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  1. That is a great mystery around how many are out there and the channels to get one of those.... I just received mine just last week.... gonna see if I can hunt for more...
  2. Apparently they are low print run for this. Not a lot of people know much about it...but looks like Chris Burnham had a limited supply of "INSANELY RARE" copies at his booth while at NYCC..... I just picked one up as well CGC 9.8.... might have overpaid, but this seems like a grail to have....
  3. Had some really good member buys yesterday... got a few more up... feel free to make offers..!
  4. If that's the case, then I feel like an a**hole for being snippy..... totally my bad
  5. Uhhh... I wasn't askng for near GPA.... I was willing to let it go for 40% discount as I know they need to make a profit.... don't know where you got the 10-20% from
  6. I sold my NYX #3 9.8 Stan Lee SS last month for 1500.00. It might take a while to get to $10,000
  7. It was on ebay for 200 and no takers so I just dropped it to 175.00 on here.... it's been slow with moderns (probably as expected), so it might be better for me to dump the whole lot as a fire sale and eat my losses....