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  1. I haven't posted anything in the boards forever. So I thought I'd post these two nice Vampirellas thats I got this weekend. JL
  2. Ha, Just noticed the editor converted " s h i t " to mess.
  3. DeMatteis & Giffen Legion of Superheroes. These were great books that ran concurrent with the new teen titans in the early 80s. Great books and I have put together a run, but usually get them from the $1 bin. I *believe* that they must have just printed the mess out of these books. OTOH. The first Moon Knight series and the Alan Moore Swamp Things are some books that I never see back issues in stores anymore.
  4. FTW ? That's not "Big Jim". Is it Uncle Walt ?
  5. And Paul Gulacy and Gene Day on MOKF. I used to love that title in the early eighties.
  6. OMG. Love/Hate this cover. It's a cool image. But the idea of a lion being decapitated irks me. I've had this issue in my hands before but never been able to purchase because it confuses me emotionally.
  7. I am looking for an X-Men 1 and Shock Suspenstories 6. Any dealers coming to town for this show. Please PM me if you have either of these books.
  8. Well I already own SS #12. So with this book I have a run !!! A guy can dream. I'm having a hell of a time finding SS 6.
  9. DONE !!! @spreads thanks for keeping me honest !!
  10. Good advice. I will get a GPA account setup before I proceed further. JL