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  1. Most definitely. Out of curiosity, do any of you who are more familiar with the CGC database have an idea of what a comparable book with as many overall graded copies or just 9.8's would be that has a vastly different price?
  2. Had a friend send me this photo of a regular blue label 9.8 at New York ComiCon priced at $37k. I had no idea they were going for that much, or is that just super wishful pricing for a convention?
  3. I know you've posted it before but I love that custom FLAGG. I haven't see that coffee table yet. That's great. Finally sold my Killer Whale and Skystriker last year so it's nice to see them around.
  4. Agreed. All it takes to reach a new highest sale is for two people who really want the book and happen to be looking at the same auction bidding against each other. Of course once a precedent is set then people can use that as a reference for future auctions making it more likely to get there again. Doesn't affect me since I'll never have a 9.8, and selling my 8.5 would leave a GSX1-sized hole in my heart and my wall.
  5. Neat. Is that designed for displaying forward-facing comics? Is it on any kind of incline so they don't fall forward or you just leave them leaning back a little?
  6. Grabbed a bunch of X-Men books from Jay and was honestly surprised when I saw them in the mailbox they arrived so quickly. A great transaction!
  7. to the raw 28, 13, 59, and 63. I've got my #94 - #325 collection but I like to display some earlier issues here and there and not too concerned with grade. Thanks!
  8. I... I couldn't wrap my brain around it. My mind convinced me it was X-Men #130.
  9. Boy I thought that 7.5 guess was a little optimistic and I was gonna say 6.0. We were both way off. Congrats on such a well-presenting 2.5!
  10. The only raw comic I've had graded was Hulk 181, and my untrained eye would have given it about a 6, except that the MVS had been cut out by the original owner, placed in the MVS collector book with tape, then placed back in 181 with archival tape in the proper location, so the fact that there was a cut along the page and tape on it ended up giving it a 4.5 blue label grade. That was submitted through my LCS so I don't have the graders notes or anything. Frankly I would love to grab a 5.0 for the price that presented like a 9.8 on the front and back covers but that some chimpanzee had chewed on the pages inside to get it that grade. I like displaying these cgc's so I'm always more concerned with the covers.
  11. That's why I said "will they" and put a question mark at the end. I thought I remembered reading that somewhere but I was just asking, I have no idea if they'll do that. But honestly why wouldn't they? What difference would it make? Seems like the green label should be the special request where you're saying hey, what kind of decent grade could this get were it not for this huge glaring problem with the book. If you had a 9.8 quality book but it had a page ripped in half that took it down to an 8.0 or something, wouldn't that be worth way less than a green 9.8 anyway?
  12. I assume without the MVS it would get a green label. I'd get it slabbed just because I'd definitely want that displayed on my wall and the cgc cases display well in frames. I'm... assuming the after 5 years story you're telling was at least two years ago? Actually, if you specifically request a blue label will they just deduct a set point number for the missing MVS and keep it a blue label?
  13. Maybe someone should make a wall-hangable slabbed frame with a super thick black border so you slide the case into it and it sits centered while covering up the actual grade :P