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  1. Here's a couple of nice ones .... GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  2. It's not real gory or flashy, but it's still one of my Top 5 Vampirella covers. GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a frien d of jesus)
  3. A whole lot of high grade Weird Tales and many others in the Heritage Auction beginning at the end of April. Curious to see what the VF/NM "Queen of the Black Coast" reaches... I doubt I'll win it. but I may have to make someone work for it. GOD BLESS.... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  4. Same here.He knows how to grade too.Kudos to you Sir! Mine too ... and all in at least the grade he provided. GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  5. ... awesome. I have this. GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  6. Back in the day, I wonder how many of the women who were aghast with indignity over these types of magazines knew that these covers were produced by a woman ? GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  7. They were Pedrin File copies.... Andy had his slabbed and they came back 9.8's ... I've still got mine but it's so nice I'm scared to touch it. It might cause me to fold inward upon myself. GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  8. I've heard good things about Quick Books software, but haven't tried it yet... I was always very small scale and didn't use that sort of thing... but with all the added expectations, I probably will if I decide to continue. I always say I'm getting out, but I'd miss the hustle and bustle of comic sales. GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  9. One thing I have to say in favor of eBay is that they collect and (presumably) distribute the sales tax for you. This would be a HUGE bonus for me, as collecting sales tax for as many as 50 different entities would have been a deal breaker for me.... time to pack it in or go strictly Auction House. Now eBay isn't looking so bad. I just sold a bedsheet pulp there, a rare eBay sale for me, and sure enough, they pulled the sales tax for me. Bear in mind, I won't likely know until I receive a year-end accounting from eBay, but it looks promising if I want to continue selling without being in hot w
  10. Can you do an FF 13 with a black sky ? GOD BLESS ... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  11. The Inventory stays at what they call "cost of goods", so it only increases when sold .... estimated value, by you or them, has nothing to do with it. I found my tax bill is lower as more of my profit is reinvested into inventory. GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  12. It all depends on how much profit you make, not how much you sell. It can hurt if bought at cover and sold years later at an inflated price, but if you're buying for short term resale at 50 cents on the dollar, it isn't bad. I've also been told that they will be more lenient if you just began your journey in the realms of Business.... should a discrepancy arise. GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)