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  1. So what books are you selling to shoo next Catwoman *The sequel
  2. Sad news to hear about a fellow member RIP Bob
  3. Your happy about the book and that's what matters most Nice pick up
  4. I know the address off by heart now haha which is scary for my bank account
  5. Enjoyed the dark film and surely they make part two with the way it ended
  6. Nice book to have, I'm blessed to have 1 that I got for a steal I hope you find one soon
  7. Ouch what a crazy,nasty piece of work , lives in my city and I'm glad I haven't bumped in to him
  8. Recently purchased 2 books from whetteon and was delivered safe and sound, very happy with the books, easy to do business with and recommend highly
  9. Movies can wait, health and safety comes first, all I know is when everything settles and life gets back to normal, I will be watching movies non stop