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  1. I'd like to add my Uncanny Avengers 7 Signature variant 1579944003 but the uncanny avengers set Uncanny Avengers (Vol. 1- 2015) where I think this fits only goes up to end of 2015 issue 4 - could this extended to 2016 to include 2016 issue or would this need to be a new set ? - much appreciated - Pete Uncanny Avengers 7 Certification 1579944003
  2. would it be possible to add a Black Window (2016) w/variants set please any chance of a huntress (1989) or (1989 - new 52) added please as I can't see any huntress set other then robin III mini series can't see anywhere to add mother panic or shade changing girl - is there a set for young animal imprint to cover all young animal titles that I've missed and a set for Scooby apocalypse - if not would it be possible to add one please maybe a young animal set and a hanna-barbar new or just apocalypse set please I'd also like to add green lanterns rebirth (1592266002) dc universe rebirth batwoman 1 (1592267008) rebirth batman dective comics 948 (1592267009) uncanny x-men 266 (1592262003) ive just got back can a place for these be added please