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  1. Nice books. HOS 92 is $800 in Fine 6.0 in the latest overstreet guide. So your price is really good on this. I'm tempted to get this as a second copy. Would you be able to take some better photos of these books? Can I humbly suggest that you take the slabs out of the bags. Just to photograph them. And try to use an app like this https://www.google.com/photos/scan/ Here is an example of a slab that I photo-ed w this app. thanks JL
  2. Weird highlights on this cover too. Everytime I see a copy I think that it had some unfortunately placed subscription stickers. But rodent horror OMG !!
  3. white patches are like fingerprints lifted off ink. I would definitely get this cleaned before submitting. I think some careful dry cleaning would improve the presentation substantially. thanks for the feedback all. Always appreciated. BTW. This cover is a Lily Renee who is my current artistic obsession. JL
  4. I'm not a fan of SS. I don't really care for autographs and I don't like paying extra for it. my .02 JL
  5. Mile High Comics had a 60% off all back issues sale over Memorial Day and I could not resist picking this up. Planet Comics #40. No spine splits. A bit dirty. Maybe some rust on staples. Pages are off-white to tan. Yellowed but not bad. Please let me know your opinions. thanks JL
  6. Based on the cover I would agree. Somewhere between 6.0 and 7.0. BTW I have 2 copies of this book. And yours looks really great. Very nice colors and gloss.
  7. Linguini is similar to but not my actual last name. People do call me Jimmy tho. Overland High School (Aurora CO) class of 1987
  8. Thanks Rick, you saved me $1800. I guess next round of books you put out I'm going to have to spend some $$ with you. thanks JL
  9. Someone please buy this book. I have an 8.5 already but I'm tempted to buy as this is a really good deal.
  10. OMG !! This is freaking amazing. You have the most incredible books. MIND BLOWN !!!
  11. Thanks everyone, I will probably send this out to get cleaned and pressed before submitting. I might have a little leeway in it because there’s a little bit of curvature to it. Don’t know if any of that stuff could be dry cleaned up in the logo area. JL
  12. Not a complete split but pretty fragile, I have a new technique for my GA books. I take a regular size mylar and trim about 1/4" off the left side. Then I carefully slip just the book into this 2 sided sleeve. I cut the bag so that it will fit into the same size bag 725m2 or 775m2 depending on the width. And then carefully slide the book and inner sleeve in boards on either side, this avoids that horrible pushin or dragging occurs when you slide the book through the top only. I put the board or boards behind the inner sleeve and then seal as usual. Yes this is sort of OT but my mind wanders
  13. Hi All, This is a lower grade copy of Planet #39 that I picked up from the always awesome Terry's Comics. Planet Comics 39 "spider-woman" cover by Lily Renee. Fiction House. Front cover image only on this one. Back cover about the same. Cover is loose and split.Please let me know your thoughts.BestsJL
  14. Hi All, Planet Comics 39 "spider-woman" cover by Lily Renee. Fiction House. recent eBay pickup. I've been obsessed with this book for over a year now. It presents very nice and the cover and pages are supple. No apparent WD Tape or CT , but I did not inspect to the microscopic level. Please let me know your thoughts. Bests JL