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  1. Hong Kong Disneyland, Movie Theaters Closing Again Due To COVID-19 Surge
  2. Analyst Cuts 2020 Box Office Estimate, Says Cinemas Will Reopen in September "at the Earliest" Handler reduced his 2020 box office forecast to a "near-70 percent decline compared to our prior view for a 55 percent-60 percent decrease," saying: "For the back half of the year we project third-quarter and fourth-quarter box office revenue could fall 90 percent and 50 percent, respectively, down from our previous forecast calling for a decline of 65 percent and 29 percent." that would bring this year in at around $3.5BB
  3. sold my VF+ copy on Ebay in 15 mins at 7x what i couldn't sell it for here. a pittance but thanks.
  4. couldn't sell my kinda beat up VF+ copy here for $4; off to ebay it goes
  5. Deadline has consistently said that studios will look to NY & LA to determine release dates; LA is on fire and Garcetti mentioned reversion to stay at home and NYC banned large gatherings through Sept. Unless studios change their thinking, movie theaters aren't opening soon.
  6. probably a day away from another 2 week push back based on prior announcements: June 12, June 26, July 10
  7. re-opening as we're back to shutting down; guess you can't edit posts more than a year old- no one will read this anyway but thread has re-opened Demon #40-58 not available
  8. stick a fork in this year Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Closes Movie Theaters For At Least A Month Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Bans Fourth Of July Fireworks Displays, Prohibits Gatherings With People You Don’t Live With, Puts “Hard Pause” On Movie Theater Reopenings
  9. there looks to be a spot of red about 2/3's up Mjolnir if you're looking from the inside
  10. Last but not least, a tainted piece of comics history: Journey Into Mystery #114 (QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQualified) VF- (looks nicer but crease lower left BC) but that is not all, this is an infamous Eastern Color file copy (see attached thread), so assume this has a married, trimmed cover, bad juju, taint of Dupcack, etc. $60 SOLD, Curiousity killed the ... Lizard