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  1. Wait, you're telling me you're NOT 80's pop sensation Adam Ant?
  2. Since the thread got resurrected, the IH181 I posted did in fact get an unqualified blue label with a 4.5 grade, so they just took the appropriate amount of points off for the cuts and tape I guess.
  3. Geez, well there's no reason I should recognize that at all I guess. I just thought with all the horror memorabilia maybe it was on a wall in the Addams Family or something. If CGC graded on sentimental value I'm sure it'd be a 9.8!
  4. That looks like an amazing collection but you should consider just picking up a used DSLR camera for like $100 off craigslist/ebay. Really make those monsters come to life when you can't show them off in person. Also what's the painting in the bag from? I feel like I should recognize it.
  5. A 9.6 IH181 is far enough out of my league that it doesn't really register in my brain's jealousy-center, but every time I see that Wolverine/Hulk statue I have to seriously consider it. For those who remember I've been the process of slowly moving six of my friend's short boxes to my house every time we hang out, in preparation for him moving in with us in a few months. After fitting 28 boxes on a rack with my collection in the comic room, I've managed to fit 77 along the wall in the bedroom. My wife decided that was sufficient before becoming a fire hazard (I had to make the case we needed the ones on the side as a staircase for the cat who loves hanging out on top) so the rest will have to go to a storage unit.
  6. Sorry about the crummy circumstances you acquired it under, but that is nice that it stays with a friend.
  7. Well I can't control how other people frame their comics and I can never un-know the grades of my own, so that seems fruitless. I like my setup because aside from my trinity frame, I can easily swap out graded comics on my wall. Only problem is I need more graded comics to be able to swap out regularly. I really like my 12-comic ungraded tri-fold frame that I can also swap out, but I completely forgot to both buy more of and swap in Christmas themed covers this past December. Loved seeing Iron Man #254 in there last year. Edit: and before I even hit Submit Reply, I got distracted and ended up on ebay buying a few of them.
  8. You know, I know this is CGC's website and I'm fully on board with the benefits of professionally graded comics, but from several feet away its just so impressive seeing all these important key issues just looking... equal. If those were all graded in the back of my mind I'd be thinking "oh my Hulk 181 is 1.5 higher than his or damn I wish I had X-men 94 at THAT rating." This just keeps things simple and beautiful. Really impressive setup.
  9. I dig the action figures. I really got into the Marvel Legends 6" figures this past year and have quite the X-Men-centric display going. I'll have to get a current photo as a lot has changed, but three months ago it was entirely Wolverine-centric.
  10. Wow that is nice and orderly. I say slap that smoke detector on the ceiling and cram one more poster in there! (unless it's hard-wired)
  11. I feel like this came up once before or maybe it was on other forums, but my dad had a shed converted to a home office in the back yard, and he assembled the FLAGG in parts over several days, then christmas morning after midnight he brought all the pieces over to the house and put them together in the living room. They somehow managed to get up before my sister and I and mom waited with her camera for me to come into the room and see it. Still have the photo. And yes I sold it for peanuts at a yard sale when we moved years later. Although I did have a bunch of Garbage Pail Kids stickers on it which I'm sure would have hurt its resale value.
  12. No problem. I'll throw in the inside in case you wanted that too. It at least shows the scale. The figure itself is 16"
  13. I got some new decorated short boxes but the only major thing to change in my room lately is I finally put together the TMNT diorama that was an SDCC exclusive from NECA. I got the turtles movie figures to go with it, but instead of getting them out I populated it with a bunch of Wolverines and the newly released Days of Future Past Sentinel/Wolvie set. Since this photo I already added a Harley Davidson for one to ride, Sabretooth and Omega Red. These 6" Marvel Legends toys are addictive.
  14. I like when displays have a really really specific theme. That's dedication.