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  1. Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    I'm curious what those two empty soda cans are?
  2. MasterLogan2000 Kudos/Feedback thread

    Just bought a bunch of Wolverines I needed (well... wanted), all arrived exactly as described and very well packaged. Thanks a bunch!
  3. All WOLVERINE, All the Time

    Glad I bookmarked this thread last fall. I'm curious since your'e the Wolverine guy, if you have a full set of the Old Man Logan run for purchase? I would like that Micheal Turner 66b so to that, but before anything ships I'd be interested in hearing if you have the rest of the run available. Also to the 50-55 B&W variant run for $15. I'm wishing there was a text list recap of everything that's left over but I think that's it for now. Let me know about the OML run, thanks!
  4. THE HULK #181 CLUB

    Looks great. I think 7.5 with nice covers are really that sweet spot of something that's not prohibitively expensive but still looks great. Of course I'm biased since that's what I have. I can take it when people post their 8's and 8.5's, but once I see those 9+s I get that tinge of jealousy.
  5. Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    Thanks for the link, that's a great idea too. Having a tough time deciding whether I want to be lazy and just get Ikea's or go custom, but your way would certainly let me get a more wood look I want. I'm really kicking myself for not repainting the boring beige storage room before moving all my "carp" into it. Edit: Didn't realize there were built-in censors so I've changed it to the word carp. Double-Edit: I'm going to go ahead and post the mantle of my basement and the tri-fold comic book holder I have. These aren't from the actual comic storage room but they're what I get to look at every day.
  6. Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    Just recently got a raw #340 so I'm loving those. I'm curious where you got the shelves? I was thinking of making something custom, but when I saw several people using those super affordable black picture shelves from Ikea I thought maybe I'll just do that instead, but I'm wondering where you got those and how deep they are. Are there ridges in them to prevent movement or did you stick some weather stripping or something on them to hold everything in place?
  7. I was actually surprised when I first looked at the back of that frame. The way it mounts is you have to screw three screws into the wall (I did use anchors for all three) and there's a hole for the head of the screw to slide in the top center, then a track for the whole frame to slide to the side. When you put the top in and slide all the way over, then you push the two in the bottom in, and slide it halfway back, so there's really no way to get it off that isn't very intentional. Of course there's no glass or anything in front of the CGC case itself, so I'm taking the risk that someone doesn't chuck a paperweight across the room into it, but I actually didn't know what graded comics were until I started looking for comic book frames when we moved into this house. So if I owe this new hobby of mine to that frame, I may as well give it my best three.
  8. per PM for: Hellblazer #1 New Mutants Annuel #2 New Mutants #87
  9. TiMmAy has kudos

    Got to deal with Tim in person since I lived nearby. Great guy, great comic, thanks again!
  10. [Closed] WTB: NYX #3 in cgc 9.4-9.6

    Appreciate the reply but I gotta stick to my budget when it comes to buying myself christmas gifts Edit: Found one! Thanks everyone!
  11. Just figured I'd expand my Wolverine affection to X-23 and pick up an NYX #3 if anyone want to give a fair price on a 9.4-9.6 I'm thinking. Shipping would be to Maryland. Thanks!
  12. I absolutely am, even if it's a different grade or price I'd like to get one. Thanks!
  13. I'm just gonna type these out rather than going through and quoting them each: Infinity War 1-6 set Infinity Gauntlet #2 set Infinity Gauntlet #3 set One of the X-Force #8's Signed New Mutants #19 X-Factor #1 Wolverine #100 You keep adding stuff I like so start a pile I suppose until I see where this all ends! Sorry I missed out on War Journal #7, still missing that one. Edit: ooh and Uncanny X-Men #268 and that Hulk 340 Danish edition please!
  14. I'm definitely a value collector too, but I set my sights even lower with my 8.5. I do think it looks great now that I completed my trifecta, and I'm just not interested in spending enough money on a better looking X-Men #1. I've got a pretty ragged raw 95, but I can't work up the excitement to spend a decent amount on #94 when Wolverine is the only one excluded from the cover (aside from his head in the corner.) I'm sure I'll pick one up eventually for completion's sake.
  15. THE HULK #181 CLUB

    Yeah I really like this stuff by Collector's Resource for both graded and raw books. I got that triple-graded one then a tri-folding one that's like five feet tall to hold 12 raw books and cover the back of a desk with wires and my wife really likes it. Here's the link if anyone's curious: http://stores.thecollectorsresource.com/graded-book-pods/