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  1. You should get the #86 as well ... it's a two-issue story that concludes in 86.... which also has a powerful cover. All I've got is our keeper copy, autographed by the artist, Neal Adams. GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  2. I don't remember all the details or even who told me. There is definitely a reason. Maybe the company has to have a Canadian presence or to accept Canadian currency. One thing I do know, I've never seen the blanks on anything except maybe a couple years of annuals. Personally, they don't bother me and I value them equally. I would LOVE to have a copy of ASM Annual 1 GOD BLESS.... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  3. An early and not terribly effective experiment with the Picture Frame format . GOD BLESS.... -jimbo(a friend of jesus) .... we have an outing planned tomorrow and guess what Judy is putting the lunch in ?
  4. I had as many as 5 copies of this at one time... some great art inside. GOD BLESS.... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  5. I was told the back covers are that way because Canada would not allow a periodical to advertise items that were not available to people in Canada under the stated terms of the ad.. or something of that nature. GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  6. I already do that. I use an accountant from a nationwide firm that will represent me if any auditing occurs. I find it difficult to achieve cash flow AND reach a profit of 30%. It's a lot more work than most realize. I find that running one "sales thread" or mass listing once per month worked best, but you're still at the mercy of supply.... sometimes it's just not there. GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a friend of jesus) ... I still have a lot to learn ...
  7. ... and being a collectible, almost a third of the profit goes back into Federal and State taxes .... so you need at least 30 % "profit" to get to the point where you're working your arse off for nothing. Still it can be a good side gig. GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  8. I think it was you who once said to not quit your day job. It's easy to make $ 500 a month but $ 5000 a month is a whole different story ... and that is SO true.... unless you're already flush with capital. GOD BLESS .... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  9. It's that way around here.... if you want to deduct anything and claim a loss ... which I had to a few times in the early years. This was relayed to me by the Office of The Commissioner of Revenue. This is for State filing... and again, around here, you don't want to be on their bad side. We live in a Commonwealth State, so maybe it's different for us. GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  10. "How to Lose Money and Win Friends" ... that's the working title anyway .... it'll probably lose money too. GOD BLESS.... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  11. Probably not this year. You absolutely need to get a business license if you want to continue. That would be around here, anyway. In my area the Business license is what separates you from a hobby and a business. With a license you can avoid some sales tax on purchases and you can write off many things, even your Internet service. I was sent my first unexpected 1099 in 2011 because of some sort of agreement I made to accept merchant cards... still don't know exactly what one of those is. I had to scramble, but luckily had some co-workers in Accounting to help keep the insanity at bay. The lice
  12. There was a mysterious used book store in downtown Raleigh where one could supposedly get an ASM 1 for 5 bucks, but I could never talk Dad into taking me. 5 dollars would be a years salary to me back then. GOD BLESS.... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  13. That was a bit before my time... I was alive but not a buyer yet. When I was a new buyer, spending all my yard money on comics (25-50 cents a week) it was circa '66 and on. My hot spots were a 7-11 and a Rexall Pharmacy at my Grandparents (summer time) and a place called "The Newstand" a couple miles from my house. They carried the best selection by far..... Harvey, Charlton, Gold Key, Marvel, Classics, and DC were all there on a 6 feet tall by 20 feet long shelf system. Lots of paperbacks and magazines available as well. I was on the cusp of the Stan Lee and Roy Thomas era ... my vocabulary w