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  1. Midtown comics has the Cooke variant https://www.midtowncomics.com/product/1075841
  2. Latest Comics #3 Published in Canada aimed toward the U.K. market. Cool cover the interior is just funny animals, no super heroes.
  3. French Batman/Detective issue from 1947 with the Joker I dont know which issue or series it is from but does have a cool factor IMHO
  4. Great collection looking forward to blog upates
  5. Hi Looking for a few high grade well-centered romance books. Girls Love #180 Heart Throb #128 Cynthia Doyle Nurse in Love #68 Thanks for looking, if you have any of these for sale, please send me a PM.
  6. Hi I am looking for All Star Western # 102 and 103 in VF or better. If you have copies for sale , please PM me. Thanks!
  7. Looking for the following book in at least F w. ow pages Airboy V. 3 #6 V.5 #5 V.9 #5 Please send me a PM with books you are interested in selling and your asking price. Thanks!
  8. Could be, I guess I need to find out more about the printing process - I tried finding links to other discussions on the topic but was unable to find anything.
  9. Nice list, you would have a great collection if you get all of them Marvel Spotlight #32 - Spider-woman Conan 23/24 - Red Sonja Fear 10 - Manthing
  10. Please rank these "classics" Spark Man Atoman Thunderbolt KO Comics Thanks, be safe.
  11. I thought about color variations as well .. but had not seen it before. Thanks for looking
  12. i have seen it on a few other books as well all DC all blue covers. I will see if i can find more pictures.
  13. Hi Has anyone else noticed that a number of DC comics with blue covers are turning grey ? Any idea on why this happening ?