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  1. Yes I have seen the original art to this, if I recall it was up on CAF a long time ago. I am sure i have a scan of it somewhere.
  2. They have a great setup here showcasing the items to those at the auction, with some of the original art presented very well amongst other props. Whilst I would love to see some cross over happening, it doesn't look like it has.
  3. The Flash did not sell and although the auctioneer showed that he was taking floor bids (which raised the price up to the estimate), in fact no one was bidding in the room.
  4. They definately do things different to some other auctions I have been at, as on a lot of lots they are taking bids (supposidly) from floor bidders upto the estimate and then waiting for actual bidders to bid from thst point on. Personally I would prefer the transparency of just starting the bidding from the reserve and not making out that floor bidders are taking the price up from the actual price up to the reserve.
  5. I am at the auction Dan. There are about 50 people here bidding in total but so far no one is bidding on any of the OA
  6. I missed this bit initially... So Ironmandrd are you confirming the existence of a Cabal ??
  7. Looking for any high end Covers or Splashes from their work on DC or Marvel. If you have any pieces please PM me and let me know.
  8. A new addition to my CAF Gallery - Byrne Namor Cover
  9. Mike, as Ironmandrd said, this was definately one of his hidden stash when I saw it, and it was definately not for all to see at that show. I can't comment about what he did with it at the next show he was at, but it was not on his wall at that NYCC, on any of the days.
  10. He wasn't publicly showing it a couple of years ago when I saw it. It was select customer only, very hush hush. I'm sure that over the last year he went through most of the likely candidates in this way, and with no takers decided to put it on display properly.
  11. Bechara had this at NYCC a couple of years back at a number that was around the $350k range I believe. Surprised that he is consigning this to auction.
  12. Don't know about Melchoir, but the guy with the Golf Sign is a definite.
  13. Imran, Imran Imran....I would expect nothing less from "the most connected and influential collector in Europe" (Cabal private joke)