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  1. Shhhhh. I (and my wallet) don't want to have to treat the D.C. characters like the Marvel characters. So keep quiet.
  2. All good reasons to prefer the book; I certainly wouldn't criticize someone for picking Superman 1 over Batman 1. I think at this level of book it's pretty much entirely a personal preference/gut feeling kind of thing.
  3. Ah, now here I'm flipped; I have Bat 1 ahead of Superman 1, by a fairly substantial margin. All the reasons I'd put Action 1 ahead of any other book--the iconic cover, the historic importance, the first appearance of the major character--none of those criteria apply to Superman 1. Superman 1 actually falls behind a number of other GA books for me, in terms of books I'd like to own.
  4. I'm an X-Men guy, so I'd take the X-Men 1 side of the trade. I think both books are great though. Nobody loses in that swap.
  5. I enjoyed GotG 2. It isn't the best MCU film for sure, but it's an enjoyable 2 hours with solid humor and music, good acting, and an interesting way to follow-up the first feature.
  6. I am a Batman guy through and through, but...I'm not sure I could pass up an Action #1. (Between this and the Church MF 73 poll...am I a bad Batman fan?)
  7. I admit, I'm very curious to see where prices head in the next 6-8 months as people are able to put their money into vacations, restaurants, ballgames, etc. again, because I think that is partly what has driven the larger than expected increase in prices. In theory I want prices to continue to rise, because at some point I'd be an insufficiently_thoughtful_person not to cash-out on my ST 110, but at the same time...I'd like to be able to buy the Marvel keys I truly want, and will soon have the money to do it.
  8. My plan is that I'll spend what I'm willing to spend, and if I get the books I want, great. If I don't, oh well.
  9. I thought that too, and I think that's good. That tone will work well for this cast of characters, and Gunn has demonstrated multiple times that he can make it work (as opposed to a different director trying to imitate the style).
  10. Maybe that's when the auction ends, so it defaults to that date? That did seem odd to me.
  11. I don't think that's really in dispute, but not everybody is going to want the Action 1 instead because they might have different priorities. It isn't, though. It is reasonably to think that a Church book is the best copy of that book, and to consider it worthy of special discussion. It's why I, dedicated Batman collector, would probably pick the Church MF 73 over a 9.0 Batman 1 (assuming I have the funds to get another good copy of Batman 1)--because Church books are special.
  12. She's a good actress but she can't overcome awful writing/a moronic plot (which is why she wasn't stellar in Episode IX or in the new movie with Holland). I'd be happy to see her in this role.
  13. So, I'm from the Pokemon generation (the earliest Pokemon, i.e. the ones that are now most expensive), and I can't even put into words the strength of the nostalgia I feel looking at the old cards. I'm not spending six figures on a PSA 9/10 Charizard, but I will happily pay four figures to put together a full run of the cards I used to have. The emotional attachment is stronger to the cards than the comics, but I still love collecting comics; then again, I may be abnormal since I do have an attachment to some comics characters from the GA like Batman and Superman.