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  1. paperheart

    LUKE CAGE on Netflix Gatsby called it in the Iron Fist thread, these shows are going to re-surface on the Disney streaming service.
  2. paperheart

    Venom Movie

    thursday night preview $'s have been rolled into Friday's reported grosses since they became a thing. this isn't even a debate- you can't seem to grasp a simple fact; where is Bosco to agree with me when I need him? This is Thursday 10/4, Venom's preview night. Reported box office Zero This is Friday 10/5, Venom's "Opening Day" reported box office $32.5MM (which INCLUDES the $10MM from Thursday's previews) , Total Box Office $32.5MM (which INCLUDES the $10MM from Thursday's previews) This is Saturday 10/6. Venom's reported box office $26.4MM, Total Box Office $58.9MM This is Sunday 10/7. Venom's reported box office $21.4MM, Total Box Office $80.3MM
  3. paperheart

    Venom Movie

    me? that's box office mojo. they are the bible. here's mendelson. Yes, Tom Hardy’s Venom opened with an amazing $32.75 million Friday last night. That includes $10m in Thursday previews this ain't rocket science. you are just wrong, onward.
  4. paperheart

    Venom Movie

    nope, that's flat out wrong.
  5. paperheart

    Venom Movie

    which included $10MM Thursday previews. referenced above.
  6. paperheart

    Venom Movie

    venom previews began at 5pm, Halloween at 7 pm. Deadline now at $32MM Friday, equal to Venom but more front end loaded, so $75MM weekend. Huge # given tracking was at $40MM as of 3 weeks ago and production budget is $10MM.
  7. paperheart

    Venom Movie

    $18MM+ third weekend, this is a great #. $200MM+ US assured. over under $450MM by end of weekend. $650MM+ WW likely (w/ $100MMish China), $700MM may not be out of the question.
  8. MOKF #21, #25, #26 Lion King #1-2 at 50% off
  9. paperheart

    Venom Movie

    Venom's October opening weekend record may have lasted for all of 2 weeks. Deadline projecting Halloween at potential $90MM based on $10MM previews (that began at 7pm tonight)- they have really started calling these #'s earlier and earlier therefore the possibility of being way wrong is greater and greater. They've already backed off that estimate and are now saying $75MM, the guy should work on Wall Street.
  10. paperheart


    a much more interesting ?, so I asked
  11. my list: post X-men (2000) and doesn't include obvious dogs I didn't see (Spirit, Ghost Rider, FF, etc) 10)Avengers: Age of Ultron 9)X-Men: Apocalypse 8)X-Men: Last Stand 7)Iron Man 3 6)Justice League 5)Batman vs Superman 4)Spider-Man 3 3)Amazing Spider-Man 2 2)Green Lantern 1)Suicide Squad