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  1. Does that thin cover stock Marvel used during that time play nicely with pressing?
  2. Garage sale find. Mom getting rid of her kids TMNT collection. Total $7. This is us processing. Tons of weapons.
  3. Wow, this thread has triggered some memories. In the 80's, my allowance was $2 in food stamps a week. Comics were .60 cents. There was a lot of hemming and hawing on what penny candies to buy so I can get the change to purchase a comic. It was usually a pack of Now and Later's since they were .15 cents. I lived in a few households growing up. My mother encouraged the comic books but when I lived with my Grandfather, he thought they were trash and insisted that I read authors like Jack London and Mark Twain. The classics. I remember buying newspapers to hid my comics in. I did this wi
  4. He's prominently featured in Machine Man (LS) #3 and #4 before that. That Spider-man Annual, if the cover says anything, features a newer armor. Cover to Machine Man 2020 #2 (reprints MM LS #3 and #4). Love it.
  5. Great book, I would want them all!!! Has the IM 2020 showed up in any modern book so far or do we have to wait until next year?
  6. Watch out for Machine Man 2020 #1 as well. This reprints Machine Man #1 and #2 of the limited series. I'm a sucker for reprints but don't know how many copies printed of each. Love that BWS cover