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  1. Hey Everybody - Long time no see, hope you're all doing well. I am selling my comics, all that I have left... a total of 3,982 books 14 long boxes and 6 short/ magazine boxes. About half are Bronze Age Marvel and DC with a smattering of Silver Age. There's a few boxes of Modern and '90's stuff, one full box of Spawn #'s 3 thru 32 (no #9's) a few boxes of Mags and GN's from the '70's and '80's. And even some Treasuries and Paperbacks. Most books are bagged and many of those are boarded. There are a couple of boxes that are unbagged. I am asking $1900 for everything. The book
  2. Sad news, a true pro and talented artist. Joker--
  3. Incredible Hulk 181 CGC 8.5 White $2600 Really great copy I bought raw some 10 years ago and submitted last spring. Great colors and bright. Sorry for the less than great photos... No longer available here, moved to eBay.
  4. Hey Gang-- 3 books coming up tonight, 2 Bronze age books I submitted last spring and an Okajima that I've owned for some years. An "" in the thread takes it. PayPal preferred. No Probation List/ Hall of Shame members. Payment in full due within 5 days unless other arrangements are agreed to beforehand. Postage included in the price. The book will be securely packed, be double boxed and sent by USPS Priority Mail. International Shipping not available, sorry. I don't sell enough on the Boards to have a kudos thread, but you
  5. I voted for Sturdy Steve Ditko, hard to pick anyone but the originator. Had Gil Kane been an option I probably would have have voted for him. Joker--
  6. Cool find, thanks for posting! Joker--
  7. Does anyone know where to find a list of dealers/ exhibitors or a floor plan? Their website doesn't seem to have one. Joker--
  8. Happy anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary... Happy anniversary! Joker--