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  1. Not sure if this is the right area to post this but it seemed the most appropriate. I’m looking to get quite a few books pressed and cleaned. The thing is some of these books are old and very brittle not I. The greatest shape but would benefit from a press. Other are newer books I think could get a 9.8 and would like to help insure that. So basically looking for some recommendations for a top notch person with a lot of experience to press my books. Thanks
  2. I want to say thank you to everyone for chiming in. I wasn’t thinking of grading more of an authentication thing
  3. Another quick thought too. There a lot of people that are verified witnesses for both big companies that I personally have seen them verify books they weren’t right there to see based on the fact they know someone or feel that the persons trust worthy at cons comics shop owners it happens. I guess point being it shouldn’t be to hard to find out if a piece of the original comic art work was done by a particular artist and have them verify it. I’m sure they would rather verify that they did it than have a bunch of imposter work out there. Personally I think this would be a vauluable asset to have from Cgc and I would be willing to pay more if there was a premium for the opportunity to slab original comic art.
  4. I don’t want to sell it’s more rather it tells the story and looks very professional. I also value the incapsulation for keeping it safe. There will come a time when verifying old signatures will be quite expensive and there are many great artist that can duplicate but aren’t the real deal so to speak. I think it would be awesome if you could do whole pages in a slab have artist name and what book it’s from and that it’s a verified copy. It just seems weird to me that this hasn’t caught on yet that’s why I wanted to ask. I do have quite a few comics slabbed and not all of them are vauluable more they have a special meaning to me and I like how they look slabbed and the label with the details of the book. I have a lot of friends that don’t collect comics that can look read and say oh that’s cool I think it not only educated but also makes it easier for less informed collectors or just people that may like the art have an easier entry point. Also I’d never cut my art work was just hoping there was a way to slab. I mean they slab posters now I’m pretty sure why not original artwork
  5. I’m just starting to get into buying original art work and was curious do you guys slab your pieces or just encase them yourselves also how would that even be graded or certified or can it be verified even. I’m not really sure where to start on this. Also is the sticky at the top stil a good starting point for buying original artwork. Thanks looking forward to learning some things from you guys.
  6. I’m interested in purchasing some original comic pages from a few of my favorite artist but I’m not really sure where I should begin looking for them. Also I was wondering if anyone submits there original comic pages to CFC for encapsulation to keep them safe or is there any other recommended steps to do for keeping them safe. Thanks guys
  7. Sorry but that’s too pricey for me I’m looking for a lower grade so I can afford it then upgrade later.