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  1. I also grabbed his Catwoman #1 this week, it's beautifully done.
  2. Hi! I never really read comics when I was younger, but loved the DC and Marvel animated universes quite a bit. I started reading comics a year and a half ago or so, mostly current comics and well-regarded runs. I know full well that my collection is probably worth about eight dollars, but let me say I've sure spent more than that so far! I just picked up some Heavy Metal off of the money pit that is ebay, because I wanted a copy of #284 with The Savage Sword of Jesus Christ. Heavy Metal is good fun, and I subscribed to the current issues since it's still going strong.
  3. I really liked the first issue, but the subsequent issues have seemed to move slowly, even considering that they are clearly going for a big dramatic build-up. Just picked up #4 this week, I hope we get a little more movement in the plot. I get that these comics take a ton of time to draw, especially given how nice the art is, but it always blows my mind that big, planned series like this don't kick off with more completed material in the can.