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  1. Based on my own dealings with the USPS regarding lost mail, I suggest you go to your local post office in person and interact with the postmaster or a supervisor regarding the lost package. You should also request that a trace be put the package and that a lost item case be opened. The USPS often has additional information regarding the scanning of a package than what appears in the tracking history available to you on the internet.
  2. In my experience, when a book has a printer's crease, a similar printer's crease will sometimes exist on other copies of the same issue. A quick search of eBay found a couple examples of ASM 64 with a similar crease.
  3. There are alot of very interesting and informative threads on the boards pertaining to the topics you listed. Below is a link to a thread on star stamps.
  4. I got this as a Father's Day present a few years ago from my daughter and her husband, so it has sentimental value. I wear it pretty regularly because it is very comfortable, and of course I wear it every Father's Day.
  5. I recently bought a Tomb Of Dracula lot on eBay and was surprised to find the TOD #8 has a double cover! This is the first double cover I have found in the wild!
  6. A few of the more noteworthy 1st full appearances in Marvel 35 cent price variants are: Jocasta (Avengers #162) KISS (Howard The Duck #13) Machine Man (2001 #8) Rocket Racer (ASM #172) Starjammers (X-Men #107) Honorable Mentions 1st Godzilla in comic book (Godzilla #1) 1st Jack Of Hearts in color comic book (Incredible Hulk #214) 1st Thanos solo story (Logan's Run # 6) 1st White Tiger in a color comic book (Spetacular Spider-Man #9)
  7. Please grade my TOD 10. The most glaring defect is the rusty staples with some migration. The diagonal bend on the lower LH side of the FC has a few spots where color barely breaks. There is also that tear on the bottom edge of the BC. Thank you.
  8. Hi. I would appreciate the collective wisdom of the boardies on grading this. I believe the pics document all the defects, including: Small tear FC top edge (which I believe occurred during the shipping of the book - grrr); large color-breaking bends/creases FC LLH corner and FC LRH corner; damage/tears to upper outside corner; obvious tanning; several large non-color-breaking bends FC (the long horizontal bend across the FC about 1/3 of the way down appears in some of the pics to break color, but it does not); some color-breaking spine stress. Thank you
  9. Found two weeks apart hidden in lots on eBay.
  10. Perhaps you are thinking of the song "Disco Inferno" by The Trammps.
  11. X-Men 50, 96, 100 taken by PM.