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  1. would not be a surprise if the 800 pound gorilla takes this route; they've already nailed down 75MM subscribers to D+ so aren't in scramble/catch-up mode like HBOMax
  2. WB throwing in the towel on the entirety of 2021 given the coming vaccines seems an over-reaction but time will tell. If Disney goes this route then the US movie theater biz will be a shell of its former self.
  3. nope, which is why "stock" of movies like Black Widow have tanked from pre-pandemic levels Black Widow (BWDOW) H$144.19 H$12.47 (7.96%)
  4. AMC Boss Adam Aron On Warner Bros HBO Max 2021 Theatrical Window Shakeup: Studio Sacrificing “Considerable” Profit probably doesn't know what he's talking about so disregard
  5. let's see, the market had expected Suicide Squad to do $166MM in its first 4 weeks of release, now it expects it to do $74MM. therefore, WB's pandemic related move is directly tied to coronavirus's impact on the world wide box office (which i believe is the title of your thread)
  6. selling only accelerated The Suicide Squad (SUIC2) H$74.38 H$92.18 (55.34%) Dune (DUNE) H$75.21 H$84.42 (52.88%)
  7. and here's the "stock" market reaction The Suicide Squad (SUIC2) H$100.65 H$65.91 (39.57%) Change TodayCurrent Value Dune (DUNE) H$99.09 H$60.54 (37.93%)
  8. Germany’s Cinemas To Remain Closed Until January 10; ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Will Move Off Scheduled Date
  9. Metamorpho #1 CGC 9.4 Plastic Man #1 CGC 9.4 Boston Secret Origins Annual #1 CGC 9.2 Old label Spectre #1 CGC 9.4 Strange Adventures #205 CGC 9.2 Old label Teen Titans #1 CGC 9.4