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  1. Wow I did so bad in the contest but I still get a prize! I'd love Prize #79: 8 - DC 100 Pagers, including all the JLA ones. A virtual Omnibus! Conditions range from VG to Fine -, maybe VF on one. Nice reader set. - donated by Shadow if @Shadow doesn't mind shipping to Canada!
  2. Fair point. I've read a few odd issues of Spawn but this is the first time I've had a run of issues. My problem is I already do this too much. My 'still need to read' collection is ever growing. It's hard to keep up with! Especially with silver age/bronze age stuff as those can take a while to read. I guess with Spawn I could probably plow thru the first 5-10 issues pretty quick and get a sense of whether they are for me or not! p.s. I went thru the run yesterday and am missing #42,43,44,46 & 47 . . . Now I have to hunt those down so I can sell 1-100 as a complete set!
  3. Well in this case everything looked pretty high grade so it was a no brainer, but yeah it can be a struggle.
  4. Well wouldja look at that! It's a whole new world in here with signatures turned on!
  5. I post ads to facebook buy and sell groups every once in a while saying I buy and sell collections. Most people who message me want $10 a comic for 90's drek because they're "Brand new never taken out of the plastic" but every once in a while you get a good lead. I thought this was going to be a waste of my time to be honest because it was all 90's stuff, and he didn't mention any of the key issues beforehand. But I figured I'd likely come away with a longbox of Batman comics or something. The guy was a run collector in the 90's, but his wife wants him to whittle down his collection and this is the stuff he has no interest in re-reading. Surprisingly he kept a lot of indie stuff, as that's what interests him most these days.
  6. Just curious, do you bring cash with you? I would worry I'm being set up to be robbed with that much cash.
  7. I'm not sure what you and Park are talking about TBH. Suggesting I'm posting a poor quality photo with the caveat that I'm a horrible grader to try and dupe somebody into paying for a low grade comic? Or am I reading into things? . If I decide to sell any of these they will be posted with high res scans.
  8. I'm a horrible grader, so I'll be posting scans on the spare a grade forum this weekend. It's in great shape but there are a couple small spine ticks. My guess is 8.5? I'm not sure if it would be worth slabbing. We'll see what the forum says, I was in second to last place last year (if I'm remembering correctly) in the green eggs grading contest.
  9. I bought a collection yesterday, and in the collection was Spawn 1-100. My first thought was to sell the Spawn run to recoup most of the cost of the collection as I'm not a big Spawn fan but then I remembered there's talks of a new Spawn movie in the works. Would it be foolish to sell now? When would be the time to sell? When the first trailer drops? When the movie hits theatres? Any advice is appreciated. p.s. There was some great stuff in the collection. Secret Wars 1-12, Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity War, New Mutants 98!, Wolverine 1-4, G.I.Joe 1-100. TMNT 1-62 (most of the first ten issues are reprints), a longbox of 90s batman, a longbox of 90s Uncanny x-men (no 266) and x-men. The rest (a long box and a half or so?) is stuff like X-Factor, X-man, X-Force, WILDCATS ect. that nobody seems to want. But it was a good deal for $460 CAD I think.
  10. I think I got either the lowest or second lowest score for people who submitted grades for every book last year. Sign me up!
  11. I just read through all 3 pages this morning and it sounds like a heroin addict is gonna stab me to death with a needle while I'm stuck on the parking lot that is the 405. Haha. But I appreciate everyone's advice!
  12. Well my convention is at the Convention Centre in LA, so I don't have a choice. But I do plan on getting outta there once the convention is done and trying to get a taste of California before I go back to the (likely covered in snow by then) prairies of Alberta.