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  1. I hate when dealers say "Those were in there by mistake." if it's in there it's in there! There's a local guy who sells comics in his garage (along with other collectibles). He has maybe 50 longboxes of unorganized comics. He doesn't read comics or know much about them. Most aren't in bags/boards so they are slowly getting ruined from people rifling through them and digging through stacked boxes. He sells them for 2 for $5. 95% of the stuff should be a dollar or less. One day I dug through the collection for hours and found some real gems. Some stuff that was worth a bit of money, some stuff that I'm missing from my own collection and I don't mind overpaying a bit for. I go to buy them and he (seemingly at random?) pulls a bunch out of the pile and says he can't sell those until he looks them up on ebay. It was annoying because while he did correctly grab a couple of the expensive ones I had found, he also pulled out some cheap run filler stuff I was buying. I had a few modern Deadpools and he told me "Deadpool is hot right now those are $5 each". I put back all the ones he asked more money for. So I was naturally pretty pissed, but I went back the next time he had a sale and found a few good comics deep in his mess of longboxes. The comics I had put back last time were now in a 'individually priced' box. With no price tags of course. Knowing he would want me to pay more for some of the comics I had, I grabbed a big stack of modern Deadpools and went to pay. He was so distracted by the Deadpools, putting them in a new '$5 each pile" (which I declined to buy) that I got to keep all my heard earned keys that I dug for hours for. If the guy wasn't an and had better prices and didn't pull out issues I dug for like that I would seriously spend so much money there.
  2. Definitely. I've always been a Spider-man and Daredevil fan because their stories are typically more down to earth. If the concept is wacky but executed well enough sometimes I can get on board. For example Doc Ock taking over Peters brain sounded way too cheesy sci-fi to me but Superior Spider-man was actually pretty decent so I eventually got on board. Some stuff just makes me loose interest all together though. Like in Spencers ASM when Peters personality got split into two. There's suddenly just a duplicate Peter standing there in a Spider-man costume . . . where the hell did the costume come from? I couldn't get with that premise. And while I love the Spiderverse movie, I could never get behind the comics because they just are too fantastical for me. These 'hunters' travel the galaxy eating spider-totem souls? Why? I don't get it. There were also just way too many alternate Spider-man's and it's just too much for me.
  3. I've sold at only one convention. I didn't have a wall (I would have liked to have had one, I just didn't have anything available to use as a wall to attach comics to. Any cheap suggestions?). I had 12 longboxes of well organized and labelled comics with a big sign behind them that read "Most comics $1 each". I also had a stand full of Graphic Novels for $5 each (and we're talking Canadian dollars, so that is pretty cheap). I had a box full of Archie digest comics for 50 cents each and a little box full of cool stickers for 25 cents each. A bunch of cool Star Wars pop figures for way cheaper then they sell online. I literally had one guy pick up a Pop figure I was selling and say "You know this is worth like thirty bucks right?" And I said "Oh really, well the sticker says 8 dollars so you can have it for that." then he DIDN'T BUY IT! Most people walked right past my booth. It was painful to see someone walk past my booth and start digging into someone elses long boxes. I looked around and was literally the best priced vendor at the con but most people skipped right past me. Anyways the point of this rant is that I realized I had designed my booth around what I would like out of a vendor. I'm all about cheap dollar books. But that's not what a lot of people want these days. So next time I'm putting up a wall of all the expensive books, bringing less dollar books, and diversifying more into toys, clothing ect. As most people seem to be either casual fans or key hunters.
  4. Y'know I love Vancouver island, So that's not a bad idea! Are there any good Comic shows in Vancouver during the summer?
  5. C2E2 is in Chicago right? That would make for way too much driving, but the other two are definitely possible! I just wish they were a bit later in the year as it's hard to predict how the roads will be for me in March.
  6. That's a good point. I guess my plan was if there was a consensus that a certain con was amazing I would look into what I could stop and see on my way there and figure out if it was worth it or not. But realistically people's suggestions are probably going to be all over the map (literally) and I will likely only have a couple weeks so I'll probably be sticking to the western states.
  7. Hey guys, I live in Canada, near Calgary. I go to the Calgary Comic Expo every year but I've heard from some of the dealers that the US has better conventions. I'm also thinking of taking a couple weeks and doing a road trip into the US next summer so I figured why not hit up a comic con while I do it!? The problem is I really don't know what comic con would be best for comics (I'm not really interested in celebrities or toys or other merch, just comics). I've heard San Diago Comic Con, while huge, has become more of an entertainment expo and less about the comics. What are your guys favourite cons for buying comics? Thanks again!
  8. I'd be interested if any Canadian bordies know a cheap place to buy bags/boards as well. So far I've been buying them through my LCS as I haven't seen them cheap online.
  9. I mean Venom became insanely popular in the 90's. I'm sure his appearance in video games and cartoons helped, but that all came about because the comic books he were in were so popular.
  10. I just have notes in my phone that I browse through. I always have it on me, so it's handy dandy and ready to go. The only problem is I ran into a dealer who thought I was looking up the comic on ebay. I was just seeing if it was crossed off my list yet.
  11. I have no idea if the copy is legitimate or not but I don't think the story is totally impossible. Think of it this way: Grandmas comic-collecting-relative dies. She's garage sailing or throwing out his possessions but recalls something about the first Superman comic being worth money so she pulls the two copies of it that she sees out and sells/trashes the rest of his/her comics. (I'm picturing her just chucking Amazing Fantasy 15 and Detective comics 27 in the trash) Unlikely? Yes. Impossible? No.
  12. Says there is nothing crazy but shows Detective comics 359? Edit: Oh, I see it's a reprint.
  13. Should have taken it 'out of the package' right then and there and blown his mind.