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  1. I knowbtimes are insane right now but I'm happy I chose cgc. This is my first time doing a regular submission ( I sent in for an in house signing last year) . I was so impressed, that I said I'm sending cgc all of my books; no question. Times will eventually change.
  2. I guess it could be worse, that doesn't sound too bad. That's a good way to get multiple books in I suppose.
  3. So for books that don't meet the grade requirement, don't get slabbed at all?? @ADAMANTIUM
  4. Speaking of which, how does pre-screen wotk??? I am unfamiliar with it.
  5. @ADAMANTIUM Pepperidge farm remembers....
  6. Same to you brother!!! Fingers crossed!!
  7. somehow i doubt it but hey you never know
  8. Lol !!! one can hope!! I know with the TAT's the atmosphere around here is pretty grim so im trying to lighten things up around here while we play when will our books arrive??
  9. Since its gonna be forever and a day before most of us get our books back, I wanted to say thank you to everyone here for being cool AF. I don't have a lot of experience in the grading game and only did this ever twice ( the first time was with those other guys). I see a lot of folks saying CGC has gone down hill but i just don't think that's true.I could be wrong but I still feel their the best in the game. So cheers true believers , thanks for making this a good ride!
  10. Convention schedules for creator appearances would most definitely put a stranglehold on in house signings.
  11. I would 100% agree,. In case times such as this ever return , then they have long term people to keep up. I cant imagine the company would be a hire and fire type.
  12. if you're in for regular grading you should be good. If you're like me and are in for press\grade and didn't fast pass well its gonna be awhile.
  13. At this rate, i should get my books back by august. I just hope they come before my vacation ....
  14. Fingers crossed for both!! either way they're making money off of us. I really don't want to go to the graders across the street.
  15. Thank you for your response, I'm hoping they go down at some point. I would like to submit more books.
  16. Just out of curiosity because this is my first regular sub to CGC, what are normal TAT's?
  17. All of should have!! Lol we could be partying it up
  18. I contemplated it but then you realize that you just paid X amount of money to send your books on a Floridian vacation.
  19. Just looking at it made me think it might have been over gradded but I think it was just my mind playing tricks on me. I almost contemplated reholdering this to ease my concern but upon further inspection I realized I was being stupid.
  20. Ty! I was worried that it was miss gradded. Probably just my imagination getting the better of me but I lost my when I found this because I'm a huge DD fan! One of my favorite slabs in my collection.