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  1. Latest Comics #3 Published in Canada aimed toward the U.K. market. Cool cover the interior is just funny animals, no super heroes.
  2. French Batman/Detective issue from 1947 with the Joker I dont know which issue or series it is from but does have a cool factor IMHO
  3. Great collection looking forward to blog upates
  4. Hi Looking for a few high grade well-centered romance books. Girls Love #180 Heart Throb #128 Cynthia Doyle Nurse in Love #68 Thanks for looking, if you have any of these for sale, please send me a PM.
  5. Hi I am looking for All Star Western # 102 and 103 in VF or better. If you have copies for sale , please PM me. Thanks!
  6. Looking for the following book in at least F w. ow pages Airboy V. 3 #6 V.5 #5 V.9 #5 Please send me a PM with books you are interested in selling and your asking price. Thanks!
  7. Could be, I guess I need to find out more about the printing process - I tried finding links to other discussions on the topic but was unable to find anything.
  8. Nice list, you would have a great collection if you get all of them Marvel Spotlight #32 - Spider-woman Conan 23/24 - Red Sonja Fear 10 - Manthing
  9. Please rank these "classics" Spark Man Atoman Thunderbolt KO Comics Thanks, be safe.
  10. I thought about color variations as well .. but had not seen it before. Thanks for looking
  11. i have seen it on a few other books as well all DC all blue covers. I will see if i can find more pictures.
  12. Hi Has anyone else noticed that a number of DC comics with blue covers are turning grey ? Any idea on why this happening ?
  13. Hi Searching for a copy of Tip Top Comics #54 in 5.0-7.0 (roughly) grade. Please PM me with what you have for sale. THanks
  14. I have purchased some books digitally but mostly buy physical copies of new books. I think the problem with your research is going to be none of the big companies post sales of the digital comics so you cant get a good reference point and while I love the boards, they likely represent only a tiny fraction of comic readers. Did you try reaching out to comic related YouTube channels with large amounts of subscribers and see if they could help you get info ?
  15. I'd trade it to you for a Colossal Comics... I'll think about...
  16. If you already know some should only be worth a few bucks then you know the answer to your question. The seller doesnt know some secret that you dont , he is just trying to get back his money from his poor grading choices. Each booked slabbed likely cost someone $35 or more . Lipstick on pig and all Its free to put things on Facebook, setting up a booth at a comic show is work and costs money.
  17. I know Ultimate Spider-man vol.1 #1 issue is fairly valuable, but you dont have that issue. Not sure about the rest. I just poked around eBay for 5 minutes and nothing stood out. I could be wrong you can always do more research. If you are happy with 200 then go for it. Here is a site that might give you some guidance. https://comicbookrealm.com/series/2226/0/ultimate-marvel-ultimate-spider-man-vol-1 It shows a few books going for a bit more but most people wont pay guide for collections, just single issues they want.
  18. Go to your local comic book store and buy a copy of Previews. You will learn a lot of what is coming up 2 months ahead of time and be able to pre-order so it wont be sold out before you get your copy. Collect what you like, there are 1000s of first appearances, death, and cameos not worth the price of the book, so don't get caught up in the hype that the movies generate because usually by the time you buy the book and slab it and get it returned the world is on to the next thing. Walking Dead came out in 2003 with a small print run. It is been 15 years since that book and it's worth like $1000. You could waste that in few months buying every number 1 and first appearance. Or better yet, make it in a few weeks with part time job. Anyways, welcome to the boards, hope you find some advice you like and few good comics along the way.
  19. You had not mentioned why you were scanning, so a couple of things... I had a friend who wanted to have a record for insurance purposes a just set up a video camera in front of a long box and just kept pulling out one book after another < I guess you could grab stills from the video that way> If you just want pictures of what you have and dont care if it is actually your raw book, just do an image search (comics.org, google, mycomicshop) and download the images. This is how I make my want lists . If you are looking to catalog what you have there are apps in the app store that will just scan the bar code (Post 1993 books) and catalog it all for you. Good luck
  20. https://postcalc.usps.com/ You can find out what the postage cost should be if they are shipping via the US Postal Service . https://www.ups.com/us/en/Home.page If they are shipping via UPS The materials and handling are up the dealer, but at least you get an idea of a reasonable rate, I know overseas shipping has gone up quite a bit in the last few years. The USPS needs to make a profit and people resist spending more than .50 cents to mail a letter and junk mail volume is down so they raise the prices going out of country.
  21. I have had good experiences with both MCS and Metropolis though keep in mind NM raw does not equal CGC 9.8 , so if you are buying to slab and flip be reasonable (with all sellers) with your expectations. Happy Hunting.