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  1. I wouldn't be using halo, I'd rather ship my books half way around the world instead of 10hours up a highway to Qld. As you said "trust the system", it will be worth it mate
  2. I asked them that same question 3 times via emails and phone calls and they said they don't do that anymore. Oh well
  3. Never send in 1 book and try to make sure they are the same tier , that's my advice, I send bulk to CGC, only problem I've encountered is I sent moderns along with ASM 129 and since that was graded quicker and was a different tier, it cost me $80 to ship back 1 book while the others came back 3 weeks later and cost another $80. Fedex is great for international shipping, always feel safe when dealing with them through CGC, my advice is stick with them, they are spot on with delivery times. You could send to a US friend, but with all the mucking around, is it worth it?
  4. Been super quiet lately due to traveling around Australia, but im starting back up now
  5. I enjoyed the movie but fans on social media have found a few theories floating around.
  6. Spine ticks, I can see plenty, they won't miss them ...7 - 8
  7. Hot book at present, eBay going off the charts on a 9.8 looks like a 8-8.5