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  1. Cool. I bought a copy of this one off the newsstand. Finally getting it slabbed. What a cool cover.
  2. Who has that Hulk 214 slabbed at 9.4? Sure is nice looking.
  3. Indeed! They've been racking in all day long.
  4. I wonder who bought the Rawhide Kid 140 off ebay raw looks like at least a 7.5. I'd like to know what it grades at if the buyer sends it in. That's a rare one.
  5. Glad to know it's in safe hands! That puppy paid some critical bills at the time.
  6. Nice. My 9.6 sold for $455 back in 2003. It's recorded in GPA. I wonder what it would go for now. There doesn't seem to be very many of these.
  7. A fabulous find indeed. I sure did miss it. Must've bern obscurely titled. Way to geaux!
  8. Please post a scan when you get it so we can all drool. Wow, what an amazing grade for this rarity. I think our fearless leader is right but I'd personally love to see it go to auction via them, Comiclink, or Comicconnect or Mycomicshop one of the ones that gives bidders extended time to make their decion to bid again vs the hard deadline ebay model although I think they may now also have this option. I really like comicconnect's auction system, resetting the countdown timer to 3 minutes when a bid comes in. Hey, this advice from me is free and may be only worth what you paid for it, lol. Again, way to geaux!
  9. Wait, correction, my Human Fly 1 was a 9.0 maybe 9.2. I see there's a 9.6 in the census. Wow. Nice.
  10. I am continuing to feed my developing addiction with these 2 additional acquisitions.....both 7.0's. Iron Man 100 and Human Fly 2 what a cool Ghost Rider cover. I missed this one when I was a kid. No surprise. I was actually completely unaware that I was in 35 cent variant mecca in 1977. I did get the Fly #1 though but sold it raw over a decade ago. It is probably that highest graded one in the census now. I wonder if they'll make a movie with this guy?
  11. Found/won this Invaders 21 on Ebay. Glad to finally get one! It's raw.
  12. Way to Geaux! First time I've seen a #212. How did you see this on ebay. I have a routine search for 35 cent cariants but maybe you'd have to shoot me if you told me. Excelcior!
  13. Ei I watched this one. Grader notes say foxing and rusty staples so I wondered how it still achieved an 8.5 personally, I'd consider it in the FVF to VF- range. Just me. I've seen much nicer golden age books grade much lower from CGC but I'd rather have full personal confidence in the grade assigned or at least what grade I think it really is. It is amazing to me how FEW Ebayers and other online sellers will send CGC grader notes. Maybe 20% of the time. "I don't have them," being the excuse. Well, they have the book, the CGC number and apparently a computer, they're trying to sell the book so, go get them! I wish there was an option, eg, subscription, to have access to the grader notes or even better, CGC allow them for members but I digress.