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  1. Bought a CGC book from Daniel, great packing, fast shipping & great communication. Hope to buy/sell from again in the future!
  2. Great updates. Can't close thread. But anyway, this thread is closed. Thanks to all the buyers and lookers
  3. All right. Want to move this stuff. 20% off every thing remaining. EXCEPT THE CGC. 30% off if you've already purchased something. Thats you @Bobby Watts @redknight99
  4. Web of Venom Empyre's End #1 Ken Lashley Virgin Variant (Unknown Comics / SLH) NM or better $20.00
  5. I lied, here's some more books. Found a good stack of books that fit this thread perfectly.
  6. That'll be it for this thread. I have more books like this but I probably won't get to them until after the holidays. So that'll be another thread, will probably keep open until the end of the weekend. I'll work on the recap shortly. Thanks for looking