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  1. Not the books you requested , but Quality Comix has a Speed Comics #38 CBCS VG+ 4.5 Off White to White Price: $325.00
  2. Hello everyone . I’m just putting out some feelers to help locate a book I have searching for for some time without any luck. Looking for a copy with attached cover , somewhere around a 3.0-4.0 but open to whatever you might be looking to part with. I appreciate the look.
  3. I was looking for a copy of Mighty Mouse 38 on eBay and came across this... I am wondering , is someone using someone else's picture or are they actually the same person with 2 seller accounts ? Any thoughts ?
  4. Looking for a 8.0 off white or better. PM me with what you have and your asking price. Thanks !
  5. Does anyone know if the Dell western/ space comics had actives in them ?
  6. Your daughter did a fantastic job ! RIP to the Batman comic who gave its pages for this mission .