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  1. This KCO 202 NB is for sale on eBay. I've seen KCO 203, 205 and 206 NBs, but I am pretty sure I have never seen a 202.
  2. Not sure every eBay member has it, but i have found eBay Concierge, where you message real-time with a customer service rep., to be a very useful tool. You also are provided a transcript of your session.
  3. I found this World's Finest 283 today in a dollar bin. The missing month (September) caught my eye. The existence of a no-month version of World's Finest 283 is documented above, but an image of one has not yet been posted, so I am posting the image below.
  4. Take the following per PM: Captain Marvel 52 35c 4.5 Champions 14 35c 5.0 Defenders 51 35c 7.0 Doctor Strange 23 35c 4.5 Doctor Strange 25 35c 3.5 Ghost Rider 26 35c 6.0 Incredible Hulk 213 35c 4.0 Kull 21 35c 4.5 Kull 22 35c 5.0 Marvel Two-In-One 29 35c 4.5 Marvel Two-In-One 30 35c 5.0 Ms. Marvel 10 35c 4.5 Omega 10 35c 5.5
  5. Thanks. I was trying to think of other higher-priced books to test my theory. But enough of that. I don't want to open that can of worms here.
  6. I find it interesting how the black ink precisely fills in some of the webbing pattern on Spidey' s left forearm and hand.
  7. There likely is not a Whitman 3 pack containing FF 200 because FF 200 was a 60c double-size issue, and thus it would not fit into the Whitman 3 pack pricing scheme. This has some bearing on the Marvel Whitman debate. As far as I can tell, there was not a FF 200 direct edition. This seems consistent with the position that the Marvel direct editions of this era were made solely for Whitman 3 packs.
  8. Go to your local P.O. in person and have a manager check tracking internally. Not all scans of a package show up on the public website tracking. It sounds like you started a trace on the package, but if not, do that. eBay is aware of the USPS delays this holiday season and hopefully will tell the buyer to be patient.