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  1. They don't update when the transaction is complete, so usually -- especially if it's been listed that way for a long time -- it means it's sold and gone. It doesn't hurt to hit the waitlist in general, though. I did have one exchange buyer not pay after I already sent the book to Clink, and I've never gotten unrelated emails when I tried their waitlist.
  2. I got the main book I wanted (but it's in a Voldy slab). It's interesting that the HG Peter Wonder Woman unpublished partial page OA that started off a recent slate of similar partial pages on HA came up again after only a year. It went $4063 the first time, which surprised me, and $1560 today. If bidding had tailed off at $1560 the first time up, I would've pushed for it. I didn't bid on it this time.
  3. The Captain Marvel #6 cover in this auction might have the lowest quality aftermarket stats I've ever seen.
  4. This ends at 11:29 EST tonight and currently it's a screaming deal. ($400 as I write this.) Edit: Ended at $400.
  5. SOLD! ASM 11 UK. Heritage listed this as 5.0. Has some toning/yellowing on the cover. Not visible in the head-on front cover pic are that some of the small marks are associated with pings to the cover. The colors are really nice in person. Asking $199 shipped, which is less than I paid.
  6. All-Star Comics 33. The spine is mostly gone, spots on the back, just general roughness. The book seems to be taking off in lower grades, with a 3.0 having just gone for $1560 and a few months ago a couple copies with larger pieces out of the front went mid-400s. $390 shipped.
  7. Hi everyone. I went a little crazy buying the past couple of weeks so I'm listing a couple of books from my collection I hadn't planned on listing. Both are past raw purchases from Heritage. I'm not used to selling raw books so if there's something in particular I missed feel free to mention it. Also, the camera used for everything but the main front cover pic tends to wash out red colors. No HOS or probation. Pay preferably by paypal, but I will accept check (once cleared) and money order. Shipping is included in the price. U.S. only. No returns.
  8. Hi all. The Wally Wood page from The Wizard King I had for sale here for a couple of days is now on Comiclink, ending Monday the 8th. I presume most of you know the book, but basically Wally wrote and drew this fantasy story late in his career and had hoped he could convince a studio to turn it into a movie. I bought this page impulsively last year and, while I still think it's about the best example you can find without a major jump in price, I was making a couple of other tough cuts for my first consignment and had to face that this (or any W.W.) doesn't fit my current collection. I had a feeling Wally Wood might be overlooked on Clink, and currently this is trailing some of my other pieces it really shouldn't be.
  9. I recommend against Dave & Adam's. My one order with them was the worst experience I've had in collectibles.
  10. Con sketches of copyrighted characters are tolerated, but legally on shaky ground. Colleen Doran among others has talked about that. And besides, you sell prints. You really need to hire lawyer to examine your own possible liabilities for your works before you draw any more attention to yourself. Maybe you're correct and everything's the way you think, but if you're asserting copyright over an unlicensed image of a Disney character you better have absolutely everything on your site and every recorded sale cleared first.
  11. If that and the Marvel and Darth Vader prints you sell are unlicensed, you're better off forgetting about this.
  12. I know they're normally automated, I've sold through them before, but for whatever reason this one hasn't relisted on eBay even though it's still for sale.