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  1. Hidden 35s have been pretty tough for me to find on eBay lately, and when I do find one, I usually end up bidding against at least one other person who spotted it. Recently, however, I used a BIN to get a lot which had these three 35s hidden in it.
  2. The original Marvel Giant Size titles had two other such name changes: 1. Giant Size Chillers (Featuring The Curse Of Dracula) #1 became Giant Size Dracula with #2 (to make things slightly more confusing, there was then a second Giant Size Chillers title which started with #1). 2. Giant Size Super-Stars #1 (Featuring Fantastic Four) became Giant Size Fantastic Four with #2.
  3. Exactly. The reason I posted was I had a 30 cent variant listed on eBay for a while with an OBO with no real interest. Then in a short time, I had 5 watching and someone bought it without making an offer. I figured there must have been some rumor or news which caused the interest, but I found none.
  4. Champions 7, first app. Yuri Petrovich, seems to be getting more interest. Obviously a Black Widow-related character, but I can't find anything about that character being in Black Widow. Is Yuri Petrovich in Black Widow?
  5. Recently found these two hidden in lots on eBay.
  6. Wow, more than I asked for, but all of it is very interesting info! Thanks! As always, you have provided well articulated, thorough information.
  7. Thanks for checking on that!👍
  8. Does the indicia in UK versions show the price in British currency or is it identical to US versions? Thx
  9. I recently found this in the wild at a LCS. I later noticed the printing error between the "I" and "N" of "THING" on the front cover (see pic). I did a little quick research and all the 35¢ variants I found had the defect (as did all the Mark Jeweler insert copies, Whitman variants and UK edition copies). All the 30¢ copies I found did not have the defect, except for one copy (possibly a MJ insert copy?). Does anyone have a 35¢ variant without the defect?
  10. Here is something some of you may find interesting (or not). For the 36 Marvel titles which had 35¢ price variants followed by a 11/1977 issue, there are at least four different typeface varieties used in the price boxes in the 11/1977 issues. 27 titles had a typeface different from that used in the 35¢ variants - it has a "3" like the standard "3" previously in the price boxes and a tall, oval-shaped cent sign, as in the ASM 174 below. 3 of the titles (Captain America 215, DD 149 and Ms. Marvel 11) had a small "35 c", as in the Captain America 215 below. 5 of them (Marvel Tales 85, Marvel Triple Action 38, Marvel's Greatest Comics 74, Nova 15 and TOD 61) had the "35¢" found in the price variants, as in the TOD 61 shown below. One of them - Godzilla 4, shown below - had the standard "3" and the price variant "5" and "¢", which to me is pretty goofy looking.
  11. I just got back from C2E2 in Chicago. I did not go there primarily to look for comic books, but I did do a little bit of that. Literally the first or second book I looked at was this one. Nothing spectacular, but I never found a price variant so easily. Of course I was skunked the rest of the day.
  12. Thanks. The seller knew it was a rarer price variant but did not title the listing as such, and knocked a considerable amount off the OBO asking price.
  13. Picked these two up recently in separate eBay listings. The Sgt Fury 133 is in really nice condition, except that it appears to be slightly faded.
  14. Thor 248 NBS Variant cover art is very different from cover art on other Thor 248 covers (see below). Are any other Philippine issues like that?
  15. 8 days after you posted, I found this hiding on eBay.