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  1. Hang in there, Joe. Don't rush the process.
  2. I have always thought the heads in the LRH corner of these two were oddly similar, esp. since they are only four issues apart.
  3. My understanding is that a Tattooz insert has not yet been found in a New Mutants #1. They could be out there, though.
  4. I am looking to buy raw copies, newsstand or direct, of the following issues from March, 1983 which contain the Tattooz insert. I would like to buy VF or better, but would definitely consider lower grade copies. Please message me if you have any to sell. Thanks, Andy Dr. Strange Special Edition #1 Further Adventures Of Indiana Jones #3 G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #9 Incredible Hulk Vs. Quasimodo #1 Ka-Zar The Savage #24 King Conan #15 Kull The Conqueror #2 Marvel Fanfare #7 Micronauts #51 Moon Knight #2929 New Mutants #1 Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe #3 Spectacular Spider-Man #76 Red Sonja #2 Rom #40 Team America #10 Warlock Special Edition #4
  5. One plus in traveling for work is hitting comic shops in new locales. Found this yesterday at a LCS in Oklahoma.
  6. This sort of investment vehicle could possibly be considered a "security" under the laws of many states, and therefore subject to the securities regulations of the states where it is offered for sale. I wonder if the persons who are offering this great opportunity considered that.
  7. Spectacular Spider-Man #64, 03/1982 - first Cloak And Dagger.
  8. Is this SS 4 with the UK price on the Surfer's board considered a pence variant or a US book with a stamp on it? How does the value of such books compare to the same books without the stamps? Thank you