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  1. The first FF that I ever saw ... I was impressed. GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  2. A person could up their bid to the reserve, which is in the 100 dollar region. The bid would then automatically go to that level. GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  3. First question is how much is your price limit ? If you can swing a few hundred you can get a nice Platinum variant of Spider-man 1 ... an early retailer's premium that might still have investment potential AND an iconic McFarlane cover. GOD BLESS.... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  4. Here's another cool one... though probably not Bolles. GOD BLESS.... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  5. That is a mighty cool cover. GOD BLESS.... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  6. I, on the other hand the Vulture. GOD BLESS.... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  7. Found this in a box at an LCS .... GOD BLESS.... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  8. Half the book is Ditko's Dr. Strange and the other half is the 1st appearance of S.H.I.E.L.D. Cool book and pretty nice shape. GOD BLESS..... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  9. My friend Mark is an LCS owner, and the only shop in our area that I know of that has a dedicated Dollar Box section. His are successful and what I like is that Marvel's, DC's, and Indy's each have their own area, and there are grouped batches of different titles, though no complete runs. He said that storage fees for overstock had become almost crippling, and decided to try this route. I usually grab something from them each time I visit. I've picked up obscure Vertigo titles, scarce B&W Indy's and much more. Everything is bagged and boarded, though not necessarily brand new bags and boards. He keeps the stock fresh and it's a steady revenue stream for him. GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  10. GOD BLESS.... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  11. I got this at Atomic Comics Emporium and one advantage of buying in person, you can select books that have strong eye appeal for the grade. There were many books in their latest submission that appeared strong for the grade. I'm still kicking myself for letting the GL/GA 76 slip away. GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  12. Sometimes we just happen to like the early issue that for some reason is cheaper than the others. I always loved this cover. This is also the last issue that Parker wore glasses, and is the issue where he knocked out Flash. GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  13. I've shipped thousands of comics and consider myself pretty good at packing. There have been several instances where a book left here fully attached and arrived with a staple detached. I would imagine that would be where this sort of damage occurs ... during shipping. GOD BLESS.... -jimbo(a friend of jesus)
  14. Jose Gonzales in here GOD BLESS.... -jimbo(a fgriend of jesus)