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  1. Matt, Well, I am back for a second post. I cannot find X-23 (2018). Can you please add this Marvel title, thanks. V/R Eric
  2. Hi Matt, new to the process of requesting new series to be added. I am requesting Sepulcher from Illustration Studios released in 2000 be added as a set. I have all comics from this series graded. I will understand if due to the obscurity of the title if CGC does not add as a series. Hi @Enjoyhockey, Thank you for your request. CGC has graded one copy of each of the 4 issues so this would be too obscure to warrant a set. This would look great as a custom set though! Thanks for your patience and reviewing my request. V/R Eric
  3. First, thank you for the ability to request additions. I am requesting that the series for lady mechanika (the clockwork assassin, la dama de la Muerte, and la belle dame sans merci) be added to the lady mechanika (complete) sreies. Thank you. Eric
  4. Hi Mollie, Can you please add in the Generation titles from Marvel, psecifically the ones for Wolverine and All-new Wolverine. Thanks.
  5. Not sure what you mean by where I am posting? Yes it would be a competitive set.
  6. CGC, I cannot find a competitive spot to put the generations comics that are related to All-New Wolverine. Can these comics be added to the All-New Wolverine title run you have already. Thanks. V/R Eric
  7. CGC, There seems to be no competitive set place to enter Doomsday Clock comics. If there is could you please direct me to that location, or start one please. Thanks. V/R Eric
  8. Collector Society, There is no current tab for Batman Beyond at this time. Request you add the tab for Batman Beyond for the new rebirth series. Thank you. V/R Eric
  9. I am asking for Wraithborn Redux and I Hate Fairyland to be added to the sets that can be accessed from the set manager screen. Eric
  10. I am requesting that Dawn: Return of the Goddess #1-4 be added, and for #1-4 signed be added as well as #1-4 variants. I am also requesting that I Hate Fairyland all be added to include variants which are F$$$ Fairyland. Thank you for you help in this matter. V/R Eric