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  1. I saw that on the Catskills site the other day and thought it was cool to see her do a different Marvel character. I've been thinking about getting a piece by her for a quite a while now, but I've never wanted a commission before and have multiple characters I'd like by her so I keep vacillating.
  2. CLOSED Updated with Sensation Comics 22 5.0 off-white pages. Terms are the same. Wonder Woman #28 5.0 white pages, centerfold detached. Featuring the last GA appearance for most of WW's villains, including Cheetah. One of my favorites and I think it's underappreciated. The case has many small marks front and back. Clink sticker on back. ... Hey all, I could use some cash before the end of the year so for now I'm listing a few things. I bought them all slabbed, but most look like they haven't been pressed (hence why I bought them). Shipping USPS in a large priority mail box is included in the price. Pay by paypal within a day of a deal. Other shipping or payment might be possible, but contact me about it. No HOS or probation. No returns. Just so you know, I probably won't be around in the evening tonight (Thursday) to reply until the early hours on Friday. SOLD Batman 35 3.0 off-white to white pages. Has a great cat splash for the Catwoman app. Lots of visible soft folds. The case has several marks which show up pretty well in the pictures rather than the scan. CC sticker on back. $225 SOLD Green Hornet #7 3.5 white pages. Kirby cover. 1st app. in Harvey. 9 blue and 1 purple on the census. Also includes at least one first appearance in the Blonde Bomber. Clink sticker on back. $300 (I currently only have a front scan but can take pics soon if it doesn't sell beforehand.) SOLD Comic Cavalcade #11 6.0 off-white to white pages. GA WW and Cheetah number 3 of 4. $340 Most of the pictures were in high angle lighting that tends to give a shadow/halo along three edges and any changes in height, so I either included scans or an extra picture.
  3. About two weeks ago, they had a major error. I wouldn't be surprised if the current downtime is a result of attempting to fix underlying issues.
  4. I recommend reading their yelp reviews.
  5. This would mean more if people didn't buy and sell stolen OA when given a semi-plausible excuse why it's okay. Taking advantage of someone's ignorance of market prices isn't even a blip on the radar compared to a lot of what happens in the hobby, it's just also not something some of us would do. That's all. I don't see why the buyer would change their plans when most people couldn't care less.