always inaccurate. Superhero films are primarily there to entertain their audiences with cool fights, great effects and some wonderfully bombastic action. While Black Panther will claim to have that in spades, its empowering message and immense box-office success could meaneven brighter things for the Marvel blockbuster. For one, the film’s unique soundtrack and design are bound to have the film score some technical nods, particularly in the costume, set and score sections (I’m personally hoping for a Best Original Score nomination for adding to the film’s atmosphere). However, Black Panther might not even stop there, as the film’s progressive atmosphere and impressive handling by director, Ryan Coogler could serve as justification in nominations for Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Director and even a Best Picture nomination. Logan snagged a nod last year, so why not Black Panther for this year? Predicted nomination(s): Best Production Design Best Costume Design Best Original Score Best Adapted Screenplay Best Director for Ryan Coogler Best Picture
  3. don't understand Disney jamming A Wrinkle in Time back into theaters on two separate occasions so it can pass $100MM US and letting this one expire within spitting distance of $700MM
  4. Breaking News_now_2018-06-13 07:30:09_jstrause&utm_term=hollywoodreporter_breakingnews
  5. $685MM US, $375MM China, $990MM other Int'l = $2.050BB
  6. paperheart

    Disney/Fox Talks

    Brad Bird's Fantastic Four
  7. paperheart

    1% of books are 40% of the CGC Census

    and given that the last 9.8 sold for $3, that's a savvy use of $85K
  8. some one in China already got the golden ticket but Chip can still try to catch the guy who's seen it 44 times and was invited to the Avengers 4 premiere.
  9. paperheart

    THE INCREDIBLES 2 (2017?)

    thank you, brad bird.
  10. too late. w/ the $900K from China on Monday and the $1.5MM upward adjustment from the weekend, it's already happened
  12. $1.998BB (before final adjustments), $2BB going to have to wait a day
  13. paperheart

    Heritage upping the Buyers Premium

    +1, i've tracked every comic auction including each Sunday for over 10 years but since they opened an office in CA , i don't think i've ever won a book. i finally gave up tracking the Sunday auctions this week