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  1. Just spitballing an idea of displaying slabs. If someone were to make something tailor-made for displaying slabs, you know those poster displays some comic book stores have that hold say 20 posters vertically in cases and you flip through them, and if you leave it open to one poster it just stays that way until someone moves it again? It'd be cool to have something like that for slabs that maybe held two across and four or 6 vertically, so you could leave it open and easily change the ones visible.
  2. Wow Sy Snoodles still in the box! Kenner Star Wars is a big part of my collection and I still have my original Rebo Band.
  3. ^^^ That's a hell of a trade! Well I guess I've never posted mine as a set before so here it goes. I just couldn't justify a higher #94 grade without my favorite X-Man on the cover.
  4. I've been saying "wine" all this time. Should I even ask how to properly pronounce Trimpe?
  5. I like it @Skizz, very adult. Really makes my room full of posed action figures look like a kids room, but if I haven't grown up by now why bother, right? Always love to see X-Men heavy collections! Also can I just say with this whole corona virus work from home deal, doing work from the desk in my comic room is just way more enjoyable than going to an office. I don't know that I'm any more productive but just being surrounded by color keeps me more awake if nothing else.
  6. I had the terrible habit of actually cutting the fold-out posters out and putting them on my walls. I kept them all but in terms of cgc-grading you'd certainly call them "qualified."
  7. Very friendly exchange and the package tried to be delivered super fast. I didn't realize it required a signature so it took me until the weekend to drive to the post office and wait in line, so buyers if you prefer no signature let him know ahead of time. Book looks fantastic and I'm super happy!
  8. ^^^ Nice, it's a shame the Apocalypse figure was a Build-a-Figure and runs up to $100 on ebay. I got sucked into the Marvel Legends line a few years back and now look at this mess:
  9. Thankfully, despite years of reading Claremont's X-Men run, I've never once felt the urge to type "kayo" instead of K.O. Nor have I ever seen anyone else do that. Never understood that one.
  10. I can only speak for myself, but despite my eternal complaint that Wolverine isn't on the cover, I did pick up a second 7.0 in early December. Having matching ones means I don't have to stress over which one to sell if I ever decide to. I think that's the only CGC graded one I have two matching grades of.
  11. It'd take multiple pallets but sure. I'm not inclined to help lift 170 boxes out of there again and put them back in on top of pallets though. I think anything of significant value he's keeping in the other ~70 boxes at the house.
  12. Yeah I think it said 72 degrees. 4th floor so no flooding, but we put down a plastic sheet in case someone in an adjacent room spills something.
  13. Some may remember me posting a ways back about my friend that's moving in with us, and the wall of comics I moved to his bedroom here. We're still working on the transition but this Saturday I rented a Uhaul and we got the rest (~170 short boxes) of his collection into a storage facility. Boy were we sore on Sunday. So it may not be as decorative as my comic book room here at the house, but this is his comic book room: