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  1. Looks perfect except for top corners. Wondering how much it’ll get lowered.
  2. Mine is the same issue! Wonder if its a problem with it being oversized.
  3. Easy answer....because CGC doesn't have the info available anywhere this easy to access.
  4. Just got a slab today back from CGC and the slab was cracked and can be split open. Do I have to pay for a reholder on this? Doesn't seem right. Even paying the shipping costs again doesn't seem fair. Has anyone ever had this happen?
  5. I did the same. Meant to cross them out, but packed up and forgot. Hopefully they will be updated. I guess worst case is the label has the wrong date.
  6. I assumed that was it. All 3 that I had an issue with are new comics with the 2/21 cover date.
  7. I'm noticing that with 3 books that have a 2/21 publish date that I try to submit, the modern option is grayed out and unavailable. The value of all is less than $200. Am I doing something wrong?
  8. Hi guys, A couple questions on this. I know 25 is the minimum, but is there a maximum? Can I send 50 comics this way? Also i dont see the option to do this when submitting the comics, does it pop up after i have 25 submitted? Lastly, can you have a comic pressed by CCS and then pre-screened? Thanks!
  9. Can someone help me figure out how to select this option? I have 25 books I’d like to do a 9.8 screen for, but I don’t see the option on the submission form. Thanks!
  10. So if I decided to move forward with the clean/press and a regrade, would CGC charge to crack a slab?
  11. Hi guys, Got a few moderns I sent in for a grade that came back in the 9.0-9.4 range for things like "Slight bend back cover" and "fingerprints left cover" If I were to resubmit these for a press and a regrade, do I just send the slabs back as is? Also, is it to my advantage to send the slabs back with grader notes that should clearly be fixed with a press and clean, or am I better off finding a third party to crack and press before resubmitting? Thanks!
  12. Can I view a copy of a CGC submission or edit it before I send the books? I submitted one but have not yet mailed them in and am wondering if the list of comics I submitted can be viewed or edited anywhere.
  13. Ah, thanks - so the signed books from his website don't qualify then, even with a COA?
  14. I have a couple of the J Scott Campbell variant covers signed with COA from his website. Based on what I'm reading about signature series, I'm guessing these don't qualify? Yet if you go on EBAY there are a bunch of these up for sale with the Signature Series yellow mark. Seems odd to me that all of these would be witnessed signings.... Can anyone give some insight into how this works?