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  1. ALewis1978

    PGM Silver Surfer 2

    I'd say a 6.0, maybe 6.5.
  2. ALewis1978

    PGM Batman 181

  3. Thank you for the suggestion mysterio. Is CGC offering to replace the "old new" case for no cost? I didn't know they were doing that.
  4. Thanks for the input all. I'll leave it as is. Here are better pics of the staples.
  5. I’ll send add a clear pic of staples soon, but didn’t see any issue.
  6. Grader Notes: small, multiple crease left center of front cover breaks color
  7. I purchased this Marvel Spotlight #5 a number of months back that was already graded 8.5 by CGC. I've been going back and forth on deciding if I should take a chance on CPR'ing as I see plenty of wave and some dimples that would easily be corrected with a press along with the itty bitty crinkle on the back at the top. I see three very minor spin ticks and two major. Is that enough to keep it from going to an 9.0 with a good press. I can't stand to see waves in already graded books, but won't invest in a CPR either if there isn't a chance for a higher grade. I appreciate your thoughts and guidance.
  8. ALewis1978

    PGM IH 181

    I also say 9.2. If that's a wave/wrinkle in the top left on the back, get it pressed first.
  9. ALewis1978

    PGM AS 300

  10. ALewis1978

    PGM - AF #15

    I've never had to deal with a possible "quality of service" issue with CGC, but for what you probably paid to get it graded, slabbed and being one of the top demanding comic books, I'd be calling them to see if they are willing to do something about it. Maybe re-slab it for free. Not sure if pressing would be a good idea. Books in too bad of shape can actually take a hit from pressing. I had a Hulk 181 that was a 6.5 that I had pressed and re-graded. During pressing, the cover detached at one of the staples and it came back as a 4.5. I didn't use CSS for that press job, but not sure if the result would have been any different if I did. To be fair to the guy who did press it, he did warn me before hand that it wasn't a good pressing candidate and it was my call.
  11. ALewis1978

    X-Men 12 - 1st Juggernaut

    I think they could surprise you with a 6.0 because the chip is out of the back. I've gotten 6.5 on books before that had some chips taken out at the bottom on the front. Not quite that large, but still. If the cover is still holding strong at the staples, I would have it pressed it first.
  12. I'm guessing 8.0-8.5 with those color breaks in the top corners and the stain in the top-mid.
  13. ALewis1978

    PGM - AF #15

    Is it just me, or is that a bad slab job? Looking at what you started out with, I wouldn't think the back should have pushed over like it did. But like everyone else, I'm super envious of your find. Congrats!