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  1. Perhaps you are thinking of the song "Disco Inferno" by The Trammps.
  2. X-Men 50, 96, 100 taken by PM.
  3. The Tattooz insert is an unsealed envelope which is supposed to contain a Tattooz (temporary tattoo). The insert is usually inserted between the cover and first wrap so that the insert wraps around the spine and is stapled by the top staple. The opening of the insert is usually accessible between the last page and the back cover (I say "usually" because I have a book where the insert is wrapped so that the opening of the insert is between the front cover and first page, making the contents of the insert inaccessible). Therefore, in most cases where an insert is Tattooz-less, it is impossible to say whether the insert was produced without a Tattooz or the Tattooz was removed. The attached photo is of a Tattooz insert which was never attached to a book, and shows the opening of the insert.
  4. I am assembling a collection of March, 1983 Marvel issues, other than ASM 238 and FF 252, which contain a Tattooz insert. I believe that in issues other than ASM 238 and FF 252, the insert was only in newsstand editions. For most of the issues that month with a newsstand edition, I have been able to find copies with a Tattooz insert; however, a few issues have eluded me. I am looking to buy copies of the following issues with a Tattooz insert: Further Adventures Of Indiana Jones #3 Incredible Hulk Vs. Quasimodo #1 King Conan #15 Master Of Kung Fu #122 New Mutants #1 Red Sonja #2 Team America #10 If you have any of the above-listed books to sell, please message me. Thank you.
  5. I once had an Amazing Adventures #11 with a NDS insert. Pics of it are posted in a Comics General topic titled, "Star Stamps???". I also had a FF which I am pretty sure was #114 with a NDS insert.
  6. Regarding the timing of the printing of the square diamond Marvels (not including Star Wars issues), there is a printing error in Marvel Two-In One #31 which indicates the square diamond Marvels were printed at the same time as newsstand issues. There is a printing error which occurs in every copy of MTIO #31 which is not the standard 30¢ newsstand version - 35¢ price variant, MJ,UK and square diamond. That error is on the front cover, and is a pink area which should be blue between the I and N of "THING". Far fewer than half of the standard 30¢ newsstand copies have that error. It is my understanding that for any particular issue, versions other than the standard newsstand version were printed first. Also, logic would have it that the MTIO #31 copies with the error were printed first, then the error was corrected shortly into the printing of the standard 30¢ newsstand copies. All this would mean the square diamond version of MTIO #31 was printed at the same time as the 35¢ price variant, MJ and UK versions, right before the standard 30¢ version was printed.
  7. Hang in there, Joe. Don't rush the process.
  8. I have always thought the heads in the LRH corner of these two were oddly similar, esp. since they are only four issues apart.
  9. My understanding is that a Tattooz insert has not yet been found in a New Mutants #1. They could be out there, though.